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12 Best Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizers for iPhone and Android

Smartphones are now capable of shooting professional-quality videos. But the shaky videos are always a problem. Smartphone gimbal stabilizers can help you avoid this by stabilizing your phone while recording videos. You can shoot ultra-stabilized, high-quality videos using your Android or iPhone camera with gimbal stabilizers.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best and the trusted Gimbal Stabilisers for iPhones and Android smartphones. You can also find a quick comparison at the end.


DJI OM 4 (Osmo Mobile 4) is the latest smartphone stabilizer gimbal from the camera technology company. The 3-axis foldable smartphone gimbal stabilizer looks similar to its elder sibling Osmo Mobile 3, with some extra tweaks.

Motors are more stable and dynamic than ever in the Osmo Mobile series. Also, you get a magnetic clamp for a phone holder, which makes your jobs easy. You can attach the magnetic clamp separately on to your phone. You can easily stick it on to the gimbal and pull your phone with it quickly.

DJI OM 4 packs different varieties of features including DynamicZoom, which gives you a delusional dolly zoom effect as in Alfred Hitchcock movies.

DJI offers a lightweight experience with this 430g gimbal. It can carry your smartphone that weighs up to 290g. You get a 15 hours battery backup under optimal conditions on DJI Osmo Mobile 4.


  • Lightweight gimbal
  • Special features including dolly zoom
  • Magnetic detachable phone holder
  • Folding design
  • More stable motors


  • Limited hardware controls
  • Mimo app does not support live streaming

Key Features: 3-axis stabilization | Detachable Magnetic Holder design | Special effects modes | Foldable design | Gesture controls | Motion tracking | Quick switch between orientations

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DJI Osmo Mobile 3

The DJI Osmo 3 is the game changer when it comes to the gimbal stabilizers. It is the best when it comes to video stability. The new foldable design is the key feature that’s worth mentioning.

The foldable design suits the YouTubers and vloggers who are always on the lookout for innovative contents. The device is rather portable, sleek, and stylish. At 405g its one of the lightest ever. The compact design makes it easy to carry around.

With the DJI Mino app, you can access all sorts of preset actions, making it easy to capture stunning footage. The object-tracking feature allows you to get a panned footage of a moving object without much distortion.

The Osmo 3 can carry the smartphones that weigh up to 210g. That means it can work with almost all smartphones and iPhones with ease. But a thing to note is that it requires the iOS 10 or the Android 7.0 or above to work well.

Unlike other stabilizers, the Osmo 3 has the best-in-class pan, tilt, and roll capabilities. It comes with a rechargeable battery that offers up to 15 hours of battery life.


  • Cheers to the new folding design
  • Solid stabilization
  • Mimo companion app has lots of presets 
  • Charges your phone while shooting
  • Easy to flip between portrait and landscape modes


  • No live streaming option in the Mimo app
  • Inconsistencies between Android and iOS versions of the app

Key Features: 3 axis stabilization | Foldable design | 200 ± 30g Max payload | Works with DJI Mimo app | Bluetooth 5.0 | 2450 mAh internal battery | 15-hour battery life | 120°/s Max Controllable Speed

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Combo - 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer Vlog Youtuber Live...
  • Foldable Fun - The sleek, foldable design allows you to take Osmo Mobile 3 anywhere. This 3-axis...

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Zhiyun Smooth 4

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 is a handheld Gimbal stabilizer for your iPhones and Android smartphones. It suits people who love to make professionally sound videos, as well as vlogs. It comes with an integrated control panel and has a smooth dial to zoom and focus.

The device can respond to even the delicate movement without delay and optimizes your shots. Smooth 4 is one of the bulkiest Gimbal stabilizers and weighs 550g. There isn’t a foldable design and this makes it a bit of an issue while traveling.

Apart from that, Smooth 4 offers a max payload of 210g. This makes it easy to use with most of the new smartphones and iPhones out there. This iPhone Gimbal stabilizer comes with object tracking and PhoneGo mode for instant shots.

It can produce smooth shots and can track objects with ease. The pan and tilt capabilities are good and do well with vloggers. The ZY Play app that comes with the devices lets you take videos and poctures in different modes.

Some of the exclusive modes for Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal stabilizer includes hyper-lapse, motion lapse, object tracking, vertigo shots, roll-angle time-lapse, etc. Entering into the portrait shooting mode is a bit tricky, there is no one-button solution for it.

