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16 Best Gifts for Travelers & Outdoor Lovers

Finding something for your globetrotter buddy can be a bit hard. There are 100s of cool travel gift ideas that you could bump into, but most of them might never be handy equipment every time. Getting the right blend of utility and portability is the key aspect of choosing someone a travel goodie. Here, we’ve made a list of some of the travel gadgets that can give your buddy a real surprise ahead of his tours.

We’ve compiled the best travel gadgets ranging from travel bags to power banks and headphones. Take a look and gift your loved ones the best travel gadgets you could ever get.

SpyFinder Pro

Privacy’s an issue nowadays and its a total nightmare to people who love to travel. We cannot be certain of where and what spies us. Hence, we’ve found out something that protects you from being spied, the SpyFinder Pro. This cool device is a compact camera detector that you can take wherever you go. Its something like a spy that spy other spies.

SpyFinder PRO Hidden Camera Detector holiday gift list

This travel gadget consists of 6 LEDs that capture light that reflect from the spy cams. By looking into the optical cavity, you can find out if the light gets reflected at you or not. You can be always double sure of your premises each time when you got the SpyFinder in hand. It’s a pretty good travel gift idea to consider as its quite useful and trustworthy.

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Knack Expandable Backpack

When it comes to road trips and hitchhikes, the first thing coming to your mind is the need for a sturdy backpack. The backpacks from knack is a decent option when it comes to compactness and utility. It’s a multipurpose backpack that goes great as a daily accessory or travel essential. The stand out feature is the compartment size. You can increase it by expanding the hidden storage section. The compartment works great and can carry all your travel equipment while you are on the go.

Knack expandable backpack

The normal layout gives you 17-liter capacity useful for the daily commute. But with the expanded compartment, you get 30 liters of space useful for travel purposes. Also, its rather custom, durable and comes with water-resistant fabric. So its gonna suit those harsh hitchhikes and road trips quite well.

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iClever Car Jump Starter

Don’t be stuck on the road with a bad car battery. This is a must-have gadget for your car to save you from on-road emergencies. The jump start can provide up to 1300A Peak from this 18000mAh Car Jumper. This would be enough to jumps start-up to 8L Gas or 6.5L Diesel Engine. The portable Power Pack comes with Dual USB Port and 12V & 19V DC output.

iClever Jump Starter

The jump start has 3pin needles to detect the car battery voltage before a current delivery.  The USB power can use to charger Android or iPhones. The battery gets charged in 4 hours. The LED flashing light has 3 light modes including Bright, SOS, and Flashing. The device can operate in -4F~140F.

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Mipow Apple Watch Charger

The worst thing to encounter while you’re on the go is to run out of charge. Hell, that’s a real issue when you are using a lot of online navigation and stuff. Hence, we’ve found a cool portable Apple charger that’s quite useful to buff up your iPhones and smartwatches. The Mipow Portable Apple charger is a trustworthy aid when it comes to portable charging. It can charge your smartwatch through the magnetic pad. The Mipow smart charger can charge the iPhone through the lighting charger.

MIPOW Portable Apple Watch Charger

The power bank features a USB-C port that can accommodate Apple’s charging cable. It works well with the iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, etc. Coming to the design part, yes, it’s compact and sleek. But don’t be fooled by its minimal structure, this MFI power bank comes with 6000mAh battery capacity. This gives you enough power to charge your iPhones when you’re hiking or enjoying the outdoors.

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iClever USB Solar Charger

Running out of power can be real mayhem. It’s important to carry a power bank but what happens when it runs out. The answer is Solar PowerBank. iClever combines two solar panels that charge up an internal battery in eight hours. The iClever solar panel can produce enough power to charge your smartphones 10 to 12 times on a single go. This smart gadget is a pretty good travel gift idea as it comes with an 8000mAh internal battery.

iClever USB Solar Charger Bank

This battery takes just 8hrs under strong sunlight. The protective cover gives protection during the rush hours and harsh temperatures. The two USB ports that are present in the power bank lets you charge two devices at once. In our view, solar power banks are quite a good option to consider as a gift for your travel buddy.

