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Best Android Lightweight Apps Good for Low Speed Data & Memory Phones

Lite apps for Android are miniature versions of the apps used by you on a daily basis. Through these lightweight apps for Android, you can save the storage while doing the tasks in the same way, as you want. You can avoid any sort of unnecessary usage of memory and storage by using these apps. Is there any drawback for using lightweight apps? Yes, the regular apps are feature rich, packed with a lot of features and nice UI. The lightweight Apps are minimal in features and UI, but they can do their work that you want to do. Also, lightweight apps are fewer data hungry and good for the users who are living with low-speed internet (2G/3G) area.

Here are some of the best lightweight apps for Android those are very limited in features, but guarantee that take less space to install and good for the users who has access to the low-speed internet like 2G or 3G connection.

Facebook Lite

Lightweight Version for Facebook | Memory: Under 5MB | Key Features: Accessible on all types of Android phones, No need of Facebook Messenger and Optimized interface | Download: Play Store

Facebook Lite is more like a stripped version of Facebook for Android. Designed for 2G networks and low storage app lovers, the app is great for using the popular social network site. Loading like a breeze because of the clean interface and minimal features. Many times, while using the app, you might be reminded of the time when Facebook was available for feature phones. Among all the lightweight apps for Android, Facebook Lite is a favorite of many due to the speed and reliability. If you are a lover of Facebook but want something that is small and cool at the same time, then trust this app.

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Facebook Messenger Lite

Lightweight Version for Facebook Messenger | Memory: Under 5MB | Key Features: Works on all Android platforms including Gingerbread, Designed for slow networks areas and Fast loading | Download: Play Store

Many people do not like the fact that the official app Messenger does take up more data than it is actually app size. In order to deal with the people using lower-end phones, Facebook released a shredded version of Messenger. Messenger Lite is a great app allowing you to chat with all your Facebook profile friends and send stickers to others. The biggest miss of the app is the non-availability of voice calls. Unlike other the lightweight apps for Android, this messenger app is a basic version. And this app allows you to only do the basic chatting with friends on the social networking site.


Lightweight Version for Twitter | Memory: Under 5MB | Key Features: Customizable to the core, Modern unique user interface and Working as expected by the user | Download: Play Store

Twidere is one of the popular lightweight Twitter apps for Android. This Android lightweight app is available for using the services of Twitter. Coming with overhauled Material Design, you can customize almost every tab of the app with themes. The open source app comes with the feature to filter unwanted tweets and allows to manage more than one account. Synchronize your account and data between diverse devices. In addition, you can configure tabs into multiple columns and turn it off when not needed. If you are running the latest Android 7.0 Nougat then you can use the split screen feature for your budget. You can restore Favorite instead of new Like feature of Twitter.

Twitter Lite

Lightweight Version for Twitter | Memory: Under 3MB | Key Features: Data Saver mode to control media download | DownloadPlayStore

Twitter has been launched the lightweight official version of Twitter App and available based on the country. This official Twitter Lite is fast, consume less data and loads fast on 2G and 3G networks. To save data plan, you have to manually turn on Data saver mode on the Apps. This official lite version of Twitter is going to take only 3MB to install on your phone

Lite for Facebook & Instagram

Lightweight Version for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram | Memory: Under 5MB | Key Features: Use Facebook and Instagram in one app, Contains Messenger features and Repost Photos & Videos | Download: Play Store

This app combines all Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram into one. This three in one app is great for the people that are accustomed to Facebook and Messenger. This Facebook Lite app can arrange the feed as per the most recent stories and download photos easily on your device. You can protect the app from others through User Touch ID and with Pin Code asked while trying to Login. Lite for Facebook & Instagram is one of the few lightweight apps for Android that come with configurable Ad Blocker. Lite can re-post each photo and video through the app without any trouble. Enhance your user experience with four diverse themes easily. There is no ad hindering your usage and accessibility of the app.

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UC Browser

Lightweight Version for Android Browser | Memory: Under 6MB | Key Features: Customizable Cricket Cards, Ad Blocker, Data Saver | Download: Play Store | Alternative App: Opera Mini

Those who are browsing a lot from the phone or Android tablet, Opera Mini or US browser is your best bet. With the use of UC browser, you can speed up the downloading files as well as stabilize them. You can also watch movie and TV shows on the app as it comes with separate categories for it. Coming with features like gesture control, night mode and data compression it is a great app to choose.

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Among all the lite apps in the browser genre, this lightweight browser app is much more loaded with functionality. The Facebook mode of the app makes the user experience completely smooth and easy.


