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How to Clear Watch History on Netflix and Hide ‘Continue Watching’ from Everyone

Are you sharing your Netflix account with your friends or family members? They can find what movies or TV shows you are streaming from the Continue Watching in Netflix. If you don’t want others to learn about the content you watch on Netflix, you can delete the Netflix watch history very easily.

Let’s find out how to clear Netflix watch history from your account.

Clear Netflix Watch History on PC and Mac

Whether you stream on your phone or PC, anyone who signs into your account can see your watch history from Continue Watching on Netflix. As long as there is no “private watching” on Netflix, the only way is to delete Netflix’s recently watched activity. Now, let’s see how to clear the Netflix watch history from your computer.

Open any browser on your computer and navigate to the Netflix website.

Click the Sign In button on the right and log in with your credentials.

netflix signin option

After logging in, you will be shown the names of all Netflix profiles created using that account. Go ahead and click on the profile name for which you need to clear the viewing history.

netflix profiles display

In the Home screen for your profile, move your mouse over the small drop-down arrow displayed on the top right and click Account.

netflix profile options

Here, in the Account Settings screen, scroll down to find the section titled Profile & parental controls and click on your profile name.

netflix profile and parental controls

Then, a drop-down list will appear on your screen. In that, click the View against Viewing activity.

netflix viewing activity

Now, you will see a list of all the movies and TV shows you have watched on Netflix. To delete a particular title, click the crossed-out circle icon displayed next to the name of the movie or TV Show.

netflix delete viewing history

After clicking the Hide option, you will see the success message as shown below.

netflix delete history success

If the title is an episode of a TV series, then you will see the option “Hide series?“. On clicking that option, all the episodes of that TV series will be deleted from the Netflix viewing history.

netflix delete tv series

Once you delete a particular title from the history, it will not be displayed in your Netflix profile. Of course, if you watch the title again, it will then get added to the list.

Instead of deleting selected titles, if you want to delete the entire watch history of your Netflix profile, then scroll down the page to the end and click the Hide all option.

netflix delete entire watch history

Now, a confirmation window will pop up on your screen. If you decide to clear your entire viewing history, then click on the Yes option.

netflix clear entire viewing history

Do remember that if you click the Yes option, you will not be able to restore your Netflix watch history back anymore.

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Clear Netflix Viewing History on iPhone

Are you using your iPhone to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix? Unfortunately, Netflix mobile app doesn’t have an option to delete watch history. However, you can open Safari or any browser on your iPhone and navigate to the Netflix website to delete the viewing history.

netflix account settings iphone

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Clear Netflix Viewing History on Android

Well, the Android version of the Netflix app is similar to the iPhone version; you cannot delete the viewing history inside the app. If you tried to view the Account Settings in the app, you will be automatically redirected to the Netflix website in the default browser on your phone.

We hope that this method will help to protect your privacy by hiding your Netflix streaming activity especially if you are sharing your Netflix account with others.

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