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Best Valorant Characters and Abilities: Initiators Valorant Agent Tier List

The Valorant agents make the game unique among other first-person shooter games. The Valorant characters and abilities make the game more interesting and players make new battle plans. Each agent is different from the other and has its own distinctive abilities. We have the Valorant Initiator agents tier list.

There are four types of agent classes in Valorant namely duelists, initiators, sentinels, and controllers. Here we will discuss the initiator class agents, who are the information gatherers of the game. We also have a beginner’s guide to Valorant Duelist agents.

What Are Valorant Initiator Agents

Initiators are the Valorant agents that gather the vital intel in a game that can help the team members. This agent class has abilities that you can use to obtain enemy locations and change the course of the game.

The Valorant initiators work alongside the duelists to kick start a match. Following are the best Valorant agents under Initiator Valorant agent tier list. We have a detailed Valorant characters and abilities described below.



Sova is an initiator Valorant character based primarily on Russia. This initiator agent is a highly skilled tracker and is very efficient with his enemy-finding skills. Sova can identify enemies who are hiding in cover.

If you have a Sova Valorant agent in your team, consider yourself lucky. He will help you in finding where the enemies are. The unique bow equipment of this agent is his primary weapon.

  • Recon bolt: Recon bolt is the primary ability of Sova. It recharges after use and can be used more than once during a battle. The recon bolt can be fired through Sova’s bow equipment. The bolt detects any enemy that comes with the line of sight of the bolt. The players can see the x-ray of enemies through the wall. Make sure to shoot the bolt to an area that is not easily accessible by the enemy.
  • Shock bolt: It is the next basic ability of Sova. When this ability is used, the Valorant agent can shoot an arrow that can explode when got into contact with a surface. The shock bolt can damage the enemy players. It can also bounce once or twice like in the recon bolt. The shock bolt can be used to damage a hidden enemy in Valorant.
  • Owl drone: Sova can send a drone into the battlefield. When the ability is activated, the Valorant character equips a drone and sends it to the air. If an enemy is detected while navigating the drone, you can fire a tracking dart into the enemy. The enemy will become visible through the wall until the enemy removes the dart by himself. Make sure to take proper cover before activating the owl drone. Activating the drone puts you in a vulnerable position in which enemies can easily kill you.
  • Hunter’s fury: The hunter’s fury is the ultimate ability of Sova. This ability will give the best Valorant character the power to shoot 3 long-range blast shots that can even pass through walls. The shots hit the enemy players and mark their location even if they are standing behind a wall. The range of energy blasts is very high and it can be seen on the map. A timer is set while activating the ability. The player can shoot up to 3 energy blasts before the timer runs out.

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Skye is an Australian Valorant agent who takes on the enemies with her mighty beasts. This valorant character and abilities are much newer than others. The abilities of Skye are connected with animals or birds. She is the only agent other than sage that can heal her teammates. Skye can gather the location of enemies and blind them at the same time using her ability.

  • Guiding light: It is the primary ability of Skye. It can be used thrice in one game, of which one will be free in each and the rest two should be purchased if kt is used. Each costs 100 credits. When you activate the guiding light ability, the Valorant agent will equip a hawk trinket, use the mouse button to send the hawk forward. Before the timer goes out, press the ability key again to burst the trinket. This will activate a flash that blinds the enemy. The hawk can be pointed to the inside of a room or corridor and burst while standing in a cover.
  • Trailblazer: While using the trailblazer ability in valorant, Skye equips a Tasmanian tiger trinket. Activating this ability will summon a Tasmanian tiger which the Valorant character can control. The beast can be moved into the enemy territory to find enemies. When the beast is near the enemy, pressing the activation button again will make the beast jump forward and damage the enemy. This will not only reveal the location of the enemy but also damages the enemy. Make sure to take cover before executing this ability.
  • Regrowth: Regrowth is a very useful ability in valorant. It can be used once per round in each match. While activating this ability, Skye will create a large ring around her, if the teammates are inside this ring, Skye can easily heal her teammates. The ability depletes according to the usage. Using this ability, the Valorant character can heal multiple teammates around her. The healing ability is one of the major plus points of this valorant character.
  • Seekers: what if a valorant character can detect enemies camped around him and blind them at the same time. Yes, it is possible if you are playing as Skye. The Seeker’s ability is the ultimate ability of this Valorant agent. While using this ability, Skye sends out three beasts that go to the exact location of the enemy. Each wolf will target one enemy. Follow this wolf to find the location of the enemy. If an enemy is seen, the seeker animation in the map turns blue. If the seeker is not killed before reaching the enemy, it can also blind the enemy. This makes the seeker’s ability in valorant very deadly.

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This Swedish Valorant character with robotic arms is known for his powerful kinetic blasts. The Breach can clear paths for his teammates aggressively in any pressure situation. Breach’s main role in any game is to blind the enemies and put them in a pressure situation that forces them to come out of cover.

Each ability of breach is designed to lure out hiding enemies or create a window for the duelist characters to kill them. Combining breach’s abilities with the ability of other teammates provides the best output.

  • Faultline: Faultline is the primary ability of breach. If the enemy player is hit by Faultline, it puts them in a situation with less vision, motion, and responsiveness. Press the ability key to equip the charge. After equipping, hold to charge the burst before sending. After charging, release to activate a slow-moving burst through the wall. If any enemy player is caught in this, it will cripple the movement of the player and blurs his vision. Usually, since this takes a few seconds before activating, the players can easily avoid this. So the major use of this ability is to lure out enemies or forcing them to switch their position. Be careful while activating this ability since it can cause the same effects to your teammates also.
  • Flashpoint: It is the blinding ability of breach. The specialty of this ability is that it moves through the wall and creates a flash at the opposite side of the wall. This is very convenient to flash enemies that are directly in front of you behind a wall. Activate the ability and shoot this into the wall. Since there is a small delay while switching back to your weapon from this ability, don’t start to take your enemies as soon as you flash the enemy. Rather, flash enemies and command your duelists to easily take down the targets.
  • Aftershock: This ability sends an energy beam through the wall into the other side of the wall. The aftershock can damage the enemy if hit by them. When the ability is activated, a beam is slowly set up and executed through the defined area. Since it has a small delay, it can be easily avoided. But this ability will also force the players to switch their position with this Valorant character.
  • Rolling Thunder: This is the ultimate ability of breach Valorant agent. This ability is an overpowered version of Faultline. But rolling thunder does not require charging before execution and it covers a large area. The enemies or other players caught in this area will be knocked. They will lose their responsiveness and agility for a large amount of time. The vision will be blurred and the enemy will become very vulnerable. If you get caught up in rolling thunder, consider yourself dead. Since this ability can be applied to a large area, the breach can easily blind and cripple all the enemies and take them all at once.

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These are the Valorant initiator agents of valorant. These Valorant agents that work along with duelists determine the result of the initial attack in the game. Useful data gathering using initiators Valorant characters is a tricky process. But correctly executing their abilities will give you an upper hand in the game.

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