12 Best Android WiFi Tool Apps to Fix Network & Hotspot

Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Android WiFI Tools

Wi-Fi network may not be able to provide ideal performance all the time that you expect. There are a bunch of Android apps for WiFi strength measure, DSL Speed Test, Wi-Fi Network Analyze, Wi-Fi Spectrum Analyze, etc. These Android Wireless Manager are available free from Google Play Store. We have also listed Wi-Fi Hotspots apps, those can search and find out free WiFi networks for you. If you have an Android phone or tablet, WiFi app is a necessity for your device. It is better to have a couple of apps based on your WiFi connection and nature of use. For Windows users, we have listed a good set of WiFi Tools.

You can use these Android WiFi apps with your home WiFi or public WiFi to check performance or WiFi signal strength and to find free WiFi hotspots.


1. Android Apps for WiFi Speed Test

When you register for an internet provider, they project their speed in MBs just as a part of their marketing trick. You can use these tools to check the real speed of your internet. Another possibility is that when your provider caps your internet or 4G speed. These Speed testing tools are coming handy to test the Wi-Fi speed with your Android phone.

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This Speed Test app by Ookla is an easy and fast Android application to test your WiFi speed. This Android Internet speed test app can show connection consistency in Real-time graphs. The tests are done using the custom protocols to determine communication between server and client (in this case, your smartphone).

Speedtest.net by Ookla has switched from the traditional HTTP protocol to the newer TCP protocol. The rate of download is determined with the download speed from the 4759 servers located around the world to the clients. It can help you to troubleshoot or verify the speed your provider promised you, track past tests with detailed reporting and share your results.

Download from PlayStore: SpeedTest

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3G 4G WiFi Map & Speed test

This Android Wi-Fi map and speed test app can map cellular coverage, find Wi-Fi hotspots, test and improve your reception and get faster data. The Wi-Fi app comes from the famous open signal developers. The built-in signal-compass points you in the direction the signal is coming from.

3G 4G WiFi Map and Speedtest

The WiFi map allows you to quickly locate nearby public networks and coverage maps let you see the best places for signal. Speed test feature allows you to see the real speed of your connection and network rank will enable you to see which carrier is best in your area. Also, the connection history can be recorded. OpenSignal claims to have the most extensive global database from its crowdsourcing since the launch.

Download from PlayStore: 3G 4G WiFi Map



  1. Unfortunately, you’ve incorrectly used the term “Wi-Fi” (i.e. LAN – the wireless connection between your wi-fi router and the your device) sometimes instead of “Internet” (i.e. WAN provided by your internet service provider), e.g. “1. Speedtest.net This easy and fast android app to test your Wi-Fi speed”. This statement is incorrect because the Speedtest app is testing your WAN connection speed, not your Wi-Fi speed.

    • @Rob,
      We agree with your explanation for WAN. However, there is nothing wrong with using Wi-Fi term here. Since the WAN network is applicable to home router WAN port. From that point onwards, we are connecting to Wi-Fi network. The data flow is like Broadband Provider > WAN > Router > Wi-FI. We are measuring home Wi-Fi speed with this tools. In the real scenario, even the WAN speed will be a bit higher than Wi-Fi speed.

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