How to Delete Netflix History of Shows & Movies Instead of Your Profile

Last Updated: April 10, 2017
delete netflix history

Netflix recommends movies and shows based on your recent watch history. This movie and show recommendation is the best feature that helps to quick pick your favorite shows and movies as long as you are the only one using your Netflix account.

It is going to embarrassed sometime if you are sharing your account with your friends or family. They can see what you watched before and they will get the recommendations from Netflix based on your recent watch history.

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The only solution to remove this history was to delete your entire Netflix profile and create a new one. But this may end you up losing all view history, reviews and watch list tied up with that Netflix profile.

Fortunately, the streaming service introduced a new feature that let you select and delete individual shows or movies that you watched instead of deleting the entire profile.

To take advantage of this new feature, login into your Netflix account with your credentials. Click on the tiny icon of your profile on right top of the page and click on your Account from the pull-down menu. You will see My Account Page now and scroll down until you see MY PROFILE section. Click on Viewing Activity to launch My Activity page.

netflix account page

You will see the history of all shows and movies you watched on this list. Find out the list of shows you want to remove from this list and click on X mark on the right side of the list.

delete from netflix activity

Netflix offers to remove the selected item from your viewing activity on all devices within 24 hours.

You Can Delete Netflix Viewing History by deleting the entire profile from your account. Choose this option if you are looking for an option to delete all your history and reviews all in one shot. You can start from the beginning by creating a new profile on your same Netflix account.

Now enjoy your Netflix streaming service with your favorite movies and shows. Delete your watch history from your profile after watching them and start a clean profile with few easy clicks.

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