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15 Best Rogue Company Tips and Tricks for Beginners

There are a lot of newcomers to the Rogue Company game. Are you a new player to the Rogu Company and find it very difficult to score kills in the game? Here are some best Rogue Company tips and tricks that are to be kept in mind while playing this game.

Let us guide through the Rogue Company walkthrough to get some basic tips and tricks on the game.

Crosshair Placement

Like any other shooter game out there, crosshair plays an important factor in the Rogue company out there. To excel in an online shooting game, you have to adapt to your crosshair. Your crosshair placement greatly depends on how fast you can make a kill. Crosshair placement plays a major role in getting headshots more often.

Always place the crosshair on the head level of your enemy. This will reduce the time you aiming at an enemy after you see him. Since your crosshair is already at his head level, you can easily take the shot. Combine this while peeking to get easy kills without breaking a sweat. Note this will work only when you and your enemy are on the same ground level.

Learn the Maps

Learning a map in the game will reveal the strong and weak locations of the game. If you have prior knowledge of the maps, you will know exactly where you should stand where you should not.

Rogue Company Skyfell Maps

There are locations in maps that make you less exposed to enemies. Use these locations to your advantage and force the enemy to come out of his cover. There are certain locations on the map in which enemies can easily camp. Tag these locations and keep an eye out for enemies while roaming here.

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Crouch Spraying

Weapon recoil is an annoying game feature in any shooter game. Learning to fire the weapon by controlling the weapon’s recoil requires much practice. However, there is an easy way in which you can reduce your weapon recoil in Rogue company. Whenever you aim at an enemy with an open scope, your shots will become more accurate. To enhance the accuracy, you can also crouch while firing.

When you crouch while firing your weapon, the weapon recoil is greatly reduced and you get a much accurate shot. This will also force the enemy to adjust his crosshair since your head level has gone lower. So, always try to crouch while firing at an enemy. Note that these Rogue Company tips will decrease your mobility by a little bit.

Learn to B-hop

In rogue company whenever you jump, when you come out of the jump, there will be a small animation that delays you for a second. To avoid this, jump at the same moment your character touches the ground. This will make your character jump like a kangaroo.

There are two advantages for b hopping. This keeps you more agile on the battlefield.it also helps you avoid shots from enemies since they find it hard to shoot a character that changes position continuously. This is a great technique to switch between covers in difficult situations.

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Reveal and Reposition

Confusing your enemy on the battlefield is also a great tactic. While searching for your enemy, you can reveal yourself a little and make him believe that you are at his gunpoint. Reposition yourself at that time and take the kill when an enemy comes for you in the wrong place.

This requires a little practice but makes your enemy blindly follow you hoping for a kill. Don’t expose too much since they can land shots on you and kill you. Use the map of the rogue company to execute this properly.

Adjust the Sensitivity

In Rogue company, you can play with the sensitivity settings in the menu. Try to adjust the sensitivity settings to a point that makes your gameplay much convenient. A lot of people get adjusted to the default sensitivity settings very easily, but if you try tweaking the settings, you can find your sweet spot.

Rogue Company Sensitivity Settings

Don’t set your sensitivity at extreme levels, that won’t help you. Try to find a point where your mouse won’t hinder your playstyle.

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Don’t Forget Your Grenades

Grenades are also part of your weapon system in the rogue company. You can carry grenades to the match like weapons. Use these utilities often. This can force your hiding enemies to come out from cover or even damage them. You can easily throw them even when you are on cover. Never forget to use them and use them wisely.

Shoulder Peeking

Rogue company is a third-person shooter game. This means that your field of view is greater than a first-person shooter game. You can use this to your advantage easily. Whenever you play you can use your shoulder peeking mechanism to see an enemy hiding in front of you.

To shoulder peek, stand directly behind the wall. Turn your camera circling you without moving the character. Now you will get a view of what’s behind the wall you are standing on. Use this method to find enemies hiding behind the cover.

Shotgun and Sniper Makes the Best Combination

The rogue company gives the opportunity for the players to equip a secondary weapon while playing. The best combination of guns is the shotgun and the sniper. Since these guns together cover the nearby area of the maps as well as the far areas, these make a great combination.

Rogue Company Sniper Rifles

The game also allows the players to swap between the weapons with one click. This will greatly help while in-game to use both the weapons very effectively.

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Use the Bot Training Mode to Practice

Like every other game, the training mode is very useful in the Rogue company also. The rogue company provides a training mode in which you can play with bots as your enemies.

This will help you to learn how you can take an actual moving enemy on the battlefield. You can learn the different maps of the game and also understand your mistakes while taking on an enemy. Use the training mode effectively to become more skilled in the Rogue company.

Stick to One Weapon While Upgrading

The rogue company offers weapon upgrade capabilities while in the game. Use this very wisely. Spend only on one weapon and make it as powerful as it can be. Upgrade a weapon that you feel is comfortable for you. Don’t spend your upgrade points on many weapons and waste them. Conserve and keep your primary weapon fully upgraded.

Set Crouch and Sprint Button to Hold

Crouching and sprinting two important movements required while in the game. You have to play aggressively in the game using these movements in order to get a kill. Usually, these commands are set to toggle buttons. This means that you have to toggle a button to start sprinting or crouching and press the button again to stop it.

This method is very difficult to do while taking on an enemy. To avoid this difficulty, switch the control of these two commands from toggle to hold. Now, these movements will be executed as long as the key is held and stops at the moment when they are released. This provides more freedom of motion in-game.

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Listen to the In-Game Sounds

Enemy footsteps, grenades, weapon reloading, listen to each and every sound in the game. These sounds can help you to get an overall idea of where your enemies are. Make use of this information to be more cautious and expect an enemy in the next corner. The direction of the footsteps will give you the direction from which the enemy is coming from. Use good headphones to observe the sounds around your character while gaming.

Communicate With Your Team

Communication is a key factor in Rogue Company. You will be matched with players from all around the world. Try to communicate with them and give them directions about enemy locations and strategies. If you correctly communicate with your teammate, you can easily pinpoint the location of your enemies to them. Healthy communication with your teammates can also improve the fun and experience of the game.

Play as a Team

Teamwork is very crucial in Rogue company. Having good teammates will help you skill up much easier in this game. Always help your teammates while playing. Your teammates can be revived before permanently dying on the battlefield. Use your strategy to save your teammates and turn the tides of the game. Avoid toxic comments about beginner players and help them to learn.

These are some of the best Rogue Company tips and tricks that are beneficial for beginners. This will greatly improve your playstyle in the game and help you score more kills. Keep these tips in mind and practice often to implement these tricks into the Rogue Company game easily.

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