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ZeroMass Smartband Case

It’s a real fuss when your IDs and documents aren’t organized when you plan to travel around the world. It is a real menace to find all those essentials if you don’t have a good pocket-sized travel case. The ZeroMass smart travel case is a cool travel gift idea thanks to its endless storage capacity.

Zero Mass Smart Watch case

Smartband Case can house 40+ smartwatch bands, your smartwatch, phone, and charger while you’re on the go. You can also carry it anywhere as its quite durable in harsh weather and climatic conditions. Apart from being a smart band holder, you could keep some of your essential docs safe inside. Yet it’s not that roomy but has decent compartments. Also, in our view, gifting this to your smartwatch addicted Buddy also does a good job, too.

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KIWI Design Rechargeable Battery Base

The Kiwi Design battery base is a portable Google Home Mini charger. Its a compact and lightweight travel gadget which you can take out during camping or road trips to add that crucial amount of battery charge. This battery pack comes with a 7800mAh internal battery and offers up to 12 hours of runtime.KIWI Outlet Wall Mount for Google Mini

Kiwi Design battery also comes with a strap holder that could hold the Mini. You also get a battery pouch so that you could keep it safe from harsh climates. The case also can reduce shocks due to impacts while traveling, saving the unit that’s inside.

Buy from Amazon: KIWI Design Rechargeable Battery Base

HooToo Filehub, Wireless Travel Router

The HooToo Tripmate Titan is the best travel router you can ever get for your tripmate. It works as a wireless router to convert your wired connections to wireless networks. The router acts as a bridge that extends your original wifi network to more areas. In short, the titan functions as a network extender that rebroadcasts network signals. Apart from that, this wireless travel router works as a portable power bank also.

HooToo Filehub, Wireless Travel Router

HooToo comes to an inbuilt 10400 mAh battery and is a perfect companion for your road trips. It can charge your smartphones and iPhones around 3 times. Another feature is that it can act as a media streamer as well as a USB hub. Being an all in one travel gadget, it’s a good travel gift idea to consider for your loved ones.

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GAOAG Laptop Backpack

The Gaoag backpack is an anti-theft bag that’s quite useful during your trips and drives. Its a cool backpack made of sturdy material and has enough baggage compartments. The strong metal zippers provide better strength and structure to the backpack. The presence of padded adjustable straps gives you minimal pressure while you carry. Also, the theft-proof design, combined with coded locks and buckles makes it safe while traveling.

GAOAG Laptop Backpack

Also, the large pockets and hidden compartments make it a great backpack for those who are on the move. This cool backpack comes with an external USB charging port with inbuilt charging cables. It also gives a headphone port or a headphone passage. This headphone port lets you keep connected to your playlist every time.

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Aukey USB C Power Bank

The Aukey USB C power bank is a 20000 mah power bank that is quite sleek and slim. Most of the prevailing power banks above 10000 mAh as we know were huge and bulky. The Aukey quick charge USB C is a gamechanger when it comes to this aspect. It’s far slimmer and portable and can provide 2000mah of stored power.

AUKEY USB C Power Bank, 20000mAh Portable Charger USB C

Aukey USB C power bank comes with 2 inputs and 3 outputs making it easy to charge as well as discharge together. It facilitates pass-on charging and has three outports ports, the USB C and two USB A ports. One of the USB A port features quick charge 3.0 and the other ones a standard output port. The build quality is rather tough and can endure extremes. It comes with temperatures and heating protection and every other thing a typical traveler looks for.

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Ceptics Power Adapter

The power adapters a cool travel gift idea to consider for your friend who loves world tours. We’ve got the Ceptics Power adapter with USB C quick charge 3.0 as its one of the most trusted and used power adapters among travelers. It comes with universal input, 2 USB A and a USB type C output ports. You can use it to charge 4 devices at once and can provide a max output of 2.4 A.

Ceptics World Travel Adapter

There are specified output types that you can use in countries like Japan, the US, Canada, Mexico, India, the UK and many more. We ain’t going into port specification part as of now though. Keep in mind that the device won’t work as a voltage converter. You can use it with gadgets that support 100-240V.

