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6 Things to Consider before Buying an IP Security Camera

As long as you concern about the security of your precious articles and stuff, you can rely on Smartphone based IP Security Cameras for an up to date and cheapest security solutions. The small security cameras are efficient enough work day and night and can easily connect to your WiFi network that helps to monitor through your smartphone or PC monitor while you are away from home.

In addition to this, WiFi security cameras can directly backup to cloud accounts, that help you to check the video archives from anywhere in the world any time. The small security cameras are getting more and more feature rich and compact in size. Due to their sheer size, they are hard to be noticed, same time provide an excellent high-resolution view of the location you set under surveillance.

In this article we present some features and specs that you have to consider while shopping for a new security camera:

IP Security Camera Quality

This is perhaps the most important factor that you would want to consider before buying a brand new security camera for your house. Preferably you want to buy the camera with the best recording quality available that can record each and every detail including the burglar’s face in clear. High-quality camera ensures good detail and will be helpful for the authorities to identify the burglar if some worst things happen.ip camera hd lens

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Nowadays, most of the security cameras provide an HD recording at 60 frames per second with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. Few of them even provide a full HD resolution video recording up to 1920×1080 pixels.

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IP Security Camera Recording Angle

The primary purpose of the security camera is to cover as much area that can with s single camera. A better viewing angle ensures that there is no loophole entry for a burglar. A low recording angle camera creates a blind spot that can utilize the burglar to operate without getting noticed.

ip camera wide angle

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Most of the cameras come with a revolving lens feature which allows a better cover, almost 360 degrees viewing with a single camera. Those who have fixed lens better to have at least 120-degree angle to get a good coverage of your room.

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IP Security Camera Type

The security camera available for indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor cameras are weatherproof cameras often built a little sturdier compared to the indoor cameras as they often need to deal with sunshine, rain, snow, etc.

ip camera water proof

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Apart from this, the cameras can also be featured with Night vision, live streaming function, motion and face detection, audio recording and auto-zooming in case of motion detection. So chose your camera type wisely based on your requirement with these facts in mind.

IP Security Recording

The recording done by the camera needs to be stored somewhere so that it can be referred to in the future for a burglary. Fortunately, most of the security cameras provide more than one storage solution. Typically these cameras can record into an external memory/micro SD cards which can directly be plugged into the camera itself, or a WiFi connectivity which allows the recordings to be stored on an online cloud storage that you an access anywhere in the world.

IP Security Connectivity

While advanced security cameras are Wi-Fi Cameras that do not need any wiring other than a power supply. Most of these WiFi Security cameras provide an option to be connected to the smartphone via Wi-Fi with dedicated smartphone Apps. Live streaming is also possible with these types of cameras directly into your smartphone devices.

home security display types

The IP connection on these devices allows them to store all the data for a future reference and security purposes on a cloud-based server accessible only with your credentials.

Power Supply for IP Security Camera

The security cameras can be classified into two categories on the basis of the power they need, a wired power supply or an inbuilt battery or both. The battery is usually rechargeable and has a long enough battery life to last for several hours or in some cases, several days as well!.

In case of a wired power supply the camera requires less attention and hence hassle-free operation. However, an inbuilt power supply will make the camera more discreet and hard to be seen by anyone. Also, with the inbuilt battery with power supply types, you do not have to worry about the camera being shut off in case of a power loss at your house.

These WiFi-enabled cameras will always keep you updated regarding the security of your house by means of direct alerts and notifications on your smartphone and a must have for your security.

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Also with these small security cameras installed at your house, you never need to worry about security again. These smart security cameras always keep an eye out for you in case of a mishap and alert on your smartphone. Considering these points while buying a new IP security camera keeping your needs, location and the structure of your house itself will ensure that you get the best deal and the best protection available, for your beloved belongings.

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