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8 Best Parental Control Devices to Limit Internet for Kids

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The Parental Control devices are built to control the home network, see the bandwidth usage, and see the internet activity of the home network. These WiFi devices are ideal solutions for parents who want to control the internet and limit the website that can access by the kids. Most of these Parental Control WiFi devices are coming with iOS or Android App that can be used to control the device and access all device features through the app. The internet blocker devices can be used as a firewall, limit data use, block contents and even set filters on the device level.

Here, we have compiled a list of some of the best parental controller devices that guarantee peace of mind.

Circle with Disney

The Circle With Disney is quite compact and comes in a small box design. Circle with Disney is one of the most trusted parental control devices to hit the markets. With this internet blocking device, you can keep an eye on the activities of your kids online. You can keep track of your kid’s online data by connecting this parental control device to your iPhone or Android. This internet blocker keeps a log of online data and provides you results based on time spent and sites visited

Circle With DIsney

With this internet controller, you can set data limits, block contents and even set filters at individual device levels. You can also pause or inhibit the data connections to a particular IP address or addresses. A thing to keep in mind is that you need a compatible router to get its complete advantage. The Circle with Disney works on two lithium-ion batteries. This makes it quite portable and easy to use.

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Google WiFi Router

Google WiFi doesn’t need an introduction. It’s the simplest, value for money WiFi mesh system yet, that’s available online. This parental control system and WiFi router provide a reliable signal strength throughout your home with Mesh Network. Google WiFi can block unwanted contents and block websites and help you keep track of your online activities. There are many other features offered by Google WiFi. You can also keep an eye on the bandwidth fluctuations and helps to set data usage limits for your devices.

Google WiFi System

With the help of the free Android or iOS app, you can control the devices, set the time limit for internet usage, see bandwidth usage by devices, etc. Moreover, if you need a wired connection, Google WiFi’s Gigabit Ethernet Port is there for you. This Ethernet port helps you convert your wireless connection into a wired connection.

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KoalaSafe Wireless Router

The next one we got is the KoalaSafe smart wireless router. It features parental controls and profile settings. This Parent Controller Device helps you keep an eye on your kid’s internet whereabouts. This cool router lets you get access to your family’s internet usage. In fact, it can block internet services to a particular IP user or device. The koalaSafe parental controller also blocks inappropriate contents and spams from your kids.

KoalaSafe wireless router

You can set up the profiles and limitations by downloading the KoalaSafe mobile app from the Play store or the iOS Appstore. The app gives information ranging from the usage time, sites visited, data usage and much more. It works both as an ethernet source as well as a wifi router and offers good data speeds. As this device is a router, the powering is through the AC mains.

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Fingbox Home Network Monitor

With the Finbox network tracker, you can detect and control your kid’s activities over the internet. The device functions as a security module by keeping track of who visited your network. It sees to it that phishing and spying are never encountered. Also, you can keep an eye on the connected devices in the network, bandwidths fluctuations and set usage limits for your devices.

Fingbox Home Network Monitor

Moreover, you get warnings on network weaknesses and loopholes that could lead to virus attacks. Like most parental controllers, the Fingbox blocks spam and inappropriate contents for you. You can also get your network stats and website visits through the dedicated Android and iOS mobile app. As the Fingbox doesn’t need any configurations, it works well with your existing network.

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Roqos VPN Router

The Roqos router is a generic internet router provides parental control options. The add on VPN feature helps to create a secure browsing atmosphere in public networks. Roqos protects your privacy by creating a secure connection from your phones or laptops. You can get access to your network stats on Android or iPhone with app.

Roqos Core VPN Router

The parental protection system present in the router protects your kids while they are browsing. You can set up data limits, block unnecessary contents and inhibit access to sensitive websites with ease. Moreover, the proxy blocking servers block proxy servers without even giving your kid a hint on what’s going on. You can get network stats, usage data, and website visits by logging into the Roqos VPN portal.

