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A Complete Guide to The Duelists Valorant Characters: Valorant Agents and Abilities

The most attractive part of the Valorant game is the Valorant agents and their abilities. Each Valorant character has their own special abilities and skills. Let us take a detailed look at the abilities of all Valorant characters or agents and how they can be effectively used while gaming

Among the 4 different agents classes in Valorant, we here start with the Duelists Valorant characters.

What Are Duelists Class Valorant Agents

Duelists are opening Valorant agents. They are very aggressive and tend to pick up the fight before other agents. As these agents are more prone to pick up gunfights, they come with abilities that are more combat-friendly.

Each Valorant agent has 3 normal abilities and one ultimate ability. In normal abilities, the basic ability which is generally mapped onto the key E will recharge automatically in each round. It can be also used more than once in a match.

The other two normal abilities which are mapped to Q and C key can be brought from the purchase menu before each match. The ultimate ability charges according to your number of kills and deaths. Once it is fully charged, press X and you can use your ultimate.

Now, let us look into the duelist Valorant characters and the abilities they possess.

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Jett is the Valorant agent based in South Korea. She has very aggressive and agile fighting abilities. The Valorant character can move around the battlefield very faster and in ways in which not any other agent can move. The abilities of Jett are as follows:

  • Tailwind: It is the basic ability of Jett which is mapped onto key E. It moves the Jett very fastly into the direction of the movement of the player. Using this ability, Jett can easily move away from the gunpoint of the enemy or reach a certain location must faster. Having this highly evasive ability makes Jett very aggressive on the battlefield.
  • Cloudburst: It is the second ability of Jett. When used, the Valorant character will throw a small rotating cloud into the battlefield. This can block the enemy’s line of sight and give other players an edge. This will also block the vision of teammates. So make sure you throw the cloud correctly. This ability can be used thrice in the game if purchased and the projectile can also be curved while throwing.
  • Updraft: This ability helps Jett Valorant character to reach areas other players can’t reach. Using this ability, Jett can move up into the air and take shots from there. Combining this with the passive glide ability of Jett and other abilities will make Jett a killing machine. 
  • Blade storm: The ultimate ability of the Jett Valorant agent helps her to throw highly accurate knives onto the enemies. These knives are so powerful that they can Instantly kill an enemy when thrown. These will automatically recharge if an enemy is hit and can be thrown one at a time or many at a time.

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Phoenix often called the fire in the game is a Valorant agent with abilities that help him to rush into the battlefield. He has abilities that can blind the teammates and take them without them knowing you are standing in front of them. The Valorant character even has a cool ult that can offer him an extra life to spare.

  • Hot hands: This ability helps phoenix to throw a fireball into the battlefield. The ball will explode when touched onto the ground and create a flaming ring. The flames can deplete the life of enemies and can also heal the Valorant character. 
  • Curveball: The Valorant agent’s ability will help to throw a projectile into the air. This will burst in the air making everyone exposed to it going blind for a few seconds. You and your teammates will also go blind if exposed to this. This ability can be used twice in each match. If you are standing behind a cover and you have enemies looking for you to come out, you can throw a curveball and blind your enemies. Blinding them will make them vulnerable and you can easily take them down. 
  • Blaze: Blaze is the ability of this Valorant agent that helps him to create a firewall on the battlefield. This will obstruct the enemies from seeing you. The firewall can also heal you like the hot hands. Make sure to use this ability very carefully that the wall can also damage your teammates. 
  • Run It Back: The Run it back is an ultimate ability of the Valorant character that will grant extra life if used carefully. If you think there are a lot of enemies waiting for you behind the cover, while standing in the cover activate the ultimate and rush into the battlefield. If you are killed while rushing, you will reach back to where you activated the ult.

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Among the Valorant characters, Reyna is a Valorant agent based in Mexico. She is one of the finest agents for single-player combat. Her abilities are very agile and combat-friendly. She can kill an enemy, heal herself and take on other enemies if played with caution. Reyna’s blinding is very convenient for the teammates to rush during a difficult phase.

