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Get FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule Calendar on Android, iPhone & PC

FIFA World Cup 2018 is scheduled in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018. There are plenty of online resources you can depend on download the FIFA World Cup Schedule in PDF. For all the games, you have to check online and get the updated time every day to watch the game. We are bringing an easy solution here to download the FIFA World Cup Calendar to Android and iPhone. You can import this calendar into any device calendar app and check the FIFA 18 Schedule even offline. Once this Fifa calendar is added to the smartphone, you will have a nice and handy daily match schedule on Android or iPhone.

When you import this FIFA 18 Schedule ICS Calendar, all the matches will be added to your calendar. You can set up calendar alerts for the important matches you wish to watch. Just follow the procedure here to add the FIFA World Cup 2018 Football Schedule to the calendar on your phone and PC.

Editor’s Note: Upto Quarter Final matches are updated with names. Other knockout stage matches are represented by the match names.

Download FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule

To make it easy for you, the Mashtips team has created a calendar in ICS format for the FIFA match. This FIFA ICS Calendar supports all platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Android calendars.

The procedure to import FIFA Calendar is easy and can be done on all Mobile and PC platforms with a few clicks. The FIFA Match ICS file attached here is set to IST, which may be changed automatically to your time zone when you import the calendar. To start with, tap on the download link below for the ICS Calendar for FIFA on your smartphone or computer.

Download FIFA World Cup 2018 Calendar

For both iPhone and Android users, we recommend downloading and adding the calendar as a separate calendar. In that case, you can delete the sub-calendar (all the events) after the World Cup. Once you download the calendar, you can check here to Watch FIFA 2018 on TV without Cable.

Add FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule on iPhone.

For iPhone users, open this article on Safari and tap on the above download link. For iPhone users, the iOS calendar will ask your permission to add the FIFA World Cup events on the iPhone Calendar.

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You can insert these events in a new calendar to avoid conflict between your personal calendars. Later, you can delete this entire Calendar to clean up.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule iPhone

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The Timezone will automatically adjust when you import the calendar; please make sure you are set in the right timezone with the calendar.

Add FIFA 18 World Cup Schedule on Android

For Android users, things are slightly different. Android devices are not supporting the creation of new calendars while importing the new calendar iOS.

You can create a new calendar before importing FIFA events to Android Google Calendar for better management. Create a new calendar from Google Calendar Settings or Android Calendar Settings before importing this FIFA ICS Calendar.

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FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule Android

Once you set a new calendar on your Google account or Android device, tap on the ICS file downloaded to insert FIFA events into Android device Calendar. After inserting the events into the Calendar, don’t forget to verify the time zone settings are correct.

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If you find tapping on the downloaded calendar file results in nothing, then the calendar is to be manually imported to Google Calendar. Please check here for importing a calendar to Google Calendar.

Add FIFA 18 World Cup Schedule on Mac & Windows

For Windows and Mac, the procedure is fairly simple. Tap on the above link to download the file to your system, go to the download folder and open the ICS file. Windows and Mac will detect the ICS file immediately and open the calendar app to add the World Cup match schedules.

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For both Windows and Mac users, better to create a new calendar and import this FIFA World Cup schedule to it so that it can be deleted after use to clean up the calendar entries.

FIFA Word Cup 2018 Calendar

Please make sure you are following the right time zone on this calendar to sync the match time of this calendar event with local time.

ICS Calendar for FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule

Now, you have FIFA World Cup 2018 Calendar at your fingertip. All the events are just on one calendar, and you can refer anytime, even offline. Desktop PC users can also take advantage of this Calendar format to import the FIFA 18 events to the desktop. For your convenience, you can set up alarms and reminders to the matches of your favorite teams to never miss the game.

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  1. Unfortunately, on iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 11.4, this does not work for me. The pop-up after accepting the calendar invite, showing the list of matches with the “Done” button on the top right shows up for only one second, and then the pop-up disappears.

    Does anyone have a workaround for this, or recommend a different method?


    • @Carlos,
      We tested the calendar with iPhone X and everything is working as explained. If you have an error, try to import the calendar to your iCloud account where you set up iPhone the calendar.


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