Top 7 Android Secure Messaging Apps


Not all people knows about Android secure messaging app. Everyone communicates with their other people through messaging apps. However, not all the users experience the much needed privacy in their chats.

Messaging is the preferred and easy method of communication for most of us. Every individual will text first of all than calling someone at the moment whether it is day or night. On a daily basis, a large amount of data is shared, downloaded and sent through the well-known messaging apps.

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The truth is cruel. All things considered, we can keep our privacy undamaged through Android secure messaging apps. The secure messaging apps come with end-to-end encryption and data protection. Because of, an increase in the use of secure messaging apps, the expansion of such apps has doubled.

With secure messaging apps, the people are able to make private chats and exchange secure information. We all live in the time where all are activities are seen and our information is always under scrutiny that can be used for anything.

No messaging app comes with fail-safe and has concerns about privacy. Check out these Android secure messaging apps for safe and private chats.


Not long ago, WhatsApp introduced end-to-end encryption to their users. The popular instant messaging application has a user base of 1 billion plus. The new security options give more protection to them. WhatsApp has made the security and privacy features in their latest versions.

whatsappInstead of saving the messages, the Android securing messaging app just see that the sender and receiver read their conversations only. Each message has its own unique lock and key. Because of this, the messages is viewable only to you and the recipient. A user can check that the calls and conversation done are end-to-end encrypted or not. Each chat has its own security code for verification and valuation of encryption.


Telegram arrived in the market with stress on security features. It was endorsed the app as the best Android secure messaging app. Having over 100 million active users in just two and half years with all the features of instant messaging. The data is as well as can be synced on all your devices.

telegramThe encryption of the app is fast and efficient. It changes every week or instantly after 100 messages for forward secrecy. If your phone is under the hacking process or the encryption keys are in wrong hands. The messages not existing cannot be decrypted. The app uses 256-bit symmetric AES encryption for security.

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Viber allows the people to connect freely with others that come in their 800 million-user base. This Android secure messaging app is free and devoted to security and privacy of the user. The users of the app are marked with icon of purple color, which on tapping gives the option to make calls.

viberIn their latest encryption technology, the user can access encrypted chats on all platforms – Mac, PC, iOS and Android. Viber also offers hidden chat feature to hide some specific conversations. Users can manually confirm the contacts shown by a padlock of green color. This messaging app is secure and even the viber developers cannot read your chat message.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal is a unique messaging application, free and open source app that serves as an alternative of SMS. Former NSA agent Edward Snowden highly recommends it and uses it mostly. The code of the app is available for independent evaluation. It is there for checking the presence of backdoors and nasty items.

signal-privateAn advanced end-to-end encryption protocol is present in app. The app stores just the time at which users last connected to their servers. There is no sort of backing up procedure present in Signal like other apps. ZRTP, a quite known and tested protocol is present for secure voice communication. This protocol allows you to talk privately whenever you want to.


BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is in the market up to the present time of IM apps and is in the heart of the masses. It brings the moment all together through instant chats, voice calls and more. You can confidently send and receive messages on the app to keep the work flowing. Through BBM, connect with anyone and anywhere free.

bbmThe way of communicating on app is way more secure than normal unencrypted e-mail. As due to, the movement of messages not over internet, but on a path that is specific for them. Pushing security always out in front. The app uses PIN messages to give way for exchange of messages. This Android secure messaging app uses Triple Data Encryption Standard (Triple DES).

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Launched in 2012, the Android secure messaging app works on the lines of Snapchat. It deletes your messages and data after a period from its servers. It is not an open source app and not discloses its privacy policy. For this reason, you can only make chat groups of maximum 10 people in the app. Generally, the app starts operating in sixty seconds. It needs negligible information to function.

wickr-messengerWickr uses standard AES256 encryption for securing the data of users. It forensically erases all the data on their servers and the ID of user is unknown to everyone. The users can set their own expiration time on all the messaging data. In fact, from the first message, the level of privacy is felt in hands.


ChatSecure is an application made for the people who have an aptitude towards security. It is an open source application ensuring total privacy in messages. The company states that the app is uniquely safe when using the app with security in mind.

chatsecureThe app works perfectly works on platforms supporting OTR and XMPP. ChatSecure uses Tor for bypassing the restraining firewalls. You can connect to your own server for extra security.

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Generally speaking, out of every Android secure management app is not able to satisfy every privacy necessity of the user. Surely, there are a number of apps to converse and end-to-end encryption is customary. In the final analysis, the apps present above over give something more than the standard requirements. All things considered, a little privacy is not bad.

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