  • Leer: The leer ability of this Valorant character summons an eye-shaped structure that can be thrown onto the battlefield. This can be destroyed by the enemy if shot on to it. But the exposure to the eye can blind the enemies. It adds a cloud around the enemies exposed to it, which makes them an easy target to hit.
  • Devour: Whenever Reyna kills an enemy, a soul orb is dropped. The valorant agent can consume this orb to use her abilities. When the Devour ability is used by consuming the health orb, the health of the agent will automatically regenerate. Whenever Valorant character has finished a kill and has very low health, she can consume the soul orb to replenish her health.
  • Dismiss: This ability makes Reyna intangible. This is also activated by consuming the soul orb. When this is activated, the Valorant character becomes resistant to enemy attacks for a few seconds.
  • Empress: This ultimate ability will greatly help you if you are a person of a close-quarter gunfight. Activating the ability will dramatically increase the speed of firing, reload, and switching between weapons for the Valorant agent. You have an edge over your enemies with your weapons when the ultimate is active. The empress can also yield infinite soul harvest to the agent which enhances the basic skills of Reyna. Also scoring each kill will renew the abilities.

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Raze is a Brazilian Valorant agent that goes all guns blazing into the battle. The grenades and guns are her specialties. Raze s abilities are much lethal to enemies. Each ability possessed by the Valorant character can deplete the health of enemies and kill them. The blasts created by her can kill a player very easily if trapped on it.

  • Paint shells: This basic ability of Raze is nothing other than grenades. The grenade can be thrown in any direction. They will blast after a few seconds they are thrown. The good part is that after the first blast, it will shatter into many small grenades called submunitions. This will also damage the enemy when burst. Avoid paint shells of Valorant agent if you want to live longer.
  • Blast pack: blast packs are sticky bombs. When thrown they stick to any plane on the battlefield. After throwing it, you can instantly detonate it by pressing the same ability key. If not detonated, the bomb will automatically detonate after a few seconds. The blast packs can be thrown onto the ground. If Raze or any teammate is standing on top of it during an explosion, the character will be blasted into the air. So, this ability can be used by the Valorant character also to reach higher altitudes.
  • Boom bot: a boom bot is a gadget that can be deployed while playing. When deployed, the bot will move forward until it touches a wall. After touching it will shift its direction. It moves on till the timer is depleted. If an enemy is discovered by a boom bot, it travels to the enemy and blasts near the enemy.
  • Showstopper: The ultimate of Raze Valorant character which gives her access to a rocket launcher for a small period of time. When fired, the launcher will destroy everything in the area it touches. Make sure to point it to the exact location of the enemy since it can be easily blocked by walls and become useless.

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Yoru, also called the rift walker, is a Valorant agent based in Japan. The agent combines his deception and aggressive moves to become a deadly player in the game. Yoru has the ability to pass onto another dimension while gameplay which grants him his special abilities. This Valorant character is known for his great teleportation abilities.

  • Gate crash: gate crash ability is basically a teleporting system for the Valorant agent. This ability allows the agent to teleport to another location while in the game. To activate this, initially, a gate should be placed in someplace inside the map by pressing the ability key. When you are away from this place, you can reactivate the ability key to come back to that place. You can even teleport while taking a gunfight with your enemy.
  • Blindside: This is the blinding ability of the Valorant agent. Yoru can throw an unstable dimensional fragment into the battlefield. This will bounce off the wall and reach a hard surface. Reaching a surface will break it and blind the enemies around it. 
  • Fake Out: this is a very useful ability in the game which can create fake footsteps. In a game like valorant, sounds are very important. Players listen to all kinds of in-game sounds. Having the ability to produce fake sounds can be used to manipulate the enemy. The footsteps can be sent forward or placed inactively and activated from any other place. If a fake footstep is placed into a portal, the enemy will get confused and look for you in someplace else. You can use that to your advantage with the Valorant agent.

Wrapping up, the duelists are aggressive Valorant agents with abilities that are added advantage for their gameplay style. Using the abilities of these Valorant characters at the correct time is crucial in matches.

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