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8 Best Free VPNs for Chrome Browser

There are numerous free VPNs for Chrome that perform the job in an efficient manner but are no match for the premium VPNs available for the people. A free VPN for Chrome is still a better option than having no VPN at all. Speed up your internet connection and evade any limitation with the help of free VPN for Chrome available for you. With a simple search over the internet, you can easily find hundreds of VPNs for Chrome offering the services that you want. However, not all of them are trustworthy and most of them not function as a VPN.

Here is a recommended list of VPN for Chrome available for you to get the best offering out in the market.


Unblock the Proxy and browse the internet in a fast manner on your Chrome browser with DotVPN. It is one of the best free VPN for Chrome offering encryption with the 4096-bit key which is 2 times better than normal banking standards. Save more than 30% of your traffic with the compression feature of the VPN tool.

The simple one-tap connect feature to VPN and presence of TOR gives you an opportunity to surf a .onion website on Chrome. The VPN tool automatically connects to the least busy server in your virtual location comforting your browsing experience. Use the unlimited bandwidth to get faster as well as more efficient access to browsing online content.

Download DotVPN from Chrome Web Store

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ZenMate VPN

Ensure the existence of privacy while browsing online with ZenMate VPN for Chrome. Coming with best encryption software, the tool shields you from data theft and secures your online presence. ZenMate VPN servers offer unlimited bandwidth along with fast speed to the user while accessing the browser. Just a click is what you need to connect with the tool and use the benefits it proposes.

Simplify the browsing experience by setting the precise VPN locations for your favorite website. Through Smart Price feature, the online shoppers can get simple recommendations to find the best price over the internet for any item.

Download ZenMate VPN from Chrome Web Store

Hotspot Shield

Access the open and free internet in a secure and private manner with Hotspot Shield. The patented VPN protocol of the tool is integrated with 70% of the world’s largest security companies. There is no need to make an account over the VPN tool to use the offered features easily over your Chrome browser. This VPN for Chrome offers Ad blocking; Tracker Blocking as well as malware protection to secure your online presence.

Mask as well as hide your IP address to avoid tracking of your online activity. Browse anonymously and bypass any firewall without any trouble. Overcome the bandwidth limits that come to daily, weekly as well as monthly with the unlimited bandwidth limit.

Download Hotspot Shield from Chrome Web Store

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TunnelBear VPN

Reduce the ability for websites, advertisers to trace your IP address and secure your browser on Public Wi-Fi with TunnelBear VPN. It is the only VPN for Chrome that published an independent security audit giving proper assurance about its offering. You can easily get around the blocked websites and browse seamlessly with unlimited bandwidth feature.

Connect to a lighting fast private network having connections up to 20 countries. Encrypt all your browsing traffic data with the lightweight VPN extension available for Chrome browser. There is no logging of browsing activities of the customers and the privacy of the customers is kept intact at all moments.

Download TunnelBear VPN from Chrome Web Store


Secure your browser activity with SetupVPN offering military-grade encryption to you. Offering high degree Wi-Fi security and online privacy, the VPN for Chrome comes with unlimited bandwidth to browse easily. Offering about 100 servers that are spread around the globe, the VPN tool allows you to access the content that is not present in your country.

You need to register your email address and name over the tool in order to verify your identity and use the extension for browsing purposes. Depending on the chosen country, the tool measures your connection speed and initiates processes to improve it with the next update. Protect your data when using public Wi-Fi with this tool.

Download SetupVPN from Chrome Web Store

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Betternet helps people to access blocked websites and overcome internet censorship. It secures your connection and encrypts your data by changing your IP address. Access streaming services on the go in order to have the best internet experience over the Chrome browser. You get short advertisement videos and sponsored app to make money from the app publishers over the tool.

The setup process of the VPN is quite easy and allows you to connect with a server in a click. Betternet VPN servers are located in diverse locations allowing the user to access other servers easily and overcome the restrictions over the content.

Download Betternet from Chrome Web Store

Hola VPN

Hola is a free VPN that gives you the perfect gateway to access a faster and more open internet. Overcome the bounds of censorship and use the ad-free browsing on your Chrome. This VPN for Chrome comes with a video accelerator leveling up your video watching experience due to less buffering and fast starting time. The services of VPN are free for non-commercial use and for commercial usage; the Hola servers are available for a fee.

It does run on multiple devices allowing you to use it on more than one place at the same time. Access any website blocked in your company, school or country without any issue through the help of Hola free VPN service.

Download Hola VPN from Chrome Web Store

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Encounter breakneck fast speeds with the efficient servers of GOM VPN that go up to 1000mbit servers. The free VPN for Chrome offers great streaming and fast browsing experience to all users to give a great browsing experience. Assure your secrecy with the help of HTTP2 SSL technology with Gom VPN. There is no need to configure the VPN extension to use it fluently and it comes with one-tap activation.

Use the same Gom account on Android, iPhone and other devices to make these issues go away. The service is free for all users and gives the immediate solution to the people for great browsing experience.

Download Gom VPN from Chrome Web Store

Best Chrome VPNs for your Browser

We all use browsers for multiple purposes and take in hundreds of uses from them. Whenever we use any internet browser, the exchange of information occurs on every browsing site. Sharing of IP location, operating system, as well as other hardware information is done by most of the browsers.

Using a public network can hamper your privacy and leaves your personal information like passwords along with other codes vulnerable. A good free VPN can easily improve your online presence as well as allows you to bypass censorship and unblock most of the content. A large number of people use Chrome as their default browser and daily access it to satisfy their online needs.

Establish the private connection between you and a server on the network to mask your IP address for secure internet browsing with a VPN. An individual can easily navigate the geo-location confinements with the VPN for Chrome easily. A free VPN brings a diverse number of benefits to the end users allowing them to easily access a free as well as open internet on their Chrome browser

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