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7 Best Aim Lab Exercises for Valorant to Improve Shot Accuracy

Having a good aim is necessary for any first-person shooter game if you wish to climb higher ranks. Not every game teaches you how to get a good aim. However, aim lab offers some great warmup exercises that can greatly improve your accuracy by building muscle memory.

Aim Lab is a game that helps you improve your shot accuracy and speed. The game comes with lots of predetermined exercises that can help you to build your aim. Before you start using Aim Lab, adjust the aim lab settings according to your in-game settings. Use the same sensitivity and field of view that is used in the game you play. Adjust the settings in the settings menu.

Let us look into some of the best aim lab exercises for valorant players.

1. Micro Shot Ultimate

Micro Adjustments are a key player in the valorant aiming system. Since the maps in Valorant are tightly packed corners, the player will always be peeking at an angle for the enemy player. So to fire the shot before your enemy, your crosshair has to be correctly aligned with the enemy’s head.

To obtain this accuracy, you have to always keep your crosshair on the head level and rely on micro-adjustments. If you see your enemy and your crosshair is directly at the level of the enemy head, you can micro-adjust your crosshair and go for the pick.

To develop this muscle memory, practice the micro shot in valorant. This exercise will have a ball that varies in size will appear at near points from your crosshair. When destroying one ball, another one will pop up slightly away from it.

You have to constantly hit the balls to develop the tactic. While doing so, try to achieve maximum accuracy and speed. Keep a margin of 90% accuracy and increase your speed. Repeat this exercise to develop your micro shot aim.

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2. Motion Shot Task

The enemy targets in valorant will always be moving, so tracking your shot is very important. The players will be moving in any direction so you have to place your shots carefully so that you don’t miss them.

Motion Shot is an exercise in Aim Lab that teaches you how to track a moving target. The blue ball in the screen will start moving in a direction once it appears on the screen. Whenever you destroy one ball, another one will appear and start moving.

You have to track and shoot all the balls while maintaining a high speed and accuracy. Try to maintain accuracy between 85-95%. This can help you track a subject while playing valorant.

3. Detection Ultimate

Reaction time plays a crucial role while you are pre aiming a target. You have to fire before your opponent if you don’t want to die. Having a very small reaction time will help you to get more picks.

Detection ultimate is an exercise in valorant that can help you improve your reaction time. In this exercise, there isn’t any movement or shooting. All you have to do is to press the mouse button as fast as you can when you see an indication on the screen. This will greatly improve your reaction time in valorant.

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4. Audiospatial 8

Judging the position of the enemy in valorant will give you an idea of where to aim. Listening to the footsteps can very much help you to determine where your enemy is. The correct interpretation of footsteps will help you to determine the position from which the enemy comes.

Audiospatial 8 is a tool in Aim Lab that spawns 8 orbs around you. The orbs will give a sound whenever they pop. Listen to the sound in your headphones to correctly determine the location of the orb and pop it. This will also force you to learn to flick more accurately and correctly.

Practice this exercise in Aim Lab to get a precise idea of the location from which the footprints come and plan your attack accordingly.

5. Switch Track

Having to encounter multiple enemies is quite common in valorant. If you are playing the role of a duelist, you have to do this more frequently. When multiple targets appear on the screen, you have to choose the target’s order in such a way that requires minimum crosshair adjustments.

To learn this technique, use the switch track ultimate exercise in Aim Lab. In this exercise, many moving balls will be present on the screen each with health bars. You have to place your crosshair on each moving ball until it’s destroyed and switch to the nearest one. This technique will give you an idea of the selection of targets while in-game. Practice this aim lab exercise to quickly swap between targets in valorant.

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6. GridShot

Grid shot is one of the most common practices in Aim Lab. In this exercise, multiple balls appear on the screen. Each of the balls should be shot as fast as possible. When one ball is destroyed, a new one will appear for you to shoot.

This will greatly improve the speed of your response. Maintain a 90% accuracy and build up your speed in this exercise. Practicing grid shots will greatly improve your response time and accuracy.

7. Strafe Track

Strafe and counter strafe are two main techniques in valorant. Having the knowledge to do a perfect counter strafe can take you so much ahead in the game. Stopping your player just before shooting and moving just after shooting using your movement keys is meant by counter strafing.

Strafe track exercise on Aim Lab provides you a strafing target on your screen. You have to plan your crosshair and keep it on the ball until it’s destroyed. This will give you an idea of how staffing works in valorant and how to counter it.

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These are some of the common practices that you can do in valorant. Practice each exercise each day to get good results. Use the practice mode and deathmatch in valorant to use the techniques that you learn from the Aim Lab. Having a consistent practice session can greatly help you in-game.

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