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Finally, Now You Can Delete Netflix Viewing History.

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Deleting the viewing history from Netflix account is a much-anticipated feature from millions of Netflix users. For the Netflix account, to clear the preference and recently watched history is an essential feature to block the kids from watching the Netflix view history of their parents.

This new Netflix feature brings you a new option that let you create multiple profiles within one account. This way you can separate each profile with its own viewing history, taste preference, instant queue and parental control.

This Netflix feature allows you to create a separate profile for your kids with parental control and you are able to monitor their watch history. But the nice option about this feature is that you can to delete any profile at any time except the master profile.

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When you clear this, you will lose all the viewing history and the rating of the movies from the deleted profile. However, ultimately you are able to dispose of all history of watched movies from your account and can make a clean start again.

netflix profile

To delete the Netflix view history and preference from the account, log in to Netflix account. Click on the profile button on the right top of the screen and click on manage profiles.

netflix add profile

This will bring you the window to add new profiles. If you already added profiles, click on edit button to set the parental control, age limit or even to delete the entire profile.

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The next step is to create a new profile, this will bring you a clean profile with no previous records. The nice thing is that there is no need to delete your Netflix Account or switch the account to clean up your history. Everything you can do with this single account and you can clean and create a new profile in the same account multiple times whenever you want to clean up your watch history.


  1. I don’t see a way to leave a comment for this article.

    From a practical standpoint, being able to establish additional profiles with Netflix and expecting junior not to click on each one when you’re not around, makes this option useless from the privacy standpoint.

    I spoke to Netflix and the lady acted like I had discovered a device to toast bread and said she would pass this right up the line.

    They can and need to give us the ability to create a PIN for each profile, otherwise the only thing we get to do is keep our own viewings separated, but not private.

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