Top 5 Safe Search Engines for Kids to Filter Out Adult Contents from Search Results

Last Updated: November 15, 2016

In the age of free internet, free social media and minimal censorship , there comes a time when parents get worried of the amount of threat a search engine could pose on Kids. With search engine optimization at its best and stuff like Google Ad Sense all set to attract  viewers’ eyeballs on each site, one cannot escape the possibility of Kids getting exposed to information which is not meant for them.

In many countries, citizens have right to  do internet search according to their demands without any regulation for Kidsearch. Thus, to solve the problems, there are specific Kids search engine optimization tools which guarantee safety and regulation of content to be watched by the tiny tots.

Engines like kid rex serve examples of better search channels for Kids. Such search engines serve two purposes. They satiate the curiosity of Kids as to what they are likely to know when online and secondly, parents can be rest assured of the volume and direction of knowledge available to them.

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Here is a list of safe search engine tools for Kids that you can recommend for kids,


It is a safe search engine for Kids. It is a search engine which claims to be family friendly as there is complete censorship on content that is likely to be deceptive, violent or explicit. The team of Kiddle employ search engine editors who clean the content to be put up on such sites.

kiddleSuch sites are specifically written considering the age groups of Kids and thus simplify coded or heavy texts for their understanding. The specialty of Kiddle is that they use thumbnails for communicating content to the Kids and also, to let Kids associate terms with a visual or graphic. Large fonts are used to excite Kids to read. Another important detail remains that privacy of the kid is kept intact.


Powered by Google custom search, it is a search engine that is optimized for Kids, serving their interests and imaginations. With the help of Google safesearch, kidrex would eliminate content which is explicit from being broadcast on kidrex. Kidrex also bars sites, as maintained by their database which are explicit in nature or are classified under inappropriate keywords.

kidrexIt is the best site to look at for the most recent and comprehensive details on any topic. With the help of their removal too, you can request the editors to remove the showcase of sites, not considered right for Kids. It is a visually fun website .


Apart from censoring inappropriate content for the use of Kids, kidzsearch is a Google for Kids. Using many online tools, they make learning easier for Kids. The many use of videos, pictures and amazing gaming gimmicks makes learning and play a big blessing for them.

kidzsearchThings like Obama’s speeches, digits and understanding number or learning the names of birds or other things are pictorially explained for the use of Kids. Language is brought down to their understanding so that kidzsearch actually becomes their answer for every question. Things like learning fun facts, teaching zone and kidz tube are a bonus.


It is yet another safe search engine for the use of Kids. Classifying content according to their types which includes home, household, literature, reading or sports, Kidsclick makes life easier for Kids search. The best thing about Kidsclick is their selection criteria as they prohibit any kid of advertising on their site.

kidzclickThey select each and every content that goes on it. Along with that their privacy policy keeps every information of any user safeguarded with them. However, they serve good sites for good use and do not block the view of any site. It was first made by a bunch of librarians at Ramapo Catskill Library System to give voice to the use of internet search for youngsters.


Yet another safe search engine site, this also has the option of a pop-up for the ease of internet search for Kids with disability. It uses Google index to regulate sites. The safe search regulates inappropriate keywords or results from getting uploaded. Option of 38 different languages helps in searching effectively. Along with spam reporting and calm coloring methods, they make the search of Kids easier.

GoogiliansWith the use of Query refinement technology, they refine and filter Kids’ sites which are asked for. No unnecessary fancy graphics or pop-ups disturb Kids searching experience. Instead one can trust the site for effective usage of grammar, good writing and updated articles on any topic.

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Thus, Kids search engines like these empower the search experience for Kids. In today’s world of growing hatred and diatribe or slander via online medium, Kidsearch required an effective filter. Such safe search engine sites do that.

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