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Car Dash Cams: A Buying Guide and Best Dash Cams for All

When you search for a Dash Camera, there is a huge range of car dash cameras are available in the market cost from $20.00 onwards. However, to select the best dash cam out of this huge list, you must know about Dash Cams and the essential features. Dash Cams are coming with wide recording angle and HD Video quality that can support memory card from 16GB to 256GB in size. There is no reason to make a huge investment on Dash Cams for optional features those are irrelevant for the dash cam users most of the time.

To help the dash cam buyers, we listed all-important Dash Cam Features and Best Dash Cams that will be helpful for a new Dash Cam Buyer.

Best GPS Dash Cams

In today’s busy world where accidents are common, insurance lawsuits are a hassle; it may be a good idea to have a GPS Dash Cam installed in your car. A dash cam with GPS will help you to have some legal video evidence proof of an accident. As you know, after you involved in a bad accident, the speed of the vehicle is a crucial point for law enforcement authorities to ticket you. When you drive at a legal speed, the best dash cam with GPS can prove your innocence, in those nasty incidents without any arguments. Please see the list of Best GPS Dash Cams available.

Best Dual Dash Cams for Cars, Taxis, and Uber

Dual Dash Cam is into the next level that can record both front and rear street view simultaneously while you drive. Dual lens Dash cam has both front and rear dash cams, both can record video footage at the same time and record into the SD card. For dual lens dash cams, the front camera is usually attached to the device and the rear camera is coming as attached to the main unit or separate based on the model. The separate rear camera is ideal for recording the back traffic of the vehicle and also can be used as a backup camera. The built-in rear camera models are used for inside vehicle footages, ideal for Uber, Lyft or Taxi drivers.

Budget Dash Cam ($25-$200)

There is a wide range of Dashcams available that cost from $25 to $200. The price depends on the features, brand and the additional functions like dual dashcam, GPS tracking, parking mode etc. Here you can see best Budget Dash Cam in All Price Ranges from $25-$200.

Dash Cam SD Card

Dash Cam Memory Card supports Micro SD cards and size 32GB to 256GB in size. However, 128GB cards are still expensive while considering per GB price and your best bet will be a 64GB Micro SD. Since Dash Cams memory cards will be overwritten numerous times with loop recording technology, larger size memory card can reduce the number of the write cycle. For Dash Cam memory cards, MLC (multi-level cell) cards over TLC (triple-level-cell) for more durability. Since Dash Cam Memory Cards are using for Video recording that demands more writing speed. Please see the best Class 10 or UHS-I U1 Dash Cam Memory Cards.

Convert Android Tablet into Dash Cam

You can turn your Android tablet into a dash cam. We all take our Android device along when going out for a ride anywhere and with other features; it can be used to perform dash cam duties. You don’t have to spend a single penny if there is an old and unused tablet already present in the house. It is a great option than spending a few hundred dollars on the dash cam, as the Android tablet has a camera also the much-needed GPS for your aid. Have a look at this workaround to see how to convert Android tablet into a Dash Cam.

Car Dash Buying Guide: Best Features

Dash cams are coming at an affordable price varies from $20 to $300 range based on the hardware and software features. These dash cams can automatically record live videos as long as you are on the road. It is crucial to select the right camera with the right specification and features based on your requirement and budget. Have a look at this essential features of a Car Dash Camera that you must aware.

Car Dash Cam Buying Guide: Optional Features

Please consider this article as a secondary buying guide for dash Camera, and most of these features described in this buying guide are optional and not mandatory. There is no need to spend money on these features and invest carefully. Please consider this as a secondary buying guide for dash Camera, and most of these features described in this buying guide are optional and not mandatory.

We hope this guide will help you to select the best dash camera for your car that matches your requirements without spending too much on this gadget.

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