iPhone Do Not Disturb-Auto Text

How to Enable iPhone Do Not Disturb to Auto Reply Text While Driving?

iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode can detect when you drive and silence your incoming calls, messages, and notifications. This iPhone DND Mode can auto-reply...
Best Head Up Display Car

7 Best Head Up Display for Car with Smartphone& OBD2 Support

Heads up displays can project your vehicle information navigation map and turn by turn instructions on your car windshield. This hud display can help...
Budget Dash Cam

Best Budget Dash Cam in All Price Ranges from $25-$200

Car dash cams are available for 25 bucks, with a minimum required features to meet the purpose. These cheap dash cams are coming with...
All About Car Gadgets

These Car Gadgets Can Offer You Best Driving Experience

The list of Vehicle Gadgets that can use in your Car extends from simple Car Charger to Dash Cam. These smart devices can do...
Turn Off Waze Location Service Complete

How to Turn Off Waze Location Service Complete to Save Battery

Sometimes you see Waze Location is always on even after you quit the Waze App? If you are you looking for a solution to...
Waze as Standalone GPS

How to use Waze as Standalone GPS Device

Google Waze is my favorite GPS app that I am using for last three years. I wish if somebody could launch a Waze Standalone...
Bluetooth Car Adapter Buying Guide

How to Connect Bluetooth Adapter to Car Audio System?

Bluetooth car stereo let you make hands-free calls and play songs direct from smartphone to your Car Stereo. There are Bluetooth car kits available for...
google waze offline map

How to Get Waze and Google Map Offline to Save Mobile Data

Technology is gradually replacing traditional GPS device from the market with Smartphone GPS and online map. You don't need to carry a separate GPS...

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