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Laifen Swift High-Speed Bladeless Hairdryer: A Futuristic Hairdryer That Cares for Your Hair

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Hairdryers seem like no-brainer gadgets for some, but for those who use them, a lot of things matter. Drying speed, temperature control, and safety are major concerns while using Hairdryers and Laifen seemed to have fixed most of them with their affordable bladeless hairdryer – Laifen Swift.

After using it for a while, here are our thoughts on the Laifen-made high-speed hairdryer.

Laifen Swift High-Speed Hairdryer: Overview

Having a jet engine for a hairdryer seems kind of daunting, doesn’t it? Well, with a brushless motor with a rotational speed of about 110,000 rpm, that is exactly what you get with this Laifen hairdryer. This fan speed is quite above the par while comparing to the 20,000 to 30,000 rpm on conventional hairdryers. Do not be alarmed though, All this speed is not for show nor is it dangerous to use. This hairdryer is by far one of the safest hairdryers we used to date.

Laifen Swift Hairdryer Cool Mode

While traditional hairdryers are known for screeching at you while working, the Laifen hairdryer does the opposite, it is so quiet that all you’ll be able to hear is the wind and nothing more. In order to reduce static electricity build-up and to avoid frizzy hair, this hairdryer releases negative ions that absorb water molecules and keeps your hair nice, soft, and shiny.

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Design and Build Quality

The Laifen Swift hairdryer comes with packaging that is very neat and minimalistic, reminiscent of Apple products. The dryer has a highly ergonomic design that makes it easier to hold on to it. This hairdryer weighs less than a pound (0.9 lbs) and is ridiculously compact for its performance.

Laifen Swift Hairdryer Bathroom

It is 10.9 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 2.76 inches deep, making this hairdryer around 60% slimmer and 75% lighter than traditional hairdryers. The high-speed hairdryer also comes with a 5.9ft long cord so you dry and style your hair with ease.

Laifen Swift Bladeless Hairdryer LED Indicators
Laifen Swift Hairdryer Heat/Cool Modes

The back of this hairdryer houses an LED ring light that turns red, yellow, or blue depending on the temperature settings. The hairdryer has an inner filter at the bottom that filters out dust and dirt while also preventing hair from being sucked inside the dryer accidentally.

Laifen Swift Hairdryer Candle

There are only 2 buttons on the hairdryer and their function includes: Turning the dryer on/off, changing the speed of the hair flow, and changing the modes on the hairdryer. You can also press and hold the button to turn on the circulating mode for alternating between each mode.

Laifen Swift Hairdryer Buttons
Laifen Swift Hairdryer Nozzle

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Laifen Swift Hairdryer: Features

As we discussed above, the Laifen Swift is no ordinary hairdryer, starting from its looks. The interesting bladeless design makes it look safer than any other hairdryer, along with its adaptive temperature control that will not burn your hair. We had our hands on the best features of Laifen Swift and here are they.

Laifen Swift Hairdryer Heat Mode

Fast Drying

Laifen Swift bladeless hairdryer is six times faster than your average hairdryer, which will dry your wet hair in 5 minutes or less. The powerful wind blowing out of the Swift is truly powerful. This hairdryer achieves that by utilizing its ultra-fast high-speed brushless motor which rotates at roughly 110,000 times per minute and delivers airflow at 22m/s. This along with their air multiplier technology provides high speeds and a super high air volume of 13L/s.

Silent Working

Being this fast does not mean being a noisy hairdryer. There are powerful hairdryers that sound like an engine, but this one isn’t. Laifen comes with advanced noise reduction technologies like air tube design optimization and dynamic balance correction. This makes the Swift a super silent hairdryer that works at 59db, cutting the noise by almost half when compared to a traditional hairdryer.

Negative Ions Emitting

Around 200 million high concentration negative ions are released from the hairdryer in an effort to stop frizzy hair which is caused due to static build-up. The result leaves you with hair that is shinier, smoother, and less frizzy than regular traditional hairdryers.

