Android Apps to Make International Calls

Best 10 Free Android Apps to Make International Calls.

There are many apps that let you make free calls wherever you are in the world. These Android apps are your companion to keep...
WhatsApp Alternative Apps

8 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps for Free Text & Call (2018)

WhatsApp has encountered a constant rise in the market and is currently known as the best messaging app for smartphones. However, due to the...
android sms scheduler

Best 5 Free Android Text Message Scheduler (SMS Scheduler) Apps.

Android phone let you schedule a text message to send on a future date. Once you schedule a text message, no more reminders needed....
iphone android chat

Six Free Apps To Chat Between iPhone and Android

Smartphone have absolutely transformed the way we interface with one another over the past few decades. Here are few popular "Free Mobile Apps" that...
whatsapp texting features

Best 3 New WhatsApp Features that you Probably Missed

WhatsApp is the fastest growing messaging service in the world with active users near to one billion. Day by day the numbers of WhatsApp...
windows 8 message apps

Best 8 Messaging Apps for Windows 8.1

Messaging is an important personal and business requirement among the Tablet, Smartphone and Laptop/PC users. No matter whatever the screen size and OS, the...
whatsapp message ticks

How to See WhatsApp Message Delivery & Read Status?

WhatsApp message service is becoming number one messaging application to share text message and media between your friends and family. This app can register...

Best Free Nokia Apps to make Free SMS / Texts

Stop paying for SMS / Texting to your phone service provider. If you are a heavy text / sms user, there are plenty of...
lower whatsapp data usage

5 Solutions to Lower WhatsApp Data Usage on iPhone & Android

Even though WhatsApp is an excellent app with a lot of support for media, this may drain out your mobile data quickly. Especially when...
mute whatsapp notification

How to Mute unwanted Whatsapp Message Alerts in Android

Whatsapp is very famous among smartphone users in these days. It offers multimedia texting service and calls without any additional cost other than your...
Make Phone Calls From Windows

How to Make Phone Calls from Windows PC

You can use your PC as a phone If you have a mic attached to it. There are several applications you can install to...

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