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10 Best Zoom Alternatives for Video Conferencing and Meetings

Many of us use Zoom to host and join meetings at work, college or family. However, Zoom has certain limitations like it does not allow you to record meetings and does not provide individual record tracks for people. There are many video conferencing apps like Zoom or Zoom alternative tools that overcome the limitations.

Here we discuss some of the best Zoom alternative video conferencing apps for everyone.

Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet is one of the appreciable Zoom alternative with which you can securely connect and collaborate from any place. Enjoy the high quality of your meetings on Google Meet. The video meetings are encrypted and its safety measures are updated regularly. You can share your screen and present documents, slides, and more during the call.

You can use the platform to host meetings by inviting up to 250 participants even if they are outside of your organization. Through Q&A, Polls, and Hand Raise, you can engage in the meetings. Google meet is a great alternative to zoom as you can follow along live real-time captions powered by Google speech-to-text technology.


  • High-quality meetings
  • Meetings are encrypted
  • Real-time captions available


  • Virtual backgrounds are not available
  • No desktop application

Key Features: Good quality audio and video | Q&A, Polls, Hand raise | Up to 250 participants | Speech-to-text technology

Download: Google Meet (Free, Premium)

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft TeamsWith the Microsoft Teams, you can have chats, meetings, files tasks, and calendars in one place. You can connect with your team via secure meetings. You can invite anyone to your meeting within seconds by sharing a link or calendar invite.

Microsoft Teams enables you to chat one-on-one and you can @mention people in chats to get their attention. One of the unique features of Teams is that you can assign tasks, set due dates, and cross off completed tasks in it. Teams app has a dashboard that neatly organizes all shared content like photos, files, tasks, and links.


  • Assign tasks and cross off completed tasks
  • You can @mention people
  • Secure meetings


  • Mobile apps lack many features
  • Only teams have full features

Key Features: Secure meetings | @mention people | Set due dates | Organizes all shared content | Digital Safe

Download: Microsoft Teams (Free)

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Cisco Webex

Cisco WebexWebex Meetings is one of the most trusted video conferencing app today. Being one of the best alternatives to Zoom, it delivers features like screen sharing, chat, and more. You can join and present meetings, events, or training sessions directly from your desktops, Android, iPhone, or iPad.

You can easily sign in to Cisco Webex using Face ID or Touch ID. Also, easily share your contents including 3D files with everyone. With just one tap, you can join the meeting from your calendar. You will also be able to customize your video layouts and virtual background.


  • Customized video layouts and backgrounds
  • Hands-free voice commands
  • Very handy when traveling


  • Picture-in-picture mode not available for iPad
  • Chat option is disabled when the participant list is not shown

Key Features: Face ID and Touch ID security | Hands-free voice commands | Customize video layouts | Easy file sharing | Virtual backgrounds and layouts

Download: Cisco Webex (Freemium)

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BlueJeansBlueJeans is an exceptional Zoom alternative that has incredible features like Dolby Voice audio. This makes all BlueJeans participants productive regardless of where they are located. Up to 150 attendees can participate in a meeting. BlueJeans can function as a view-only so that the participants have only the ability to respond to Q&A and polling.

You can share and receive content for maximum productivity. The app has safe driving mode that allows you to drive safe on road with distraction-free meetings. Also, use your mobile app as a conference room system to lauch meetings on a SIP/H.323 endpoint. You can also integrate your calendar to enable one-touch join.


  • Much easier to use
  • Better quality audio and video


  • No free version
  • A few improvements needed

Key Features: Dolby voice audio | Up to 150 attendees | Safe driving mode | One-touch join

Download: BlueJeans (Premium)


SkypeSkype is a cool platform where you can meet up to 49 of your friends, family or team members. It is available on phones, PCs, and Mac. You can @mention people to get their attention or create group chat. It is one of the best Zoom alternatives in which you can send photos and videos, and save them to your camera roll.

