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8 Best Battery Monitor Android Apps to Extend Backup Time

Do you face any problem with a quick battery draining on your Android smartphone? You may need good Android battery monitor app to fix some of these battery draining apps and Android themes to survive the entire day with a single charge. The high rate of battery draining is one of the big troubles that the smartphones of current generation do encounter. However, by using the best battery monitor app Android, one can easily sort out this issue.

The Android battery saver app optimizes the usage of the applications and alerts to utilize Android battery juice effectively. These battery monitor Android apps can perform efficient battery management in Android and serve as a great way to get most out of the battery.

Here are some of the best battery monitor Android apps that can help the Android user to extend the battery life of the device.

DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver

DU Android Battery Saver app is trusted by more than 550 million users due to being light in size and smart in use. This battery monitor Android app acts all in one solution to consumption troubles of the device. This battery app efficiently clears up the power consumption optimizing battery usage.

With the accurate detection of device’s temperature, this Android app cools down the phone and alerts the user about high temperature. It also clears down the junk of the device and makes the phone clean from unwanted garbage. You can make the app more attractive by applying your favorite battery skin on it and turn it pleasant to use.

Key Features: Super long standby mode, Health Battery Charge, and One tap battery saver support | Battery Health / Life Display: Yes, Extends life up to 60% | App Optimization: Yes | Download: Play Store

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Battery Doctor

Battery DoctorBattery Doctor is a great Android battery app that comes with smart WiFi/Data/Bluetooth toggles for the users. The Android battery monitor app details the correct battery remaining time as well as precise charging time remaining for the device. You can efficiently use the app in your local language as it comes with 28 languages support.

The simple to use interface of Battery Doctor makes it an excellent choice for the best battery monitor app Android available. With just a tap on the widget, you can optimize the battery performance and stop the running background apps. This battery app can also kill the apps running when the screen is idle or off.

Key Features: Convenient power saving widget for users, Unique 3 stage charging system and Smart charging tips to increase efficiency | Battery Health / Life Display: Yes | App Optimization: Yes | Download: Play Store

Power Clean

Power cleanFor more than 100 million users, Power clean is more than just app junk cleaner. It also functions as a battery monitor Android app for Android device users. The Android power app is not there just to save the battery life or extend it for further use.

Power cleaner aids in enhancing the performance level of the device and check the battery-draining apps. With 1-tap, you can easily uninstall, backup or share apps on your device with this Android battery monitor app and release the extra storage safely and avoid the accumulation of app cache and residual files.

Key Features: Notification cleaner, Application lock support and Erase duplicated photos through app | Battery Health / Life Display: Yes | App Optimization: Yes | Download: Play Store

360 Battery

360 Battery360 Battery works all day and night optimizing your device’s battery. The battery monitor Android app starts automatically when the smartphone is on and eliminates the chances of battery drainage. This app also reminds us of the changes in the temperature and power consumption of an app. You can even make custom modes to improve battery performance and save it while using it.

This is the best battery app Android as an app will be restricted to auto-start on its own. You can also reduce the battery charging time and give less time in charging the device. Furthermore, you can kill the battery eating apps and enhance the device battery performance.

Key Features: 24-hour power consumption chart available for users, Healthy battery charge and diverse power saving scenarios | Battery Health / Life Display: Yes, Calculates it on the current stats of the device and battery | App Optimization: Yes | Download: Play Store


GreenifyThis battery monitor Android app hibernates all the inactive and abnormal functioning apps in the device. What makes this battery saver app from others is that this is probably the one that works. Greenify Android app is one of favorite and best battery monitor app Android and comes with some updated features for devices running on the latest Android Nougat OS. The app is useful for devices that are rooted and non-rooted ones.

All the elements are free for use and the users can pay $2.99 donation as an appreciation to the quality. It is incredibly lightweight on your device’s CPU & RAM usage. Most notably, avoid the impact of battery-draining apps on your device by stopping them while in the background and no extra effort is required to allow the app to do its functions.

Key Features: Aggressive Doze and Doze on the Go feature, Preserve full functionality of other apps while using it | Battery Health / Life Display: Yes | App Optimization: Yes | Download: Play Store

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GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery MonitorGSam Battery Monitor is a favorite Android battery monitor app to save the life of the battery with ease. The app provides info related to the apps that drink up all the juice of battery. You can get the details about the wake time as well as on the CPU and data considered with sensors. Download and create your icon themes to customize the app.

We can go to the in-depth details on how an application uses the battery of device with wake lock details. With this best battery app Android, always know the state of your device’s battery and time left in the status bar. The actual screen time along with other factors like phone radio, Bluetooth and wifi processes are analyzed for the battery usages.

Key Features: DashClock Extension support, Customizable alarms for several states and Historical average about the lasting period of battery | Battery Health / Life Display: Yes | App Optimization: Yes| Download: Play Store


PowerPROPowerPRO is helpful in saving the Android battery of the device in multiple ways. The app comes with a screen saver feature that shuts off about 33% of the screen light. Save the battery without making any compromise regarding brightness and visibility through the app.

Start battery efficiency with a simple on and off toggle switch. Also, we can activate the economy profile extending the battery life that functions according to each moment of the day. The battery monitor Android app delivers exactly what it promises extending the power of device between charges.

Key Features: Screen Optimization to save battery juice, Controls the brightness of phone and Select the apps to remain open in background | Battery Health / Life Display: Yes | App Optimization: Yes | Download: Play Store

Battery Saver

Battery SaverBattery Saver gives more than just battery-saving features to the users as it provides more to increase efficiency. You can quickly schedule the power saving mode if you forget to do so at the needed time. Monitor your extended battery life with the help of reports on the voltage, battery percentage as well as temperature.

With the Android task manager for the battery monitor Android app, it is easy to shut down the background apps. You can stop the other drainage of battery life and the overheating of the device with the app. The beautiful widget offers quick access to battery health monitor.

Key Features: Intelligent one-tap controls, Decide the way to save the battery power and Android task manager for users | Battery Health / Life Display: Yes | App Optimization: Yes | Download: Play Store

If you are experiencing a sharp drain in the battery life of the device then you must install the battery monitor Android apps. Many battery-saving apps just turn out to give only the illusion of saving the battery. But these best battery monitor app Android are much more. In addition, each of these best battery app Android gives out the promise it makes while using them on the device.

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