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While you enjoy the movie or favorite TV show, Wireless TV Headphones can provide you an ultimate different experience in sound effects. For increasing the sound effect and entertainment level, one can use these Bluetooth TV headphones. These TV headphones will help to watch TV without disturbing anyone in your own world.

Wireless TV headphones are almost like Bluetooth headphones that connect themselves to your television; a person can add external adapters to get it running with any television you want to.

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A large number of smart TVs come with a built-in wireless connection that is inherited in the set itself. Many times people do not like to any sort of noise after a heavy day at work, but due to loud audios coming from the television often makes them disoriented.

With the TV headphones, you can avoid this situation whenever any other person is watching television and get the audio in best quality without any trouble encountered.

How to Connect Wireless TV Headphones?

Wireless TV Headphones are coming with two units, one is a base unit and another one is stereo headphone. The base unit is acting as a charger for the headphone set (for rechargeable headphones). The second function of the headset is to serve as the wireless transmitter to transmit the audio from base unit to headphone.

tv-audio-connectionBased on the rear panel audio port of your television, you can connect between the TV and Headphone base set with the corresponding audio cable. Usually, the TV sets are coming with standard 3.5 audio port or optical port.

tv-audio-optical-port-connectionThis port behind the TV panel is to transfer the TV audio to the base unit of the wireless headset. We listed the wireless headphones here with headphone jacks or optical wireless ports on the headphone base to connect your TV.


The audio is transferring between the base unit and headphones via Bluetooth or Wireless technology. Modern smart TVs has built in Bluetooth or Wireless technology that directly transfers audio from TV to your gadget bypassing base units.

List of Best Wireless TV Headphones

We listed the best wireless headphones for TV that can connect to your TV through Bluetooth technology. These rechargeable Wireless TV Headphones are selected based on battery backup time, wireless range, quality, and brand.

Sennheiser RS120 (buy from Amazon)

On-Ear | RF Headphones | range:300ft | Rechargeable battery

If you want a wireless TV headphone that is best and budget friendly, then you can try Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones. The sound is quite good and comes with interference-free reception up to 300 feet through walls and ceilings. The wireless TV headphones are lightweight and come with a padded headband for comfortable extended listening. The audio is very detailed and has a warm bass that is loved by many sound lovers. The charging cradle of the headphones is a highlight that grabs a good attention due to its unique, completely handy allowing the device to charge when they are hanging on a hook.

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Avantree Wireless (buy from Amazon)

Over-Ear | Bluetooth Headphones | Built MIC | Range:NA | Rechargeable battery | 40hrs battery backup

This Bluetooth headphones for TV (Over-Ear) is coming with Mic, low latency and fast audio, bets for gaming TV PC. This headset offers 40h Battery Sound. These top-rated wireless Bluetooth headphones work with a low-latency supported Bluetooth transmitter (Avantree Priva II or Saturn Pro recommended) for minimum audio delay 32-40ms for an advanced audio experience.

This best-in-class over ear wireless TV headset can be used as a wired device without battery consumption using the 3.5mm cable included free, that let you switch between wired to wireless earphones in seconds.

RIF6 Digital (buy from Amazon)

Over-Ear | RF Headphones | range: 100ft | Rechargeable battery | 20hrs battery backup

One of the best over-ear digital gadgets that allow you to listen the crisp and clear audio without the fuss of wires. RIF6 Digital Wireless Over-Ear Headphones is a great choice for getting personal audio freedom and hearing perfect audio up to 100 feet without any trouble.

rif6-rf43-digital-wirelessThere is volume and mute options directly present. This avoids the use of remote when you are unable to find it. The battery backup is huge and it can last up to 20 hours when fully charged.

Artiste 2.4GHz (buy from Amazon)

When it comes to great audio reception, you can trust Digital Bluetooth headphones for TV, Artits 2.4GHz UHF/RF. It comes with a high-quality pad that covers your whole ears those are very different from the pressure exerted by others. These headphones are built very well and last quite a while than other. You can take the headphones away from the transmitters up to 100 feet. The charging base unit has a 2.4 GHz transmitter allowing a great reception when away from it.

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Sony Headphones (buy from Amazon)

Take pleasure in listening to the great music and audio playing on your television with Sony Noise Reduction 150 feet Long Range Wireless Dynamic Stereo Headphones. These are premium Wireless headphones for TV, having solid built quality. This allows you to listen to your favorite shows with no noise besides your partner on bed. It has manual tuning and switches on base as well as on the device. These come up with 150 feet of transmission. The adjustable headband comes with closed design fit that sits well and comfortably on your head. It also comes with auto power on and off the system with volume control.

Sennheiser RS 175 RF (buy from Amazon)

It is one of the best Bluetooth headphones for TV coming with superior bass and surround modes that allows pure entertainment. For reaching the next level in home entertainment, use Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System. It is coming in a compact and ergonomic package. sennheiser-rs-175It comes with a comfortable fit. It has an extended range through walls connecting easily with your television and other audio sources. Sennheiser has made them with great effort. It is seen with the strong performance for both movies watching and listening to audio.

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You can freely roam anywhere in your house without the worry of tripping a cord or unplugging something unintentionally. With the above listings, you have got more just than simple intro on the best wireless TV headphones. These are available in various designs and sizes. This is to make sure you decide well on ones before buying them for oneself. If you want to cut the cords for a better experience, then don’t wait to do so.

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