Temperature Control

Most traditional hairdryers have hardly any temperature controls. You either have to put it to lower temperature or higher temperature; there’s no in-between. The hairdryer from Laifen has a built-in smart thermal sensor control system. The temperature is measured and regulated 100 times per second and thereby protecting your hair from extreme heat and a burning scalp.

Laifen Swift Hairdryer Buttons

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Magnet-attached Nozzles

Laifen Swift Bladeless Hairdryer Magnetic Nozzle Attaching
Magnetic tip for attaching nozzles

Easily attachable nozzles that are magnetic means taking apart and connecting different nozzles are child’s play. Different nozzles are available for different kinds of hair and different styles of hair as well.

Auto Cut-off

Safety is one of the prime concerns for Laifen. This bladeless hairdryer comes equipped with a GFCI Plug that automatically cuts off the power directly at the outlet when it detects an electrical fault, essentially preventing electrocution.

Laifen Swift Hairdryer Filter

Safety Filters

Hairdryers pull in air from the bottom and eject it out the top. In, most cases, if the air duct is too wide and hair is sucked into it, this can cause accidents and potential injuries. Well, not with the Laifen Swift. As there are no visible blades, the air ducts are safeguarded with a 0.2mm magnetic filter. This prevents hair from entering the air duct and causing damage.

Laifen Swift Bladeless Hairdryer Filter
Bottom Filters on Laifen Swift hairdryer

LED Indicator

The LED ring behind the hairdryer indicates the airflow temperature based on 3 different colors- red, yellow, and blue. Red indicates hot air which is around 80°C while yellow indicates a little more moderate temperature of around 50°C and blue indicates a cool 20°C.

Light and Compact

Weighing less than a pound, this slim and small hairdryer can fit in a purse. Lightweight also means that even kids can handle this hairdryer with ease.

Laifen Swift Hairdryer Cool Mode

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Pros and Cons

Laifen Swift surely looks as if it is from the future. The powerful windblown and smart temperature control makes it an essential buy for those with long hair. Although it has a groundbreaking tech and usability, there are a few things we mainly liked and disliked about Laifen Swift bladeless hairdryer.

What we liked:

  • Noiseless brushless motor
  • Good airflow
  • Magnetic nozzles
  • Smart thermal control system

What we disliked:

  • Only 2-button function
  • Silicon grips might be good
  • Expensive than conventional hairdryers

Key Features: Bladeless design | 110000 RPM brushless motor | LED indicators | 59dB noise level | Strong airflow | Magnetic nozzles | 200 million negative ions | Magnetic Filter | GFCI Plug

What’s in the Box

The high-speed hairdryer by Laifen comes in a package that includes one detachable magnetic nozzle. Laifen provides 3 different nozzles with a higher-priced option, but what we have here has only one. Let’s see what else you get with the Laifen Swift hairdryer;

  • 1x Laifen high-speed swift hairdryer
  • 1x 1.8m Long cord
  • 1x GFCI plug (spare)
  • 1x Magnetic detachable nozzle
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x QC card

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Pricing and Availability

This amazingly fast and efficient hairdryer from Laifen works flawlessly and safely to both protect and style your hair. You will of course find some cheaper, regular hairdryers at around $50. But the Laifen Swift is more than that and definitely worth a shot even at . You can buy the Laifen hairdryer from Amazon or Laifen’s Official Website in all available colors.

Final Thoughts

Laifen Swift High-Speed Hairdryer is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best bladeless hairdryers you can get. Its compact and user-friendly design, paired with outstanding state-of-the-art technology makes this all the more desirable. The LED backlights not only add to the fashion but also function as an indicator of multiple modes.

For an average person like me, the major downside is the pricing. The fact that I’d have to pay over $150 for a hairdryer did not sound great until I started using this bladeless hairdryer. You get a quiet operation with this lightweight bladeless hairdryer compared to the expensive counterparts from other brands.


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