Mobile Digital Wallets Apps India

Best Mobile Wallet Payment Apps for India

The future of banking industry is shaping around the increasing use of mobile wallets apps. Payment wallet is a virtual place to store money...
Bitdefender Total Security 2018 Review

Bitdefender Total Security-One Stop Solution for All Devices

For quite some time now, Bitdefender Total Security is reigning around the top of Cybersecurity software category. They are offering multiple solutions to cater...
Math Problem Solver Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Math Problem Solver App for Android and iPhone

Math, a tough to crack subject for most of the students, but it is easy to learn if you understand how it works. With...
Xiaomi Engineering Mode

How to Enable Engineering Mode to Test Xiaomi Hardware ?

Xiaomi phones have become one of the fastest selling smartphones. The reason behind the success of this smartphones is their uniqueness in features and...
Samsung Test Lab Feature

How to Experience A Samsung Device Before Making Purchase?

Ever wondered about getting your hands on the latest Samsung device without pay for it? Do you want to check out new features...
Secure Android from Facebook Data Collection

Complete Guide to Secure Android from Facebook Data Collection

Facebook is making its way to the top headlines for some grave issues regarding data theft and privacy issues. As the report says, Facebook...
Block Anonymous Numbers WhatsApp

How to Block Unknown Numbers on WhatsApp?

Are you getting a lot of anonymous calls on WhatsApp? Now Spammers are tracking down WhatsApp users to send annoying messages and make calls....
Create File Shortcuts on Android Devices

How to Create File Shortcuts on Android Devices?

Shortcuts, jump-links, are the saviors when we talk about finding a needle in the haystack. Literally, we are talking about navigating to a specific...
YouTube Dark Mode

How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on iPhone, Android and PC?

YouTube introduced the Dark Mode for PC users last year. Now it rolls out the feature update "Dark Theme" for Android and iOS devices....
Android Hardware Test Tools

How to Make Sure Android Hardware is Working Properly?

A smartphone consists of a bunch of hardware and software that are embedded to give us a fully functional smartphone. For a device to...
Android Business Card Scanner Apps

Best Business Card Scanner Apps for Android.

Tired of keeping a stack of business cards? Never fumble a card again with business card scanner app for Android, which supports to manage...

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