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home security system things care_f

Home Security System Buying Guide-6 Things you Need Consider

Technological advancements have caused a rise in almost all industrial and corporate sectors, such as Home security systems as well. Compare to a single...
wi-fi hd router

How to Connect External Hard Disk to Home Network over WiFi without PC?

Do you know that you can attach any External Hard Disk into the home router and use as a part of Home Network? The...
dropbox video streaming to Roku

Best Roku Apps to Stream Movies from Cloud to Roku.

Cloud Movie Apps let you stream movies from a cloud storage to big screen TV with a streaming device. Roku is one of the...
induction cooker buying guide

Ultimate Buying Guide for Induction Cooker You Must Know.

Induction Cooktop is a wise choice for your modern kitchen to make it efficient and unique. Compare to Gas or Electric cooktops, this technology...
cfl color temperature

How to Choose Right Color Temperature CFL to Customize the Mood of your Room

Compact Fluorescent lamp (CFL bulbs) look like white, but it produce different tone or color of light. When you shop lamp for your home,...

The WiFi Router Buying Guide for Power Users

Modern homes are switching to Wi-Fi-based smart homes where all smart devices are connected to the same home Wi-Fi network. Smart TVs, Phones, Home...
Smart Home Gadgets

Top 12 Smart Home Gadgets to Convert Your Home into Smart.

In addition to these gadgets, there are smart devices introduced in the market that intends to convert your living place into a smart automated...

The Ideal Guide to Help you Buy A Smart Door Lock

The security of our home or office is the most vital worry for anyone. From the invention of locks and keys we have trusted...
Roku TV Streaming Channels

7 Best Roku TV Streaming Channels to Replace Expensive Cable TV

Roku is one of the best streaming devices that is offering amazing channels for entertainment. This list includes movies, music, science education, etc. Like...
ip camera buying guide

6 Things to Consider before Buying an IP Security Camera

As long as you concern about the security of your precious articles and stuffs, you can rely on Smart phone based IP Security Cameras for an...
India gas subsidy to bank

How to Get Gas Subsidy Amount Deposited Directly to Consumers Bank Account?

This article explains how to Link your Aadhar Number to your Gas connection and Bank for availing Direct Cash Transfer to Consumer Bank Account. Recently the...

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