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Use These Android Browsers for Privacy; Incognito Tabs Are Not Safe Anymore

Using browsers like Chrome and Firefox makes your search visible to Google, ISP and others. On the other hand, there are private browsers that do not store your browsing and also block trackers and advertising. On that note, we have listed some of the best Android private browsers to use on your phone.

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Best Private Browser for Android

Your usual browser is sniffing out your web activities, thus making you vulnerable online. Using private browsers is the answer for that although they don’t guarantee 100% security. Your ISPs can still trace your browsing history unless you use a VPN or Private Relay. Here are the most popular private web browsers on Android that ensure your privacy on the Internet.

Brave Browser

The Brave browser offers several privacy options like ad-blocking and a shield against third-party cookies and tracking. Apart from this, you can also earn cryptocurrency while browsing on Brave for seeing ads. You can always opt-in or out to see ads and earn crypto.

Built on top of Chromium, Brave browser looks and feels almost like Google Chrome. It can force HTTPS protocol for safe browsing and provides options to keep the trackers at bay. You can browse in private mode with Tor, which hides the search history and your location data. The established connection with the server is encrypted and reinforces anonymity. Advanced fingerprint protection is a bonus feature.

Key Features: Blocks harmful ads | Tor support | Faster Internet | Sync Bookmarks securely | Https everywhere | Saves data

Download: Brave Browser (Free)

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Firefox Focus


Firefox Focus is a great option when it comes to private browsing. The browser automatically blocks web trackers and intrusive ads. Also, it wipes out your search history, cookie, and password information when you close the app.

Firefox Focus cuts down on unnecessary scripts and trackers. This allows pages to load much faster and consume lesser data. Firefox Focus is backed by Mozilla, a widely popular browser.

Key Features: Tracking protection | Adblocking | Free to use | Faster page speed | Easy to organize tabs

Download: Firefox Focus (Free)



DuckDuckGo, apart from being the most secure search engine, comes in app shape too. It makes online privacy easy while still providing all the browsing features you need. The app allows you to clear all the cached information with a single click.

You can decode privacy grade (A-F) for each site you visit and avoid less secure websites while browsing using DuckDuckGo. If you want the DuckDuckGo browsing security on other browsers, simply switch the search engine to DuckDuckGo.

Key Features: Smart encryption using HTTPS | Block trackers | Customizable themes | Set privacy preferences | Free to use

Download: DuckDuckGo (Free)

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InBrowser is a private/incognito browser with TOR support. All your browsing history saved cookies, and sessions are cleared once you exit the app.

You can search anonymously and access sites blocked by ISP through Onion Router (TOR) if you have Orbot installed. The browser also comes with features like in-app video support, ad blocking, tabbed browsing, simple design, etc.

Key Features: TOR support | Data privacy | Disable thirty party ads or trackers | Supports browser-agent cloaking | Data saver options | Fast page speed | Free of cost

Download: InBrowser (Free)

Avast Secure browser

Avast Browser

Developed by the cybersecurity giant Avast, it is a privacy browser with automatic support for blocking third-party ads and trackers. Avast Secure browser also provides tons of security features like PIN lock, data encryption, free VPN, and many more.

With no intrusive ads and popups, Avast improves your browsing speed drastically. Even your downloaded files are encrypted and stored in a private media vault. You can also safely sync your browsing history and bookmarks across your PC, iPhone, and Mac.

Key Features: Built-in VPN support | Faster browsing | Sleek design | Fingerprint unlock | Anti-tracking protection | Encrypted file downloads

Download: Avast Secure Browser (Free)

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Frost Private browser

Frost Browser

Frost Private browser offers a highly secure search with extensive features like tabbed browsing, ad blocking, hiding browsing history, and password management.

You can safeguard your images and bookmarks in a secure password-protected vault. The contents of this stash are not visible from other apps and can be organized into folders.

Key Features: Ad Blocking | Image and bookmark vault | Private browsing | Simple design | Tablet support

Download: Frost Private Browser (Free)

Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Browser

Epic is a secure and private browser that safeguards you against potential privacy leaks. It includes disabling address bar and URL tracking, removal of installation tracking, and so on. Epic provides comprehensive tools for blocking annoying ads and trackers.

When you exit the browser, it wipes out the browsing history, cookies, cached data, and any shortcuts. The app has an advanced fingerprint protection feature to prevent unauthorized access. Moreover, the browser is built on Chromium which guarantees speed and security.

Key Features: Adblocking features | File vault | VPN support | Fingerprint protection | Incognito browsing | Password saver

Download: Epic Privacy Browser (Free)

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Incognito browser

Incognito Browser

Incognito browser is another good option for private search. It saves no data – the site history, cookies, and session storage is cleared as soon as you close the app. You can browse seamlessly without interrupting ads or third-party blockers. The Android secure browser provides faster downloads, and you can securely access the downloaded media through their Calculator photo vault app.

Key Features: Anonymous browsing | AdBlocker | Vault protection | Dark mode | Supports multiple search engines | Multiple language support | Agent cloaking feature

Download: Incognito Browser (Free)

Tor Browser

Tor Browser

Tor browser for Android is officially supported by Tor Project. It protects users against surveillance by unauthorized intruders. The browsing information is cleared when you exit the app, and you can also access the sites blocked by your local ISP.

Any additional plugins like Flash, RealPlayer are also blocked for security reasons. Tor Browser lets you connect to the Tor network which hides your personal identity from anyone on the internet.

Key Features: Free to use | Block ads and trackers | Resist fingerprinting | Advanced encryption

Download: Tor Browser (Free)

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Dolphin Zero

Dolphin browser

Dolphin zero is a popular incognito browser for Android phones. Your search history, cookies, cache, and password are automatically deleted. Dolphin Zero browser has a simple UI and a fast browsing experience.

The secure browser offers tons of other features like Flash player, gesture controls, fast downloads, personalized search, themes, and much more.

Key Features: Lightweight app size | Ad-blocking features | Intuitive UI | Sonar voice search | Customizable themes | Gesture controls | Sync history and bookmarks

Download: Dolphin Zero (Free)

Choosing the Best Privacy Browser

There are tons of apps you can consider while looking for private browsing. Every browser ensures varying degrees of anonymity, and you can choose the solution that best fits your requirements.

Brave Browser is a popular and safe choice if you want to enjoy web browsing with extra perks, security, and rewards. On the search side, DuckDuckGo scores to the top position here. Tor Browser and Incognito Browser let you switch to the Tor network and access the deep web on your regular internet. Other private browsers in our list also help in ensuring privacy-focused, lightweight surfing for everyone.

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