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AirTag Tracking You? Here Best Android AirTag Finder Apps to Locate Tracking AirTags: Best Android BLE Scanner Apps

Do you think somebody is tracking you with Appel AirTag? Well, you can get an alert if you have an iPhone with you. What about Android users? It is possible that people can spy on you by planting AirTags in your bag, or any of your other belongings. If you are an Android user, you can neither get the benefits of AirTags nor get any alerts about any stalking AirTags.

There is no built-in tool to detect the tracking Airtga for Android users. You can easily detect an AirTag with Android phones using Android AirTag finder or Android BLE scanner apps. Apple released AirTag trackers for Android users recently. There are a few more apps on PlayStore to track AirTag that is tracking you.

Tracker Detect


Tracker Detect is the official Find My and AirTag tracking app from Apple for Android users. Once you install and open the app, you can scan for any nearby AirTags or Apple devices. Tracker Detect app, unlike other AirTag detectors, can accurately find the nearby tracking AirTags.

It shows the identified AirTags as “Unknown AirTag” if it is away from the owner and found tracking you. You can then play sound on the AirTag and find it quickly.


  • Official AirTag finder
  • Simple to use
  • Can play sound


  • Does not search for AirTags in the background

Key Features: Detect AirTags | Play sound | Works with Find My devices

Download: Tracker Detect (Free)

AirTag Detector PRO

AirTag Detector PROYou can easily detect a suspicious AirTag moving with you and other Bluetooth devices around you using AirTag Detector PRO. All you have to do is open this AirTag and Bluetooth scanner app and then you can find the devices around you. This will prevent the invasion of your privacy by AirTags. The Android AirTag finder app is really convenient, fast, and worth having.

This is the only AirTag scanner that shows the AirTags specifically around you. You can buy the app for $1.49 from Google Play Store. Through this app, you can also find other Apple devices including iPhone and MacBooks around you.


  • Easily detect AirTags
  • Good user interface
  • Finds out all hidden devices
  • The app works with precision and accuracy


  • Can’t install the app for free
  • Occasional bugs

Key Features: Detect AirTags | Scan and get details about BLE devices around | Convenient | Fast | Eay-to-use

Download: AirTag Detector PRO ($1.49)

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Here we are talking through some of the best Android BLE scanner apps that help you scan AirTags with Android phones. Before getting started, check out our guide to find AirTags using an Android device.


BLE Scanner

BLE ScannerBLE Scanner is one of the best Android apps that can scan nearby Bluetooth Low Energy devices like AirTags, iBeacon, and Eddystone devices. The Android BLE finder does an appreciable job in finding nearby AirTags using Radar view and unique device colors. It filters devices by name, MAC address, RSSI, and Service UUID.

If you suspect if someone stalks you, you can use the Android BLE Scanner to find out the hidden AirTag with you. The Android AirTag finder shows an RSSI value which shows how close you are to the connected device. The lower the number, the closer you are. You get the history of all detected AirTags, export history data as CSV format into SD card, and thereby explore characteristics of the connected devices.


  • You can detect in how much radius the device is
  • Best application to find wireless devices
  • Easy to use and works fine with lots of Bluetooth devices


  • The app doesn’t have a user-friendly interface
  • Unable to use BLE advertise functions
  • The radar view does not allow looking for a specific device

Key Features: Scan nearby BLE device like AirTags | Create custom peripheral advertiser mode | Customize Eddystone configuration | Health device showing heart rate, glucose | Radar view | Unique device colors | RSSI pool | Filter devices by Name, Mac address, RSSI, and Service UUID | History of discovered devices

Download: BLE Scanner (Free, Premium)


LightBlueLightBlue is a handy app to find your nearby BLE devices. This includes the nearby AirTags that are probably following you all along. In the case of a connected device, you get to see basic device info like the name, MAC address, and RSSI at a glance due to its simple user interface.

You can now detect a connected AirTag with Android phones in your hand. You will be notified the same if you have registered for it. Besides, the Bluetooth scanner enables you to browse the characteristics. Sometimes, you need to give location access for Android M and above in order for the app to show AirTags and other BLE devices.


  • Very easy to use
  • Find devices easily using distance feature
  • Ability to debug with embedded BLE firmware


  • Doesn’t show notifications
  • App hangs
  • Bluetooth devices can’t even be discovered by manufacturer
  • Problem with reading Characteristic User Descriptions

Key Features: Scan for AirTag and other BLE devices| See basic device info | Browse characteristics and services | Register for notifications | Write in hex or UTF-8 string format

Download: LightBlue (Free)

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Bluetooth LE Scanner

Bluetooth LE ScannerBluetooth LE Scanner will scan and give you details about Bnearby AirTag on Android phone. Being an Android BLE Scanner, the app scans AirTag on your phone in hand. It shows signal strength so that you can narrow down where to search.

The Bluetooth Scanner notifies you with distance indicators, say Near, Far, Immediate, or Unknown for iBeacons. Android AirTag finder also has a manufacturer data record parser for iBeacons. The Android AirTag finder app reveals information about the user’s location on discoverable devices for which you have to enable location in your Android phone.


  • Signal level helps to narrow down where to search
  • Simple, fast, and clear information
  • Fixed Pixel 3XL connect problems


  • App won’t scan without access to location permission
  • Premium version is expensive
  • Cannot scan coupled devices

Key Features: Android scans for AirTags | Simple running average RSSI reading | Manufacturer data record parser | Distance indicators | Parceable new object types

Download: Bluetooth LE Scanner (Free)

nRF Connect for Mobile

nRF Connect for MobilenRF Connect for Mobile is a key tool to scan for following AirTags with Android phones. The Android BLE scanner app also lets you advertise, and explore nearby BLE devices. It shows RSSI graphs, and you can export this in CSV or Excel format.

