6 Best Android OCR Apps to Scan Image to Text

Last Updated: April 10, 2017

Smartphone technology is moving us away from hardcopy world to Digital world. Information can store and handle very easily with the digital format, where Android OCR scanner apps come into the picture.

There are tons of Android scan apps available in Google play store. Here we are going to introduce the best image to text converting apps, the best Android OCR apps for Smartphone.

In this digital world, we need apps or software that can convert scanned images to the form of text, which can be printed or saved as a word file.

The OCR (Optical Character Reader) technology integrated with Android apps can convert the scanned image of a text page to a word file instantly without the hassle of typing the entire content down again.

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There are a bunch of best Android OCR Scanner apps available that can utilize to convert your bills, documents, warranty cards or even hardcopy books into digital format.

The beauty of this OCR technology is that once you turn any books or documents in digital form, there are a bunch of free EReader Apps You Must Have on your devices that you can depend to carry out this document wherever you go.

Here we pick the list of Android OCR apps which shall help you to convert your books and other printed documents into digital format.

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

One of excellent Android OCR app on the Play Store has been mentioned in the 50 best apps of the 2013 edition of TIME Magazine. In addition to the OCR job of extracting texts from images, this app allows you to make your custom watermarks to the data.

Android Cam ScannerThe basic version of this application is available for free, whereas the premium version can obtain by purchasing or by referral.

Google Goggles

This OCR application is offered by the Google search engine itself which takes the conventional methods of OCR to an entirely different level.

Google Goggles OCRIt can provide the information about an object just by seeing it through the smartphone camera and also can convert the text that reads into some other language instantly.


This Android OCR app from Microsoft comes pre-loaded on the Microsoft devices. This OCR app let you save the OCR document to a personalized cloud account.

onenote ocr

The beauty of this cloud storage, you can access over any of your Microsoft devices anytime from the cloud.

Office Lens

With its developer as Microsoft itself, this OCR Android app is always ensured that this is a certified application that works just perfectly. In addition to OCR, this app offers a unique inbuilt feature, known as Whiteboard mode allows you to trim as well as clean up glares and shadows.

iOS Office Lens

Although it faces severe critical comments on its name in the user reviews, overall this application has received a thumbs-up from most of its users.

PDF Scanner: Document Scan+OCR

PDF Scanner is one of the eye-catching OCR apps for Android. This app supports over 50 different languages from various parts of the world and works fluently with almost all of these languages.

PDF ScannerThis application also can work the other way around, to convert a pdf into a jpeg (image) file.

Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)

Text Fairy is a fantastic OCR application to simplify your life, provides the option of converting your hardcopy text into a digital file, by extracting the text. This app also allows you to copy the text to your smartphone clipboard instantly for use in any other external third-party like messaging or email apps.

Text FairyThe best part about using this application is that it can recognize over a range of 50 different languages. The application is entirely free and ad-free as well. It provides you with the options of converting the extracted data directly into a text or a pdf file.

With these OCR applications, conversion of any paper papered document can be done into a soft copy document in a matter of a few seconds. We always recommend having at least one of these image to text apps on your Android phone, that can ease your corporate or college/school life.

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