Moreover, with a battery life of 12 hours, this phone gimbal can support two-way charging. You can charge it via the portable power source. Meanwhile, the USB-C power outlet lets you charge your phone while shooting.


  • Great video stabilization
  • Great pricing and comes with all accessories
  • Two-way charging
  • decent battery life for the price


  • A bit on the heavier side 
  • Not so travel friendly

Key Features: 3 axis stabilization | Integrated control panel | 210g max payload | Object tracking | Phone Go Mode | Bluetooth 5.0 | ZY Play App for iOS and Android | Presets and filters | Rechargeable battery | USB C Charging | 12-hour battery backup | Two-way charging

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone iPhone Android Cell Phone 3-Axis Handheld...
  • 👍👍【Filmic Pro】The official APP for Smooth 4 is called ZY play. But Filmic Pro has best in...

Zhiyun Smooth Q2

The Zhiyun Smooth Q2 is a compact and one of the smallest gimbal stabilizer that you can get online. It is pretty compact and offers excellent video optimization for your iPhone and Android smartphone.

The smartphone stabilizer is around 200mm, roughly the size of the plus-size smartphones, and weighs 450g on the hand. This makes it easy for you to shoot footage single-handedly.

This iPhone Gimbal comes with pretty awesome presets and shooting modes. There is the motion lapse, timelapse, vertigo shot, object tracking, and many more. The Smooth Q2 supports a max payload of 260g.

There is a hardware control panel with most of the settings you need. It supports 360° rotation and offers all-day battery life. The gimbal comes with a rechargeable 4500 mAh battery. It gives you enough juice to last about 16 hours on a single full charge.


  • Lightweight and pretty compact
  • Charges over USB C
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Offers good battery life
  • Affordable 


  • Doesn’t handle fast pans well
  • Limited shooting options

Key features: 3 axis stabilization | Integrated control panel | Bluetooth 5.0 | 260g max payload | Object tracking | Multi mode | Supports 3rd party apps | Presets and filters | Rechargable 4500mAh battery | USB C Charging | 16 hour battery backup |

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Hohem iSteady Mobile+

The Hohem iSteady Mobile+ is a 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal that offers decent video optimization. It can hold your phone in landscape or portrait mode. There is a control panel rich with necessary buttons on the handle to start and stop recording and to move the phone to the perfect angle manually.

The iSteady Mobile+ is about 12” long and weigh 495g. This makes it pretty awesome to shoot on the go single-handedly. There are two LEDs at the top of the handle that shows the status of Bluetooth and the Gimbal mode.

The Mobile+ can support a max payload of 280g. This smartphone gimbal is built exclusively for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. But can work well with other iPhones and android devices too. What makes the gimbal an awesome tool is its companion app.

The Hohem Gimbal app lets you control, edit, and videos both on the gimbal as well as on the phone. Speaking of battery life, there are rechargeable Li-ion batteries that give you enough power to last up to 12 hours. There is also a USB A port that helps you charge your Smartphone when it is on the gimbal.


  • Offers good stabilization
  • Excellent battery life
  • Easy controls and integrated buttons on the front panel helps shoot videos easily


  • The Companion app often glitches
  • Charging large phones on the gimbal is a bit of an issue

Key Features: 3 axis stabilization | Integrated control panel | Bluetooth 5.0 | 280g max payload | Hohem Gimbal companion app | Presets and filters | Rechargeable 4500 mAh battery | Two-way charging | USB C Charging | 12-hour battery backup

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MOZA Mini Mi

The MOZA Mini Mi is a stylish and compact smartphone Gimbal stabilizer. It suits the on the go Vloggers who need portability and video optimization. It works well with the iPhones and Android smartphones and supports wireless charging.

The Mini Mi comes with an independent control system for each axis. You can control them with ease. It can achieve 360° in the yaw axis without limits. With an unlimited range of movements, the mini Mi offers great potential.

Coming to the design, this iPhone gimbal comes with a handheld design and weighs 543g. It is a bit heavier than the average gimbals but offers more payload capacity of 300g.

In terms of build quality, it may not feel quite solid on the hands. But at this price tag, there isn’t any gimbal that offers this much performance on the whole.

