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How to Turn Off or Restart Android Phone Without Power Button

The power button on your phone can stop working for a number of reasons, including an accidental drop or even a manufacturing defect. It is possible that the power button on your smartphone or tablet will stop working after several years of regular use. Get the power button fixed by a service provider is the best option. As an alternative to pressing the power button, you can use one of the following methods to restart or turn off your phone.

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Turn Off Android Phone Without Power button

Android phones have tons of ways to turn off or restart the device in case the power button stops working. Most Android phones have inbuit accessibility and power menu options to assist in cases like this. Unlike on iPhones, you may not find Shut Down option from Settings on Android phones.

Access Power Options from Accessibility Menu

All Android devices come preloaded with a set of Accessibility options that can be used by those who are physically or visually handicapped. If you enable this menu, you will either get a floating menu icon or a shortcut to Accessibility that will appear in the nav bar of your Android phone.

Simply touching the icon for the Accessibility menu will give you access to a variety of shortcuts, including those for launching Google Assistant, Recent apps, Power Options, Screenshots, and many more.

On most Android phones, you can enable Accessibility options from Settings > Additional Settings.

You will also get access to the option to turn off your phone without having to use the physical power button.

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy phone, enable the Assistant menu instead. For that;

  1. Go to Settings, then select Interaction and dexterity.
  2. Toggle on the option from the screen and go back to save the changes.
  3. You will now see a foating button on your screen. To reach the Power off menu, all you need to do is tap on the floating Assistant menu symbol.

You will no longer need to press the Power button in order to turn off your Samsung Galaxy phone. This also les you restart or shutdown your phone without power button.

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Turn Off Android Phone with ADB Commands

In case you cannot enable the accessibility options, or cannot ind a power off function anywhere, you can force your phone to restart or turn off using ADB commands.

A computer is required in order for you to push ADB commands to your Android phone. One more thing, you need to make sure that the USB debugging option is turned on from the Developer Options. Let’s have a look at how to turn off an Android phone if you don’t have access to the Power button or the volume button.

  1. Download the ADB drivers for your smartphone onto your PC.
  2. Start the Command Prompt on your Windows computer.
  3. Use a USB cable to connect your smartphone to the computer. Make sure the cable is capable of data transfer and not just charging.
  4. Enter the following commands to check if your phone is connected properly: adb devices. You should see your phone’s model number once the command is executed.
  5. To restart your Android phone, run the following ADB command: adb shell reboot. Without pressing the Power button, your Android phone will automatically reboot.

Using the ADB option, you can turn off your phone even if the touchscreen is broken. If you just want to power off your phone instead of restarting, add a “-p” at the end of the above command and hit enter.

Schedule Power On/Off on Your Android Phone

Setting a scheduled power-off and on-time on your Android device is still another alternative to using the physical power button. Many Anroid phones ahve scheduled power on/off options so that you can keep your phone off during a certain period of day.

In case the power button on your phone is on the fritz, you can schedule your phone to turn off and on in a short interval so that your phone does the job automatically. Let’s see how to use scheduled power on/off to shut down or restart your phone without a physical power button;

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Android and search for “schedule.”
  2. Select “Schedule Power On/Off” from the results.
  3. Here you can set a time you want your Android phone to turn on or off automatically.

You can mostly set scheduled switch on or off for 1 minute ahead and a maximum of up to 24 hours. If you set scheduled power off to restart your phone and forget about the setting, your phone will restart itself same time every day. To prevent that, make sure you reset the timing on the Scheduled power on/off option.

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Remap the Power Button Function to Other Buttons

Your phone likey has at least three buttons on the side – one for power/lock, and two volume rockers. As the power button stopped working, you can remap its functionality to any of the side buttons, say volume up or down. There are a large number of apps available in the Play Store to remap the power button.

You need not activate the Power button in order to take advantage of the benefits of another button (which is working properly). You will need to follow the steps to remap the power button on your Android phone;

  1. Install the app on your Android device: Power Button to Volume Button.
  2. You need to make sure that the ‘boot‘ and ‘screen off‘ options are selected.
  3. As a last step, you’ll need to give the app the device admin rights it needs to run.
  4. After the successful completion of the setup, you can easily turn off your phone by pressing the volume buttons to display the power menu.

Remember that once you enable this app, your volume buttons become nearly useless for changing music volume. Also, you have to keep the app running in background which will affect your battery life as well.

FAQ: Turn Off Android Without Power Button

How do I force shutdown my Android phone?

Keep pressing and holding the Power button on your Android device while also pressing and holding the Volume Down key for at least five seconds or until the screen goes black. Let go of the buttons when the screen comes back on. A blank screen with a list of text input choices will appear rather than the typical welcome screen.

Why can’t I shutdown my phone?

Pressing down the power button and the volume-up key until the screen goes dark can turn off many Android phones. Press the power button on the smartphone for a few seconds to restart it. If the button for increasing the volume does not work, try the button for decreasing the volume instead.

How do I turn on my phone if the power button is broken?

Keep pressing the volume down key as you connect your phone to your computer with the USB cable. Keep holding down the volume button until a boot menu appears on the screen. From there you can select to turn on the phone using volume buttons.

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