This How you Make Anonymous Calls from any Phone.

Last Updated: December 7, 2016

Do you want to call some one by keeping your number private? You can make anonymous calls from your Phone with some simple tweaks. All smart phones are coming with the feature to Block Caller ID.

Once you change your phone to block caller ID, the receiver phone will display as Unknown Number or Anonymous Call while you call them. This is a good precaution while you dealing with an unknown person or calling back to non familiar number. All these tweaks may vary depends on your country and phone service providers.

This article describes different methods for making free calls from for iOS, Android, Windows or Nokia based phones. All these mobile platforms has an option to block your Caller ID. That means you can set permanently to mask your number while you make calls.

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While you make calls, there is a work around to change your display number or use a virtual number. Just in case, if you do not want to use your phone to make phone calls, you can use your computer to make anonymous calls without revealing your phone number.

Dial *67: This method allows you to make you block id for any type of phone. It is not depend on mobile platform. You can block your caller ID by simply adding ‘*67’ prefix before the number. You must dial country country (‘1’ for US) following to *67. The call format will be like this.


iPhone: iOS coming with inbuilt feature to mask your number when you make any outgoing calls. You can tun on this feature by following these steps.

Launch “Settings” >  “Phone” >  “Show My Caller ID” > Slide to “OFF”

Android: Please refer Android setting here to set your number unknown for outgoing calls.

Select Phone Settings >  Call Settings > Additional Call Settings > Caller ID.

Windows: Windows mobile platform coming with the same feature like iOS and Android to mask the outgoing number. You can refer here for more details.

From the Home screen > select Start > Scroll to and select Settings > Select Phone > Scroll to and select Caller ID > At Provide my caller ID to > scroll left or right to No One or Only my contacts > Select Done > Select Done again > Select Done again.

Note: The above workouts may not be effective in your country. It depends on rules and regulations on each country and the restrictions by your phone service provider.

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This is a simple and essential trick while you dealing with an unknown person or calling back to non familiar number. The best solution to call to a unknown person, you can use a disposable phone number for a short time to make calls. You can refer here if you want to make anonymous call from the website tools.

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