Best Mac Weather Apps that you Must have on Desktop

Last Updated: September 28, 2017
Best Mac Weather Apps

Get updated weather information right from your Mac Menu bar with these Mac weather app. With these advanced weather forecast apps, you can plan your trips ahead. We depend on Google search to check the weather.

Now you can get updated weather information right from the Mac menu bar. These Mac weather apps are feature rich and give a lot of information compared to Google search. These weather apps can give 3-7 days advanced weather information, sunrise and sunset time, more over, and you can set attractive backgrounds and theme on these Mac Weather Apps.

Look for the best Mac weather app from the list and have a profound Mac weather in the menu bar.

Weather Dock:

3 Days Forecast in free version |Key Features: Weather Info from Weather Underground, Imperial or Metric Units and Changeable weather conditions text color |Download: Mac App Store

With the help of Weather Dock, you can easily put the weather forecasts right on the Mac screen. The Mac weather app comes in two versions, free and premium $2.99 versions. Weather Dock inherits an animated dock icon showing current weather with a symbol along the temperature.

Weather Dock

The animation speed of this weather app is adjustable, and one can set it on slow, normal or fast. This weather dock app lets you know the weather conditions right from the dock for three days in advance in free versions.

Weather Live:

7 Days Forecast |Key Features: Tells Moonrise, Moonset as well as Sunrise and Sunset time, Day and Night Time Modes, Circle View of details |Download: Mac App Store

Weather Live is the perfect choice for people who want an elegant weather app on Mac. This Mac weather app provides gorgeous moving images on the weather app interface. The ticker of this app automatically alerts about the severe changes in weather. You have the option to display the simple weather information or the details information if you required.

Weather Live

With this gorgeous Mac weather app, you can easily view the pressure in inches, mm or mbar. In addition to the temperature information, you can get wind chill info, sunrise time, etc. You can set multiple cities and navigate between these cities with one touch on this Mac weaher app.


5 Days Forecast |Key Features: Multi-platform location sync feature, Share the forecasts on many social media sites and Gives Weather update of more than 65 countries |Download: Mac App Store

The main aim of Swackett is to provide a fun and fresh weather detail experience. Giving a whole new look on the weather, the Mac weather app simplifies the complex weather raw data. You can easily see hourly forecasts for the upcoming 24 hours and daily forecasts for the next 5 days.


With this weather app, you get to know real feel temperature and dew point easily right from the menu bar. This weather app also contains attentively crafted symbols of people named peeps to give a better preview of the prevailing weather conditions. Swackett comes with ministry apparel edition to give perfect weather look advices.

Weather HD:

3 Days Forecast in Free version |Key Features:  Gives Weather Forecasts for more than 140,000 places, Quickmenu toolbar for quick access to weather and Attractive Backgrounds for users |Download: Mac App Store

Weather HD is known as one of the best weather app for Mac. The app shows you animated weather wallpaper matching with current weather conditions. You can easily adjust the desktop weather widget and select the attractive one among the offered five styles. You can save more than one locations according to your preference to know instantly the prevailing weather conditions in different cities.

Weather HD

This Mac app for weather automatically detects the primary location of the user. The weather reports are automatically refreshed after every 60 minutes. Rainfall information and accurate weather data comes from the reliable sources of Weather Underground. You can set the units from Fahrenheit to Celsius and mph or kmh based on your location.

Forecast Bar:

6 Days Forecast |Key Features: Allows to check weather conditions of past and future, Updating on minute basis to give correct precipitation report, Automatic sync of locations and settings to iCloud |Download: Mac App Store

Using, Forecast Bar is a simple yet feature packed Mac weather app. Inheriting a bunch of customizable settings, you can customize this app interface. The weather report is available in more than 17 languages. This app comes with visibility reading and UV index to give advanced notification on a sunny day, which helps you to plan your family beach day.

Forecast Bar

In addition to these weather features, you can store unlimited weather locations and easily switch among them. Mac weather in menu bar comes with full support for light and dark menu bar modes. Boasting notification forwarding feature let you forward the notifications to your iPhone and iPad.


7 Days Forecast |Key Features: Gives forecasts for about 2.6 million+ locations, Check through traffic cameras and Live weather map with inserted locations |Download: Mac App Store

WeatherBug is the simple weather app on the Mac Apple store. This simple weather app gives all the detailed weather information straight on your menu bar. This app lets you know the real time weather conditions through the app. The app gathers the info from 10,000+ professional weather stations in a lighting fast speed and displays on your Mac desktop.


This WeatherBug app alerts you Dangerous Thunderstorms Alerts and gets instant notifications on severe weather conditions. This weather app is one of the simple weather app for Mac that brings you the simple weather interface and feature rich tools.

Weather 5 Days:

5 Days Forecast |Key Features: Hourly Weather for 5 days, Uses the weather data from best weather models and Great geolocation support |Download: Mac App Store

Weather 5 Days is a free weather app allowing you to get a detailed weather data. This weather app provides hourly forecast for the next 24 hours and daily forecast for 5 days. This app aligned all the weather information like temperature, humidity, cloud cover, visibility, wind speed, and direction, etc. in a proper way to read.

Weather 5 Days

The user can easily create and browse the locations that you like and prefer to show whenever you need. This app gives minimal customization options that provide easy control to the user.

Weather Widget: Desktop forecast

3 Days Forecast |Key Features: Option to Change the Opacity, Start at Login option and Provides 3-day 2-hourly forecast |Download: Mac App Store

Minimalist and always ready to use are the elements that clearly define Weather Widget: Desktop forecast Pro. There are wide offerings of widget design options to help the person to choose the best looking one. You can place your widget anywhere you want by dragging the app from one location to another. Through the hot corner functionality, the widget reveals itself on its own by moving the mouse over a defined corner.

Weather Widget Desktop forecast

Dock icon appearance is customizable and it can be set to show only temperature or forecast. Switch between locations simply by drop down menu available for locations. Just one click on menu bar shows a detailed forecast in drop down format.

When you search for the best weather app for Mac on the store about 50 apps, come in front of you. Sometimes you may want detailed weather information rather than the basic information. Choosing a Mac weather app is important to have in order to know about the prevailing weather conditions. With these weather apps for Mac, you get more control and features to find out more than a just weather report.


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