Lightweight Version for Pinterest | Memory: Under 7MB | Key Features: Set a Pin as Wallpaper, Schedule Alarms and Create Custom channels with keyword | Download: Play Store

Good news for Pinterest users. PinHog is designed for avid Pinterest users and is the best lightweight app for Android for social photo-sharing platform. With core features of Pinterest, this lightweight app cements its base as a good client among other light apps for Android. You can get instant access to all the pins that were downloaded earlier to save time. You can easily set static device wallpaper from any pin using this lightweight Pinterest app. With PinHog, any user can schedule the time to download the pins easily. Also Pin the web pages directly from any app with the web links.

Camera360 Lite

Lightweight Version for Android Camera App | Memory: Under 6MB | Key Features: Numerous Photo Filters, Free cartoon styles and Easy to Share | Download: Play Store

Are you looking for a lightweight camera app for the Android phone? Coming with almost 100 photo filters, Camera360 Lite is a great small size selfie camera. This lightweight Camera App captures all your photos in high quality even if you use a device with small screen size. No need to add photo filters after capturing an image as you get real-time filters for use. Camera360 Lite is a great camera app addition to this list of lightweight apps for Android. With this lightweight app, you can also use the one-touch share option to post the photos on Facebook, Line, Instagram and other platforms easily. In less than a month of its release, the app got over 1 million downloads showing its popularity among all other lite apps.


Lightweight Version for Android Email Client | Memory: Under 5MB | Key Features: Supports all Popular email accounts, Real-time Push Notifications, and Clear layout | Download: Play Store | Alternative App: Newton Mail – Email & Calendar

Don’t clutter your phone with many email app for each client. myMail is an email client allowing the users to manage their all email accounts at a single place with ease. With this lightweight email app, the user can keep all its email security and make communication easy as well as fast. You can easily create your IMAP, POP and SMTP settings for the hosted domains. myMail supports Google Mail (Gmail, Google Apps for Business and Education), Microsoft (Hotmail, MSN Mail, MS Outlook, Office 365 and Live), Yahoo mail (previously, Ymail), AOL, GMX, Mail.com, Apple (iCloud, me.com, mac.com), My Mail mobile email (my.com). Filter your email and see the entire conversation easily on a single screen.

Pixel – Music Player

Lightweight Version for Android Music Player | Memory: Under 5MB | Key Features: Online Radio Support, Podcast Player and Video Player | Download: Play Store

For Music Lovers, Pixel Music Player is one of the most portable and lite apps for Android to listen to music anytime on the go. Inheriting features like Built-in 5 bands Equalizer, Bass Boost, 3D Sound, it is a great medium to listen to your favorite tunes. Pixel is a good lightweight option to the heavy apps that almost have nothing customizable. You can make your material design more vivid with the themes. With Pixel app, you can customize the transitions as well as animations to ease up the accessibility. Pixel lets you download the artwork of the album to change its look and set any favorite song as your device’s ringtone through the app.

Holo Launcher

Lightweight Version for Android Launcher | Memory: Under 5MB | Key Features: Customizable icon label, Gesture support, and Infinite Scrolling | Download: Play Store

I love Android Launcher apps, that give a new look on your Android phone with a variety of themes and customizations. Since these Launcher apps are heavily invested on UI graphics, most of them eat your Android memory space and RAM. Holo Launcher is a simple launcher that inherits almost everything that one needs for their device. The launcher does come with full material design and infinite scrolling allowing you to add up the icons as much you want to. The widgets can be placed on each other and user can customize the notification badge color easily. Many other transition effects can level up the user experience of the launcher. With this lightweight Android launcher, you can edit the icons by just long pressing it and customize the icon label color.

Alternative App: Mini Desktop

360 Security Lite

Lightweight Version for Android Security App | Memory: Under 5MB | Key Features: Lower Power Consumption, Regularly updated Antivirus and All in one optimizing tools | Download: Play Store

You can’t compromise on the security of Android phone. For those who want to protect their Android devices from hackers and malware threats, with instant protection, you must use 360 Security Lite. Among the lite apps for Android, this antivirus aims to give better functionality to phones with less RAM and storage. You can use the app for optimizing the background performance of the device.

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360 Security Lite clean every bit of junk present in the device to use the free space for other purposes. Although this lightweight security app does contain ads, it does not serve as a barrier while using the app.

Light Apps for Android

Many people do use their old Android phones coming with limited memory and space. With each update of any app, the size of the app increases as well as its capacity to eat up the RAM. Android apps are getting bigger in size and stealing the storage capacity in a huge way. You can use these lightweight apps for Android to stay connected and improve the daily efficiency. Each of the lite apps present is fun to use and not eating up all your storage to do the work. These lite apps for Android are great alternatives for your Android device whether it is a premium or low-end one.

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