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10 Best Sticky Notes Apps for Windows 10

In order to be productive, we all jot down tasks and targets on paper sticky notes. Chances of losing important recorded data are more as you may lose these papers. How about writing them on a sticky notes app? If your data is instantly saved, installing desktop sticky notes on Windows 10 would be a great choice, isn’t it?

Here we are discussing the best desktop sticky notes apps for Windows 10.

Microsoft Sticky Notes

Microsoft Sticky Notes

Let me introduce you to a sticky notes app that comes with Windows 10 itself. The desktop sticky notes help you remember things you want to do later. Just give a thought to how nice it would be if you can add images to things you want to remember? Microsoft Sticky Notes is one of the desktop sticky notes which will do these for you.

Firstly, pinning these notes to your desktop can be useful for quick referrals. Secondly, you can sync them across devices and apps like OneNote Mobile. Do you know about Cortana reminders? Create them easily with this sticky notes app and the app will set reminders for the tasks you have listed and makes sure you never miss any of them.

You have a dark theme available in the Sticky Notes app. Therefore, night time when you have something on head, don’t hesitate to jot it down in your favorite sticky notes app.


  • Simple and effective
  • Pin to desktop for referral
  • You can set reminders


  • Sometimes, you lose all notes if not saved
  • Showing problems after certain updates

Key Features: Dark mode | Add images | Cortana reminders | Sync notes | Added intelligence

Download: Microsoft Sticky Notes (Free)

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Sticky Notes 8

Sticky Notes 8Now remembering tasks is no more a difficult thing for you. Sticky Notes 8 will be a handy reminder for you. Go on and try and explore the app to know the benefits of using this sticky notes app. Create notes simply. You can even design your notes.

In addition, dark themes and various color combinations are available. Go on work with creativity and design interesting reminders. Did you know that you can move the created notes all over your desktop? You can pin the note to one side of your desktop as well.

Moreover, in the search option, you may search and find the note you are
for. Access the autosave also that can be easily disabled in settings. In addition, you can now sync desktop sticky notes windows 10 with OneDrive.


  • Keep better organized
  • Very easy to put on desktop
  • Nice, clean and simple


  • Occasional bugs
  • Font not working after the latest update

Key Features: Add notes and write | Move and delete notes | Search notes | Autosave | Share from other app to create a new note | OneDrive sync

Download: Sticky Notes 8 (Free)

Sticky Notes

Sticky NotesPosting virtual notes to your desktop seems to be quite interesting, isn’t it? So go for this Sticky Notes app for Windows 10. Did you know what this sticky notes app has got in its latest version? It has added tutorials. When you restart your computer you usually lose what you jotted down on the sticky notes. But with Sticky Notes, you can save between your restarts.

You can decide the color and size of the sticky notes in this sticky notes app. You need to keep in mind two things for using the app. Firstly, left-clicking enables you to add a new sticky note. Secondly, on right-clicking, you can recycle sticky notes, pin it, or quit the app.


  • Simple and effective
  • Dark mode
  • Change the color of notes according to windows theme


  • Cannot be edited
  • Bugs after the latest update

Key Features: Write notes | Post to desktop | Save between restarts | Added tutorial and updated icon

Download: Sticky Notes (Free)

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Sticky Notes HD

Sticky Notes HDRemember the mess at your desk with sticky notes all around? Don’t you miss those important tasks because you lost those sticky notes? They are just papers. Consider installing this amazing Windows 10 sticky notes app and see how beautifully you can plan things.

Simply jot them down on this sticky notes app. Don’t worry about losing them as they get saved instantly. Moreover, how about not having a net connection for desktop sticky notes to work? Sounds quite interesting. In addition, it does not collect any of your personal data. Do give Sticky Notes HD a try and see how good it is.


  • Lets sticky note stay on top of windows
  • HD view is very impressive
  • Works well after the latest update


  • Notes sometimes not auto-saved
  • All usernames and passwords lost after the latest update

Key Features: Quick access to saved notes | Auto save feature | No internet connection | Does not collect any personal data

Download: Sticky Notes HD (Free)

eBlu Sticky Notes HD

eBlu Sticky Notes HDYou may have different tasks to remember. So, you need multiple types of notes. Use and see how eBlu works for recording shorthand notes. The sticky notes app is a good helper of your memory assisting you in your daily activities. In addition, use different font size and color to design your notes

Your privacy is very important so that you can set passwords for data security. Arrange your day by creating a to-do listing. For that, you can use multi-color papers. Moreover, you can backup your data through one drive.

Being one among the most useful desktop sticky notes windows 10, you can use eBlu for recording multiple tasks, to-do listing, and for general purposes like recording a phone number, email id, and text message.


  • Easy user interface
  • Simple and handy
  • Multi-color papers for multiple tasks


  • Only the premium version of this app works well

Key Features: Multiple types of notes | General note | Multiple color note paper | Search function | Multiple device sharing | Data backup

Download: eBlu Sticky Notes HD (Free, Premium)

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Sticky Noter

Sticky NoterWhen you can pin your sticky not on one side of your desktop while referring to other pages, why hesitating to try Sticky Noter? You can install this app on mobile too. In mobile, the sticky notes app comes with a dark theme and a clean user interface. You know, the latest version of the desktop sticky notes has improved the reading experience.