You get 10 hours of battery life on a single charge. The battery is low on capacity, it comes with only 2100mAh. The battery life can be a major turn off for a longer period. But the wireless smartphone charging tries hard to get things running.


  • Wireless Charging
  • Affordable price
  • Range of motion
  • Plenty of shooting modes


  • The Companion app is average
  • Doesn’t support 3rd party apps
  • Battery drain

Key Features: 3 axis stabilization | Integrated control panel | Bluetooth 5.0 | wireless phone charging | 300g max payload | 8 follow modes | manual positioning | Inception mode | Rechargeable 2100 mAh battery | Two way charging | 10 hour battery backup

MOZA Mini-MI 3-Axis Gimbal stabilizer for Smartphone Vlog Youtuber Live Video Record...
  • 📷【MOZA MINI MI Stabilizer】Keep your Phone fully charged with the MOZA MINI-MI Smartphone...

Feiyu SPG2

The Feiyu SPG2 is a solid build 3 Axis handheld Gimbal stabilizer. It is for iPhones and Android smartphones and suits people who are into mobile vlogging. The SPG2, not only shoots smooth videos but also provide an audio interface through the Bluetooth.

The smartphone stabilizer gimbal offers good pan and tilts capabilities. It also offers good stability in a horizontal orientation. But it can toggle between vertical and horizontal mode with a simple touch.

Coming to the design, the device weighs around 550g and around 12” long. The smartphone stabilizer can very well carry a payload of 300g without stability issues. You could feel it a bit heavy during operation.

The battery backup is pretty good. It gives you enough power to last upto 14 hours on a single charge. It also gives you a prior battery sign and has two-way charging.


  • Enhanced video stability
  • Rich Audio recording through Bluetooth
  • Offers extended connection ports
  • Affordable


  • No companion app
  • Battery is average
  • Bulky and heavy

Key Features: 3 axis stabilization | Integrated control panel | Bluetooth 5.0 | 300g max payload | Extended Interface | Power Display | Sound Recording via Bluetooth | Rechargeable 5000 mAh battery | Two way charging | 14 hour battery backup

Snoppa Atom

The Snoppa Atom is a pocket-sized handheld Gimbal with 3 Axis Stabilization. It comes in a foldable design and is one of the lightest ones on our list. Its pretty compact snd suits people who love travel vlogging.

The smartphone stabilizer gimbal comes with a one-touch orientation change and has a unique control panel. It offers object and face tracking and can make amazing videos in a jiffy. There is a mic interface for external mics for better audio recording.

The Atom comes with an action camera mount plate. It very well suits the phone holder with ease. Talking about the payload capacity, this phone gimbal can carry a max payload of 310g.

The rechargeable battery offers upto 24 hours of usage time, which one of the best you will ever get on a smartphone gimbal. You can charge your phone using wired or wireless charging modes while shooting.


  • Ultra-portable
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent battery life at this price range


  • Some bugs and issues with the app
  • Build quality is average

Key Features: 3 axis stabilization | Integrated control panel | Bluetooth 5.0 | 300g max payload | Flexible Tracking Modes | Zoom & Focus control | Action camera support | Rechargeable battery | wired and wireless charging | 24-hour battery backup

Snoppa Atom 3-Axis Foldable Pocket Sized Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer 310g Payload for...
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Hohem iSteady X

Hohem iSteady X is one of the most user-friendly and easy to use smartphone stabilizer gimbal. It doesn’t fancy anything more and keeps things simple. It is a foldable 3-Axis Gimbal stabilizer that works well with the iPhones and Android smartphones.

The phone gimbal weighs around 250g and comes in a foldable design. This makes it easy to carry around and also favors one hand use. This Android gimbal stabilizer comes with a max payload capacity of 280g.

The simple design and the one-tap toggle mode helps beginners get an idea of how things work quickly. With this gimbal, you can shoot footages with better stability. It offers Time Lapse, Wide Angle, Dolly zoom, and many more with a tap of a button.

Coming to the battery part, the iSteady X comes with a rechargeable 2000 mAh battery. It offers up to 8 hours of usage time in a single charge. There is no two way charging possible and you cannot charge your phone with it is with the gimbal.