Buy from Amazon: Ceptics Power Adapter

Josche Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask

The Josche Bluetooth sleeping mask is a handsfree sleeping mask with inbuilt speakers and microphones. It comes with a thin set of speakers that provide soothing music while you fall asleep. It works with Bluetooth 5.0 and provides good sound qualities. This travel gadget is capable of pairing with most of the smartphones and iPhones.

Joseche Wireless Sleep Bluetooth

The mask-like sheath helps you to get a good night’s sleep and allows you to listen to music without wearing extra headphones or audio equipments. It’s a good companion during flights and for people who are having trouble getting sleep. The extra cushion material provides a smoother feel and blocks light as much as possible.

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Clifton Heritage RFID Blocking Wallet

The usefulness of a great wallet can never be compromised. Most of the new wallets in the markets are of good quality and are made to meet the harsh conditions. The Clifton Heritage Men’s leather wallet never compromises when it comes to style and purpose. This can always be a good travel gift idea to consider for every guy out there. Its made of the finest quality leather and is durable.

Clifton Heritage RFID blocking Wallet

The wallet contains 9 card slots, 1 ID slot, 2 document, and 2 currency note compartments. It also has RFID blocking that assures your valuable information never gets detected during unauthorized scans. Also, you can choose from a wide range of colors as there are pretty of options available online.

Buy from Amazon: Clifton Heritage RFID Blocking Wallet

Birgus Language Translator

The Brigus Language Translator is a handy travel gadget that supports 106 languages. It comes with a 2.6″ screen that shows the translated contents. This travel gadget also has a camera that can capture and scripts in foreign languages. It detects and shows the translated contents on its screen with good accuracy.Birgus Language Translator Device

The camera input supports up to 44 languages whereas the voice recognition supports up to 106. It also features a 2100 mAh internal battery that provides up to 10 hours of work time. Also, the Brigus translator comes with Bluetooth connectivity too. This travel gadget also has headphone jacks so that you could hear things through the headphones with ease.

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Brita Filtering Water Bottle

The Brita Filtering Water Bottle is a great travel gift idea as it can filter the water while you drink. This water bottle here is a 26oz bottle that has a filter compartment. It reduces chlorine and other impurities found in tap water and gives pure water for drinking.Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle

It’s quite rigid and durable and you can keep it anywhere you go. It is made out of good quality plastic with an inbuilt carrying loop and a push-button lid. It’s also pretty travel useful to travelers, thanks to its durability. It is also available in a wide range of color shades too.

Buy from Amazon: Brita Filtering Water Bottle

BCOZZY Travel Pillow

A simple but useful travel gift can even be a pillow, yes you heard me right, a pillow. The BCOZZY travel pillow isn’t those ordinary pillows you see around. Its a lightweight and comfortable pillow that’s useful during flights.

BCOZZY Travel Pillow

The shape of the pillow makes it easy to keep it on your shoulder to get decent sleep while you’re on the flight. You can also twist it according to your comfort as its rather spongy and soft. The travel pillow is a cute travel gift idea to consider for your travel mate and its quite inexpensive.

Buy from Amazon: BCOZZY Travel Pillow

Phaiser Bluetooth Headphones

Hitchhikes isn’t complete if you don’t have a pair of good headphones. Getting a good quality beat to move along while you stroll depends on the quality of your headphones. In that case, the Phaiser Bluetooth headphones are a great travel gift idea thanks to its decent audio qualities. The earphones come with “behind the head” design that reduces the chances of falling out while walking. The flexible wires adapt to the size of your head and provide a perfect seal for a better listening experience. the inbuilt microphones aid you to takes calls while you are on the go.

Phaiser Bluetooth headphone

It’s ain’t expensive as those premium ones but matches well with the quality and durability standards. This travel gadget is rather sweatproof and comes with a fine layer of Liqyipel coating. The Phaiser headphones come with Bluetooth 4.1 and work well with every smartphone out there. A good thing to note is that this gadget is entitled to lifetime sweatproof warranty, well that’s quite interesting.

Buy from Amazon: Phaiser Bluetooth Headphones

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That’s our list of some of the cool travel gift ideas that could come in handy for you anytime. These cool gadgets and goodies are quite useful for your travel buddies. Most of these travel gadgets mentioned are pretty decent on the price tag and suit everyone out there.

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