Jot down your thoughts, important tasks, something to remember in these notes which you can see all the time on your desktop if pinned. The Sticky Noter can be pinned on top of all windows in Windows 10. In addition, you can also paste and save texts in Sticky Noter. You can view your history by clicking the three dots on the bottom right.


  • Pin the note on top of desktop for referral
  • Easy and creative background making


  • The window could have been smaller
  • Color options for notes not available
  • Notes cannot be resized according to preference

Key Features: Night theme | Paste or save any texts | Store your note and idea | Clean user interface | Desktop/tablet sticky on top

Download: Sticky Noter (Free)

Sticky Notes Board

Sticky Notes BoardLet’s see how nice and easy it would be to write down daily tasks and being able to pin them to your start screen? The sticky notes app is pretty amazing when it comes when you can change the color and font of your notes. For instance, you have cloud sync, so you can access your notes anywhere.

Desktop sticky notes has a 7 day trial version. So, please see to it that you buy Sticky Notes Board in the Windows Store. Do you know about filters of notes. Yes, with this amazing desktop sticky notes windows 10, you are able avail this cool feature.

Color coding feature of the premium version of this app is pretty amazing. How about trying it? Keep track of your daily activities, jot down important points, pin them to your desktop. You can make these tasks truly creative by availing features that we already discussed like color coding and filter.


  • Color coding makes tracking tasks easier
  • Helpful and colorful


  • Sticky notes randomly disappear
  • Occasional bugs

Key Features: Create sticky notes | Pin notes to start | Sync notes with SkyDrive | Choose sizes, colors and filters of notes

Download: Sticky Notes Board ($1.49)

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CaptureStickyNoteA completely awesome sticky notes app in which you can capture images of the screen. On this screen, then you can start writing down your daily tasks. It would be really nice if you can adjust the size of your note. You can minimize the sticky notes, and zoom in and zoom out.

Will you like it if the background on which you pin your sticky note has other disrupting kinds of stuff on your desktop? If you don’t like it, you can set the background of your interest and start designing your sticky notes in the desktop sticky notes windows 10.

In addition, you can also open the desktop sticky notes in any external application. See how nice, simple and useful the app will be for you when you can display images like sticky notes, and paste the content to the clipboard. Then and there you can capture the image that interests you and start making notes on it.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Simple and handy
  • Color coding makes notes quite interesting
  • Background can be set to images from gallery


  • Font cannot be changed
  • Bugs after the latest update

Key Features: Screen capture tool | Transparency | Pate to clipboard | Rotate or flip | Set background color and borders

Download: CaptureStickyNote (Free)

Simple Sticky Paper

Simple Sticky PaperThis truly amazing desktop sticky notes app comes with an innovative feature. Go on install the app and try out the touch feature of the latest version in the sticky notes window. How come you never get to know about this? Now you know that without a keyboard, you can start working on your notes.

You just need a mouse and start designing your sticky notes. The app supports drawing by touch. Draw using a pen if you have a touch screen laptop. All you write will not have vanished. They will be instantly saved.

In the Simple Sticky Paper app, you can also change the thickness and color of your pen. Therefore, go on to create the drawing and handwritten notes.


  • Could zoom in to write
  • Simple sticky paper with higher resolution
  • Able to choose paper size


  • Write in hand feature is not added
  • Content cannot be copy-pasted
  • Cannot pin the note to desktop

Key Features: Auto-save | Drawing with pen | Touch operation | Sharing sticky papers by “Share contract” | Deletion of sticky note

Download: Simple Sticky Paper (Free)

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Sticky Note Canvas

Sticky Note CanvasThis sticky note app will be a perfect digital companion for you. The appp lets you use it just like how you stick notes on a wall naturally. You get an infinite virtual space on which you can create, remove, and reposition your notes.

You will wonder how can you include notes of different tasks. Don’t worry, you can choose multiple walls. Now create sticky notes and pin them to respective walls of tasks. In addition, you can also create named groups to add sticky notes

Choose your image or any other background which you like and set it as the wall. Moreover, you have a home page where you can come back and resume where you left. For instance, the wall infinitely grows according to the number of notes you added. Zoom in and zoom out, set colors for each group and sticky note, and create and save projects with this easy-to-use sticky notes window.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Create multiple walls
  • Add multiple tasks in creative way


  • Occasional bugs
  • Color and font option do not work sometimes

Key Features: Create and save projects | Add multiple walls | Create named groups to add sticky notes to | Set colors for each group

Download: Sticky Note Canvas (Free)

You know the importance of keeping track of your daily activities. You can digitalize your notes with the cool sticky notes for Windows 10. There are apps that even let you write on it without using the keyboard. Go on and install the sticky notes app and try and enjoy the benefits. Do let us know which of the desktop sticky notes worked the best for you.


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