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HomeHalo WiFi Router

The HomeHalo WiFi router’s the next one in our list. It is one of those reliable routers that provide protection for the home network throughout the day. HomeHalo can block spam messages and other contents within a tap. All you need to do is to download the HomeHalo app on your phone. The app is available on all leading mobile platforms. In fact, this internet blocker works well with both the wired and the wireless connections.

HomeHalo WiFi Router

Within the app, you can set security profiles, view data stats, and view list of visited sites. Moreover, you can restrict net connectivity to all or based on a specific IP address. The HomeHalo WiFi router also guarantees superfast data connectivity up to 300Mbps. The wifi connectivity can accommodate around 5 users.

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Router Limits Safety Router

The Router Limits parental controller device is a plug-in router. This internet controller comes with parental control settings to keep an eye on kid’s internet activity. It gives you access to data stats and features IP and proxy blocking facilities. You can also schedule website blocking and block any websites or contents for a specific user. All you need to do is to plug in the device with your existing WIFI router.Router Limits Cloud-Based Parental Controls
The Router Limit router can pause the net connectivity and collect usage stats and browsing history within seconds. The usage and other data are available in the Router Limit’s mobile app. The app is available for both the Android as well as the iOS.

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Dojo Smart Internet Safety Device

The Dojo parental controller device is to make sure all your smart devices are working great. Dojo is a virus blocker protects all your devices from malware and keeps your children safe while they are online. This Smart Internet Saftery device has an efficient scanning technology that gives you peace of mind always. The setup is quite simple as all you need to do is to connect it into your WIFI router. The small pebble design adds a pretty good shine to your wifi router and makes it rather eye catchy.

Dojo Smart Internet Safety Device

The dojo provides the internet usage stats and website history on your phone itself with Dojo Security app. The app is available on both the Android and iOS platforms. The device detects and blocks the virus. Dojo inhibits WiFi access to certain IP addresses and websites with ease. What’s more, it adapts to your networks and enhances WiFi performances according to the conditions all the time.

Cujo Internet Safety Device

The Cujo Al internet security device comes with security algorithms that protect your devices from malware. This Parent Control WiFi device keeps an eye on all your connected devices and checks for virus threats. The new algorithms are responsible for providing a safe browsing environment. This internet safety device keeps hackers and phishing at bay and keeps your devices clean. The Cujo recognizes and manages both the wired, as well as the wireless connections. Cujo’s parental controller keeps an eye your kid’s safety while they’re online. This parental control device comes with other features like website blocking, schedule usage, and IP blocking.
Cujo Internet Safety Device
The schedule blocking feature comes handy when your kid’s getting too much addicted to the internet. You can block unwanted contents and servers from your kid’s reach. The internet security device sends out usage data and gives you suggestions based on your internet activities. The modern algorithm analyses your internet connection and gives you data stats with prior time and duration per website. Although it’s a security gateway device, it acts as an enhancer and ensures that your data speeds never get affected. You can connect the device with your router through an ethernet cable. The installation is quite simple and you don’t need external power supplies.

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The internet’s filled with all kinds of crazy stuff. But yet, we have to accept the fact that its good as well as bad. The truth is that our kids are much addicted to the net than ever and yeah its a good place for infotainment and stuff. But yet, our kids are far more vulnerable to malware and inappropriate contents. Hence, it’s high time to create a safe zone for our kids while they are browsing.

It is always important to keep any on your kid’s safety. The internet is getting bigger day by day and it’s growing into a virtual world for kids. To make sure your kids are safe online, its always necessary to equip your home network with a parental controller. We’ve compiled some of the top internet safety devices that provide you with data stats, website history and much more. These internet blockers come in a reasonable budget and its high time you consider one for your home.


  1. I have a Fingbox, how does it “blocks spam and inappropriate contents for you”? I can block devices on the network but I don’t see any options for content and SPAM control?

  2. In today’s era where kids are addicted to mobile, tablets and computer or laptops, it becomes important for parents to have control on them. Thank you for making all the parents aware about the devices which are available in the market for parental control.

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