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How to Limit Comments on Instagram Posts to Avoid Spamming and Bullying

Instagram is no safe place if you do not want to see any harassment or bullying. If your public profile is open for everyone to see, anybody can comment on your posts that may be arrogant or relevant. If you want to avoid such spammers or cyberbullies from your Instagram posts, you should limit comments on your Instagram posts.

Let’s see how we can limit comments on Instagram posts and approve them manually.

Limit Comments on Instagram Posts

One way to avoid any kind of Instagram bullying is to stop others from adding you to groups on Instagram. Also, you can avoid people from directly posting comments on your pictures or videos. By limiting the comments, you can manually approve which comments can appear in your post and delete the unnecessary ones.

To limit comments on Instagram, go to your Instagram profile and tap the menu button at the top.

Open Instagram App Menu

From the menu, go to Settings.

Go to Instagram Settings

Select “Privacy” from the Instagram settings.

Go to Instagram Privacy Settings

Under “Interaction” choose the “Limits” option.

Comment Limits Settings on Instagram

Tap Continue on the next screen.

Continue for Instagram Comment Limits

Here you can choose whose comments you want to limit. You can limit comments from people who are not following you and your recent followers.

Set Who To Limit for Instagram Comments

Next, choose the time limit you want to limit the comments on your Instagram. The time limit is set to 1 week by default. You can change the limit from 1 day to 4 weeks. Once the time limit reaches, Instagram will notify you about the comment limits and it will not turn off the option on its own.

Instagram Comment Limits Time Limit

Now tap the “Turn On” button at the bottom to enable comment limits on Instagram.

Turn On Comment Limits on Instagram Posts

Once the comment limits are on, people who don’t follow or the recent followers cannot directly comment on your posts. You have to manually approve the comments in order to show them.

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See Hidden/Limited Comments on Instagram

Unlike the normal comments on Instagram, you will not get any notifications about limited comments on your posts. When someone limited comments, you have to go to a post and manually check for all the hidden comments.

To see all the limited comments, go to your profile and open the post first. Then tap on the See all comments option below.

View All Comments in Instagram Post

When the comment screen expands, tap the three-dots menu button at the top-right corner.

Instagram Comments Options

Choose limited comments from the popped-up menu.

See Limited Comments on Instagram Post

There you will see all the pending limited comments awaits your approval. You can either approve or delete a limited comment for your post.

Approve or Delete Limited Comments in Instagram

If you cannot see the “Limited Comments” option in the menu, that means you do not have any pending limited comments to manage.

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FAQ: Instagram Limit Comments

What does comments have been limited mean on Instagram?

When someone limits who can comment on their posts, you will get this message that “Comments have been limited.”

How to limit comments on Instagram?

You can set comment limits on Instagram for non-followers and new followers to avoid any harassment or bullying.

Unnecessary comments with unsolicited words or harassment are big problems across Instagram and Facebook. With the new Instagram comment limits, you can set who can comment on your posts. Plis, there is an additional feature that lets yo block comments with certain words in it.

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