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How to Block or Unblock Someone on Clubhouse

Clubhouse rooms let us talk with like-minded people over a variety of rooms talking on different topics. Annoying people are not spared from the Clubhouse as well. Some people may hijack while you speak or try to humiliate you in public rooms. The only way to get rid of them is to block them on Clubhouse. But, how do you block someone on Clubhouse?

Let us see the best possible ways to block and unblock someone on Clubhouse.


  1. What Happens When I Block Someone on Clubhouse?
  2. Block Someone on Clubhouse from Profile
  3. Block People on Clubhouse from Rooms
  4. Unblock Someone on Clubhouse
  5. Can I See the Blocklist on Clubhouse?

What Happens When I Block Someone on Clubhouse?

What could be the possible reasons for you to block someone on Clubhouse? It mostly is to avoid someone from being in the same room as you are in, right? That is what basically happens when you block someone on Clubhouse. Let’s see what happens when you block a person on Clubhouse;

  • They cannot attend a room which you are already in and speaking.
  • You can still attend a room which the blocked person is in. In fact, you will get a warning about the other person.
  • Other person cannot invite/add you to any club or group.

Block Someone on Clubhouse from Profile

If you want to block osmeone on Clubhouse, go straight to their profile and go thrhough the below steps.

From the person’s profile, tap the three-dots menu icon at the upper right corner.

Profile Menu on Clubhouse

On the popup menu, tap on “Block.”

Block Someone on CLubhouse from Profile

Clubhouse app will show a warning about blocking the person. Confirm to continue to block the person on Clubhouse.

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Block People on Clubhouse from Rooms

Are you facing troubles from someone who is in a room you are in? You can block the person on Clubhouse entirely without going to their profile.

To block someone on Clubhouse from a room, long-press their profile icon shown in the room screen.

Select Profile from Clubhouse Room

A pop-up menu will appear with many options. Among them, choose “Block” and continue to confirm and block the person. Once you block someone on Clubhouse from the room or the profile, the effects will be the same.

Block Someone on Clubhouse from Room

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Unblock Someone on Clubhouse

You can unblock anyone youi blocked before on Clubhouse. There is no time limit, or blocking/unblocking limit in Clubhouse. Yoiu can unblock a person on Clubhouse anytime you want.

To unblock someone on Clubhouse, go to their profile. You will see a red button that says “Blocked” on the screen.

Unblock Someone on Clubhouse App

Tap the “Blocked” button and choose “Unblock” from the popup menu. Go ahead and continue with the onscreen menu to unblock the person on Clubhouse.

Confirm to Unblock Someone on Clubhouse

Can I See the Blocklist on Clubhouse?

If you block someone on Clubhouse, you can go to their profile later and see if they are blocked. A “Blocked” badge will appear, as said above. As of now, Clubhouse does not have a blocked list to let you see all the people you have blocked in the Clubhouse app.

If you want to block someone or a group of people for temporary and unblock them later, you need to keep a list of yourself first. You can then later go to their respective profiles and unblock manually. There is no such blocked list included in Clubhouse. Hope this guide walked through the steps to block someone on Clubhouse and unblock them later.

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