The Android AirTag detector app connects to BLE devices so that you detect AirTag with Android easily. You will be notified on detecting a conned device.


  • Really useful for analyzing devices
  • The best app when developing Bluetooth devices
  • Ease of use and practical functionality


  • Background task keeps running
  • Background task interferes with other BLE devices
  • App crashes when selecting file or DFU

Key Features: Detects AirTag | Parses advertisement data | Shows RSSI graph | Export to CSV & Excel formats | Discovers services and characteristics | Supports Reliable Write | Bluetooth LE advertising | GATT server configuration | Supports the Nordic UART service | Performs automated tests defined in XML file on BLE devices

Download: nRF Connect for Mobile (Free)

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Thingsup BLE Beacon Scanner and Logger

Thingsup BLE Beacon Scanner and LoggerThingsup BLE Beacon Scanner stands out from other Android BLE Scanner apps because of its facility to password protect its files. The Android AirTag finder app has a logger function for BLE, iBeacon, and Eddystone devices. Android AirTag finder easily detects AirTags with an Android phone in your hand.

The app is easy to use and you will have a seamless experience with lots of Bluetooth devices. You can export the list of detected AirTags and its data in password-protected Excel format. You can scan Thingsup BLE Sensors and get real-time values.


  • Get realtime values
  • Intuitive & flexible UI/UX
  • You can log BLE beacons data and send to MQTT


  • Confusing user interface

Key Features: AirTag Android app | Scan Thingsup BLE sensors | Get real-time values | Log nearby BLE packets and data | Password protected Excel Log file | Send data to MQTT Servers | Customize MQTT Topic and data

Download: Thingsup BLE Beacon Scanner and Logger (Free)

BLE Analyser

BLE AnalyserBLE Analyzer app for Android lets you find nearby AirTags and other BLE devices. You will be able to detect AirTag with Android in your hand easily by looking at the RSSI value which goes from a Minimum to a Maximum value.

The Android Bluetooth finder can now scan BLE devices like AirTags and generate graphs and charts as well. The app is easy to use and has different meter choices to view signal strength. Also, there is color coding that makes it easy to differentiate and track the connected device.


  • Scans BLE and generate graphs and charts
  • Easy to use
  • Diffrent meter choice


  • Requires location set to be on
  • Ads cannot be skipped or closed

Key Features: Android AirTag finder | Six modes | RSSI graph, guage, list | Average, Maximum, and Minimum RSSI | Auto-scale | Touch scaling or planning of graphs | 32-Bit Integers or Floats to Characteristics or Descriptors

Download: BLE Analyser (Free)

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Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner

Bluetooth 4.0 ScannerBluetooth Scanner 4.0 is a low-energy and classic scanner that can detect AirTag with Android phones in your hand. You can download details about the scanned AirTags in JSON or CSV format via email. The details include the device name, location, RSSI signal strength, MAC address, and MAC address vendor lookup about the detected BLE device.

If you are interested in finding out the extent of Bluetooth devices in and around your neighborhood, the Android BLE scanner can detect all those devices from AirTags to TV set-top boxes. The found devices will be instantly added to a web database, which is a function that can be disabled too. This is one of the Bluetooth scanners that detect the scanned device name and can locate devices using the signal power(dBW).


  • Helps finding Fitbit
  • Help locate iPhone which is in silent mode
  • Can locate using signal power(-dBW)


  • Works only if you make the band discoverable with Mi Fit
  • Collecting data and uploading it by default

Key Features: Email results | RSSI signal strength | Supports earthping.com project | Scanned data download in CSV and JSON format | Able to scan in Classic or Low Energy mode

Download: Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner (Free)

Beacon Scanner

Beacon ScannerThis is an incredible Android BLE Scanner for all Beacons. It can also detect Airtags with an Android phone with you. The Bluetooth scanner radar works well with all types of beacons like iBeacon, AltBeacon, Eddystone, or RuuviTag. Android AirTag finder shows the beacon address and manufacturer code.

The Bluetooth scanner looks into the RSSI and TX values to notify about a connected device. It also shows you the last seen of your beacon. For iBeacons and AltBeacons, the Android BLE Scanner shows UUID, Major, and Minor.


  • http end point logging
  • Write logs to google sheets via script api to monitor
  • Gives better measure of proximity


  • Colorful beacons not there in the latest update
  • Doesn’t detect tablet or BT headphones

Key Features: Find AirTag with Android | Approximation of distance | RSSI and TX values | Last seen of beacon | Display sveral frames | UUID, Major, Minor for iBeacons & AltBeacons | NamespaceID, TLM data, InstanceID for Eddystone | Air pressure, Temperature, Humidity for RuuviTag

Download: Beacon Scanner (Free)

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iBeacon & Bluetooth LE Scanner

iBeacon & Bluetooth LE ScannerYou can easily find iBeacons and other BLE devices like AirTags with your Android phone. The Bluetooth scanner device shows the distance of iBeacons which is calculated based on signal strength. You can know connected devices’ information like the name and address of it.

The Bluetooth Scanner has an indoor positioning system that helps your Android devices to determine their correct location or context. The distance shown is classified into three distinct ranges which are Immediate, Near, and Far.


  • Works well
  • Easily finds BLE devices


  • Not detecting some of the BLE devices

Key Features: Easily find BLE devices | Track signal strength | Estimated iBeacon distance | Find AirTag

Download: iBeacon & Bluetooth LE Scanner (Free)

These are the best Android BLE scanner apps to detect AirTags with Android. Try them out and make sure you are not being stalked by anyone with an AirTag. You also can scan other BLE devices using these Android AirTag finder apps and get information about them like device name, IP address, and so on. Do share your opinions with us about the apps you used and worked out for you.

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