  • Form factor and usability
  • Easy to use once you get familiar the settings
  • Comes with a mini tripod
  • LED battery indicator 


  • Initial calibration is tricky

Key Features: 3 axis stabilization | Integrated control panel | 280g max payload | Companion app | Rechargeable 2000mAh battery | wired and wireless charging | 8-hour battery backup

Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone, 3-Axis Phone stabilizer with Tripod, Foldable Phone...
  • 【Innovative Foldable Design】iSteady X, a foldable 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for smartphones. The...

Feiyu Vlog Pocket

The Feiyu Vlog Pocket is yet another lightweight, handheld phone gimbal for your iPhone and Android devices. It comes with a foldable design and has a unique central panel for easy controls.

The 3-axis phone gimbal gives you highly optimized videos and works well with almost all smartphones out there. The Vlog Pocket is lightweight and weighs around 270g.

It can carry a max payload of 240g with ease. Compared to the payload stats of other ones on the list, the Vlog Pocket doesn’t offer much.

This iPhone Gimbal stabilizer comes with a self adapt motor that adjusts the angle and things during outdoor activities. It can even work when the phone is not well balanced.

There is the one tap orientation toggle button right at the central panel. The Vlog Pocket comes with a 1300 mAh internal battery. You get upto 8 hrs of continuous action and upto 14 hours on thr standby mode.


  • It is so small that you could take out anywhere
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Good video optimization


  • Initial calibration is tricky
  • the companion app doesn’t have all the necessary settings
  • Battery life isn’t that good

Key Features: 3 axis stabilization | Foldable design | Integrated control panel | 240g max payload | Lightweight and compact | Companion app | Rechargeable 1300 mAh battery | 8 hour battery backup

FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Foldable Pocket-Size 3-Axis with One Key...
  • 【MUST KNOW】Unlock the three-axis clamp, charge the gimbal and balance your phone BEFORE using.It...

Freevision Vilta M Pro

The Freevision Vilta M Pro offers good video stability thanks to its premium quality. It gives you smooth shooting experience with excellent pan, till, and roll angles. This compact gimbal comes with a focus adjustable wheel on the right.

The double wheel on the smartphone stabilizer enables you to take pro photos and videos without distorting the frame. The Vilta M Pro comes with object tracking and many other features.

It is one of the bulkiest in the list. It weighs around 636g and can carry a max payload of 275g. Coming to the battery, this phone gimbal stabilizer comes with wireless charging.

It has a rechargable 1900mAh battery that gives you a standby time of 17 hours. Besides wireless charging, you can charge it through the USB C cable too.


  • Wheel zoom is smooth
  • Wireless charging is quick
  • Good video optimization


  • Bulky and not that user friendly
  • Battery drain

Key Features: 3 axis stabilization | Integrated control panel | Focus and zoom Wheel | 275g max payload | Object Follow | Rechargeable 1900 mAh battery | 17 hour battery backup| Wireless charging | USB C compatible

FreeFly Movi Cinema Robot

The FreeFly Movi Cinema Robot is an advanced video stabilizer that can turn your phones into a powerful vlogging tool. It comes with the Bluetooth 5.0 and works well with iOS 11 and Android 7.0 and above.

This gimbal stabilizer weighs 670g and can carry a payload of max 400g. This is one of the premium grade gimbals aimed to meet the requirements of professional video makers and YouTubers, with a unique design.

The Cinema Robot phone gimbal offers 7 shooting modes. You need to download the companion app to make the best use of the gimbal.

The device favors the smart pod mode. The design favors itself to work as a static camera stand. The design also favors 3rd party lenses with additional counterweights. You can even add accessories like an external mic or a flash.

The FreeFly Movi Cinema Robot comes with a dual Li-ion battery setup. It offers you with 8 hours of action on a single charge. You can charge it through the USB C charger that comes with the free delivery.


  • Great Stabilization Performance
  • Movi App is very well-designed
  • Can stand upright on flat surfaces by itself


  • Bulky
  • Expensive

Key Features: 3 axis stabilization | 7 shooting mode | Superior design | 400g max payload | External accessory ports | SmartPod | Dual Rechargeable mAh battery | 8-hour battery backup| | USB C charging

