Best Roku 4K Channels

Best Roku 4K Video Channels to Get a Better Experience

TV market is transforming from Smart TV concept to 4K TV and Ultra HD TV experience. However, you may struggle to find out the...
Best Car Gadgets

10 Best Car Gadgets Must Have for a Safe Drive.

Everyone loves road trips, whether you belong to the category of seasoned riders or simple wanderers, there is no doubt you might encounter certain issues...
Best External GPS Receivers

7 Best External GPS Receivers for Cars, Trucks& Flights

External GPS devices are using to log coordinates. You can use these external GPS antennas with Dashcams, iPads, Android Tablets or even Vehicle GPS...
Best Dual Dash Cams

8 Best Dual Dash Cams for Cars, Taxis and Uber

Dash Cams are one of the most useful products that rocked the automotive markets. Dual Dash Cam is into the next level that can...

How to Convert Old iPhone (iPhone 5/6/7) to Wireless Charging?

iPhone 7 or older iPhone owners can now convert their iPhone into a Wireless Charging iPhone. The process is pretty straightforward, and this guide...
iPhone X Accessories

8 Best iPhone X Accessories you Can Buy

Apple's latest and greatest smartphone has finally arrived at the stores after nearly two months since the official reveals at the Steve Jobs Theatre...
Best Gift Under 50

15 Best Tech Gifts under $50 for your Family.

Are you looking for perfect gifts under budget for your spouse or family? There are smartphones, smart home speakers, gadgets, games, pretty tough to...
Best Universal TV Remote Control

6 Best Universal Remote Control for TV& Streaming Device

The new Smart Universal Remote Control can replace a pile of remote controls from your home. Remote control for TV is not limited to...
Add iOS Reminders with Google Home

How to Set Google Assistant to add Shopping List on iPhone Reminders?

I'm using Google Home almost every day and pretty impressed with the features and Google Assistant's voice command recognition capability (nearly 100%). I shared...
Car Wireless Charger

8 Best Wireless Car Chargers for iPhone and Android

We are going through the hype of wireless charging. The latest Android and iPhones are starting to support wireless charging. We already covered the...
Best Truly Wireless Earbuds

7 Best Truly Wireless Earbuds for iPhone and Android

We've all used "wireless headphones" at some point in our lives, but the problem with almost every single one of them is the fact...

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