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7 Best WhatsApp Supporting Apps for Power Users.

There is no doubt, WhatsApp is the number one platform for messaging and video chat. WhatsApp users, there are excellent WhatsApp supporting apps those can make your experience more amazing while you chat with WhatsApp. These supporting apps included the app to lock WhatsApp, an app to use multiple WhatsApp account on one phone, WhatsApp cloning app etc. There is one another app we mentioned on this list to send WhatsApp to chat directly to a number without adding them to your contact list.

Let us see the best WhatsApp supporting app to extend the features of WhatsApp on your Android phone.

Lock WhatsApp Messages

Key features: Hide pictures and videos | Option for pattern lock, or fingerprint lock | Time Lock | Location Lock | Lock system settings | Low memory usage | Download AppLock | Alternative App: AppLock – Fingerprint

There is no separate password for WhatsApp. However, there are a couple of apps available if you want to lock WhatsApp or Facebook app on Android phone. These lock apps let you set a separate password for WhatsApp app if you want to open. In addition to this, you can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app you choose. This app support pattern lock and fingerprint lock based on your choice.

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Dual WhatsApp Account

Key features: No Rooting | No fees and trial period | No Ads | Download Parallel Space | Alternative App: Go Multiple

WhatsApp Dual app is ideal for those who have more than one WhatsApp account and want to use both on the same device. By default, Whatsapp allows you to log in with one user account/phone number. But there are users who have multiple WhatsApp numbers and user accounts. These Dual WhatsApp App can use to log into multiple accounts by cloning and run these multiple accounts on a single phone. There is no need to use multiple SIM to use multiple WhatsApp account.

Single WhatsApp on Two Phones

Key features: Same WhatsApp Account on 2 devices | Access, read chat& send messages | Works on phone and tablet | Download Whatscan | Alternative App: WhatsWeb WebLite for WhatsApp

Similar to multiple user account restrictions, WhatsApp let you use one account on one phone at the same time. However, you can use WhatsApp on multiple platforms with the same account phone number. But What you do, if you want to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones? Here we have to use WhatsApp clone apps available on Google Play Store. Just install this app from Google Play Store and start to use by simply scanning the QR code of WhatsApp to clone.

Whatsapp Location Tracker

This is useful when you are away from your family and friends and want to share your location. This is useful when you are traveling back to home and want to update location status on WhatsApp to your family. There is no need to use any third party particular app for this, this WhatsApp Location Tracker is a built-in feature coming with WhatsApp app. You can share your location on WhatsApp to an individual or to a WhatsApp group. To share location on WhatsApp, Open WhatsApp > Chat Windows > Tap on Plus Sign > Select Location > Share Location on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Message Direct to Number

Key features: One click send option | Pick from call logs | Share Stories | Schedule Messages | Works Offline | Download Click2Chat WhatsApp

WhatsApp won’t let you send messages to Anonymous numbers. You have to add the number to your contact list before you send the message from WhatsApp to any number. There are Android Apps available in Google Play Store those allows you to send WhatsApp messages direct to a number without adding those numbers to your contact list. With these apps, you can send regular text messages and videos and images direct to contacts without adding to your contact list.

WhatsApp Message Scheduler

Key features: Schedule WhatsApp messages | Can modify/delete all future WhatsApp messages | Backup functionality to send SMS | Download Scheduler for WhatsApp | Alternative App: SQEDit Scheduling App

Did you ever miss to wish a birthday to your wife or family? Well, we all send wishes and nice messages to our friends and families through WhatsApp. There are apps available like WhatsApp Scheduler to schedule WhatsApp messages. You can remind your family to do certain things at a certain time by scheduling a message on WhatsApp. Even you can set the birthday wishes on WhatsApp to send automatically. This WhatsApp scheduler app lets you schedule messages with repeat options daily, weekly, monthly, weekdays and Yearly.

WhatsApp Auto Reply

Key features: Reply Specific message from Group | 400 Words length | Can set the time interval to reply again | Download WhatReply For WhatsApp | Alternative App: AutoResponder for WhatsApp

Think about you are not in a mood to reply your friend or a family, this WhatsApp auto reply app for you. You can set auto-reply on this app and the app will reply to your inbox messages. Whether it is an individual message or a WhatsApp group message, you can depend on this app to send an auto-reply to WhatsApp messages.

Search Friends on WhatsApp

Key features: Fast App | Generate Random Contacts | Simple UI | Download Friend Search for WhatsApp | Alternative App: Friend Search For WhatsApp

Are you looking for friend’s contacts on WhatsApp and not found yet? Try this WhatsApp supporting app to search and find new friends on WhatsApp. This app is just creating some random contacts attached to random numbers. you can try these numbers to start chatting and find new members on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Wallpaper

Download WhatsApp Wallpaper | Alternative App: Wallpapers for Chat

You can set any picture on your chat Window from your camera or picture gallery. But if you want to use some nice HD images for your WhatsApp chat windows, there are dedicated WhatsApp wallpaper apps are available from Google Play Store.

Cleaner for WhatsApp

Automatic cleaning of WhatsApp files | Download Cleaner for WhatsApp | Alternative App: Cleaner for WhatsApp

Too much clutter on your Phone and check your WhatsApp data usage. This WhatsApp cleaner can clean or backup your WhatsApp files and save memory on the phone. Most of the Android phones, WhatsApp are installed on Android phone internal memory by default, and it is going to fill out your phone memory quickly. This WhatsApp cleaner app all space consuming WhatsApp files, such as received and sent images, audio, videos, voice notes, profile pictures and other databases taking precious space.

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This WhatsApp dedicated app will make your life easy and automatically do the job for your to clean the WhatsApp memory. This app can scan and delete each specific folder content.

Bobble Keyboard – GIF Stickers

Convert photos to GIF | Download: Bobble Keyboard – GIF Stickers

Those you want some funny Emoji’s and GIF stickers with your own photo to send through WhatsApp, here is one of the best apps. Bobble Keyboard uses Artificial Intelligence, to predict Emojis, Memes, Stickers, and GIFs for WhatsApp. With this app, you can customize your Android keyboard with your favorite photos or colors. YBobble keyboard let you express yourself with the perfect emoji/emoticon.

There are additional apps will work together with WhatsApp on your Android phone. These apps are offering more features not coming with official WhatsApp by default. Enjoy these apps to lock WhatsApp, use multiple WhatsApp account on a single phone etc. Try a couple of these WhatsApp feature extending apps on your Android phone.

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