Best Smartphone Stabilizer Gimbals: Comparison

GimbalBattery WeightPayloadPanTiltRollPrice
DJI OM 415 Hrs390 g / 0.85 lb290 g / 0.63 lb333.1°342°334.7°$99.00 (Buy Now)
Osmo Mobile 315 Hrs405 g / 0.89 lb210 g / 0.46 lb332.8°337.3°340.2°$120.00 (Buy Now)
Smooth 412 Hrs547 g / 1.2 lb210 g / 0.46 lb300°240°240°$99.00 (Buy Now)
Smooth Q217 Hrs450 g / 0.99 lb260 g / 0.57 lb360°265°305°Price not available (Buy Now)
iSteady Mobile+12 Hrs495 g / 1.09 lb280 g / 0.61 lb600°320°320°$99.00 (Buy Now)
MOZA Mini Mi10 Hrs543 g / 1.19 lb300 g / 0.66 lb360°165°310°Price not available (Buy Now)
Feiyu SPG214 Hrs540g / 1.19 lb300 g / 0.66 lb360°320°320°
Snoppa Atom24 Hrs440 g / 0.97 lb310 g / 0.68 lb360°330°330°Price not available (Buy Now)
iSteady X8 Hrs259 g / 0.57 lb280 g / 0.61 lb320°270°320°$79.00 (Buy Now)
Feiyu Vlog Pocket14 Hrs272 g / 0.59 lb240 g / 0.52 lb330°240°165°Price not available (Buy Now)
FreeVision VILTA M Pro17 Hrs635 g / 1.39 lb275 g / 0.60 lb360°330°360°
Freefly Movi8 Hrs670 g / 1.47 lb400 g / 0.88 lb210°110°200°

Best Phone Gimbal Stabilizer Accessories

Getting the best Accessories enhances and boosts up the Gimbal’s performance. If you’re planning to upgrade then these are the best choices for you to consider.

1.Yiliwit Mount Plate Adapter for DJI OSMO

Switch Mount Plate Adapter Compatible with DJI OSMO Action for GoPro Hero 7 6 5 YI Cam...
  • ✔ High Quality Mount Plate Adapter Suitable For GoPro Hero 7/6/5/4/3+/3 DJI Osmo 3 2 ZHIYUN Smooth...

2. Atoptek Gimbal Cold Shoe Extension Mount

Triple Cold Shoe Gimbal Microphone Mount, Mic Led Light Extension Bar Stand Adapter for...
  • [Well Build] Gimbal Microphone Mount made of Quality Aluminum alloy, CNC processing, Anodized...

3. Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone with Shock Mount

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Movo VXR10 Universal Shotgun Mic for Camera - Camera Microphone for DSLR, iPhone and...
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: External microphone for iPhone, Androids, Cameras, Camcorders, Audio...

Things to Consider Before Buying Smartphone Stabilizer

What is a Gimbal and what is it used for?

A gimbal is simply a stabilizer for smartphones and cameras to avoid shakes while taking videos. A phone stabilizer offers 1-axis, 2-axis, and 3-axis stabilization depending on its capabilities. It will always be more steady than your hand, and they can eliminate shaky or blurry footage to help your videos look better.

Who needs a smartphone gimbal?

If you are someone who wants to take videos, travelogue videos, vlogs, or even TikTok videos with a professional look and utmost stability, smartphone gimbals are for you.

Should I go for the 2-axis Gimbal or the 3-axis Gimbal?

The 3-axis gimbals generally provide better video stability than 2-axis gimbals. This is because 3-axis gimbals stabilize your video on all 3 axes (yaw, pitch and roll). When it comes to the 2-axis gimbals , they stabilize only on the pitch and roll axis. 

What are the things to consider before buying a smartphone gimbal?

1. Axis Stabilization
2. Weight of the gimbal
3. Payload capacity
4. Battery life
5. Shooting modes

What should be the optimal smartphone gimbal weight?

The Gimbals should be lightweight and portable. The general rule is that they shouldn’t be above 500g. When in hand these devices should never feel bulky as it can affect your videography. There are light as well as a bit heavier ones on the market. Some of them Provide more payload capacities and that’s a plus point to look out for.

Is battery life an important factor in smartphone gimbals?

Smartphone gimbals with rechargeable batteries help you shoot videos in the long run. Gimbals mostly come with an average battery life of 10-16 hours in a single charge. there are even ones that offer up to 24-hours of backup. On the other hand, some compact, pocket-sized gimbals can offer only 8 hours of battery life.

Smartphone stabilizer gimbals are very helpful when you want to shoot videos using your phone without compromising on quality and perfection. You can choose the right one from above list, that suits your need, smartphone type and average shooting time.

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