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How to Check Usage Report Online of BSNL Landline & Broadband

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Don’t need to worry about your BSNL bill anymore. You can closely watch and control your BSNL Landline expenditure by knowing the total usage of calls in Current month.You can see how many calls you have made in the current month with your landline and internet usage by following this “How to Check Usage Report Online of BSNL Landline & Broadband” post.

Update: BSNL introduced updated self-care portal and you can see the new menu here.

Login BSNL self-care portal with the registered user id and password. If you haven’t registered yet, please check here for the step by step instruction to create your own user account. Click on your account number and it will show the available services as shown below.bsnl online usage new

Landline Usage

In the listed services, click on the “Landline Cumulative Unbilled Usage” option under “My Usage”. Fill out the details as your Phone number, From Date, To date in the form and Click on “Go”.

usage menu details

The total calls you have made in the month will be displayed. You can use this service in the entire month to know how much calls you have made during the period.

bsnl online usage report pic4Broadband usage

For broadband usage, click on “Broadband Usage”.usage bb details

Now click on “Cumulative Unbilled Usage” to check present total usage. Again fill out the form with the Phone no., From date and To date and click on “Go”

usage bb details

You can see how much data usage you had in the current month.

bsnl online usage report pic6

If you want to see the complete history of your BSNL landline and broadband in the previous months, the please check here for the previous Landline usage. If you are a broad band user you can check here for previous Broadband usage. Now this facility is available in the My BSNL App in Android, iOS and Windows devices. To see how to get the report in My BSNL App, check “get-bsnl-usage-summary-quickly-in-bsnl-app” here.

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The usage control of your landline and broadband is in your hands only.

Check the usage regularly and you can control your expenditure on calls and internet usage with BSNL landline & broadband.

Don’t forget to ensure that the free calls are utilized fully during the month as the usage showing here is total calls without deducting the free usage calls.


  1. Timely suggestions ! I loved the facts – Does someone know if my assistant would be able to locate a template ATF 6 (5330.3A) Part 1 version to type on ?

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