Screen sharing is also possible in this app like Zoom. Skype-to-Skype calls are free. You can also make normal mobile and landline calls at lower rates on Skype. If you have Skype Credits or Skype subscriptions, you can call non-skype users and those who are not there online. Subscriptions begin at $2.99 per month.


  • Amazing design
  • You can create groups on Skype
  • Good voice quality


  • Mobile apps are not as good as Zoom or Google Meet

Key Features: Available on phones, PCs, Mac | @mention people | Create groups | Share and send video and photos

Download: Skype (Freemium)

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GoToMeetingGoToMeeting is an incredible Zoom alternative that doesn’t require signup. You can host a meeting completely for free. GoToMeeting has a Commuter Mode feature that will save up to 90% of your data. The Zoom alternative integrates with most file-sharing apps including ShareFile, Dropbox and, Box.

One of its unique feature of it is video conferencing with up to 6 shared web cameras is possible (HDFaces). You can experience a crystal clear full band VoIP audio or phone call. Viewing all your upcoming meetings with a single tap becomes easy with GoToMeeting.


  • Easy to use
  • Light-weight app, strong quality


  • Does not run in the background

Key Features: No need to sign up | Sync calendar to mobile | Up to 6 shared web cameras | Crystal clear full band VoIP audio or phone call

Download: GoToMeeting (Premium)

Adobe Connect

Adobe ConnectAdobe Connect can launch meetings and control the attendee rights, recording, audio conferencing, and layouts. Besides, you will be able to share your PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, and videos from your online library. It is an app like Zoom in which you can accept or deny guests from entering meetings.

Adobe Connect lets you broadcast cameras and microphones. Sharing content from Adobe Connect cloud-based library also becomes easy in this Zoom alternative. You can view and edit notes, raise your hand, agree or disagree, participate in chats, polls, and Q&A, all in one app. Adobe Connect also lets you participate in breakout rooms and with ‘custom pod’ applications.


  • View and edit notes
  • Raise hand, agree or disagree in the meeting
  • Share content from cloud


  • No recording playback within app

Key Features: Control attendee rights | Broadcast cameras and microphones | View and edit notes | ‘Custom pod’ applications

Download: Adobe Connect (Premium)

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RingCentral Glip

RingCentral GripWith RingCentral Glip you can host or join video meetings just like in Zoom. You can also chat with friends and coworkers, make calls, all in this free app. In RingCentral Glip free, you are able to include 100 people in one meeting or upgrade to include 200 people.

You can access superior team messaging with file sharing, task management, and a shared calendar. It has a cloud-based phone with carrier-grade reliability to take and manage calls, voice mails, faxes, and business SMS on any device. RingCentral is a really cool Zoom alternative you can have. Plus, you can switch between your mobile and desktop app to take up conversations.


  • Easy switching between mobile and desktop


  • No voicemail access
  • Lacks dark mode

Key Features: Connect up to 100 people | File sharing | Task management | Switch conversations between mobile and desktop | Connect up to 200 people on subscription

Download: RingCentral Glip (Freemium)

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi MeetJitsi Meet can be used as a good alternative to Zoom as there are no restrictions to the maximum number of participants. You don’t have to create an account in this app like Zoom.

The app allows you to lock protected rooms and control access to your conferences with a password. Moreover, high-quality audio and video are delivered with richness. Jitsi Meet works well with all browsers as well.


  • No restrictions to the number of participants
  • Protected rooms
  • No login needed


  • Unreliable screen sharing

Key Features: Unlimited participants | No account needed | Secure meetings with password | High-quality audio and video | Works with browser

Download: Jitsi Meet (Free)


join.meYou can host or join a video conference and share content with Join.Me no matter where you are. You can connect to crystal clear VoIP audio, even while sharing a document. The video conferencing tool lets you chat, record a meeting, and use a mobile whiteboard to share your ideas.

JoinMe is one of the best Zoom alternatives in which you can create your own personal link and set your personal, branded background images. With the free version, only a maximum of 10 participants is possible. You will get access to unlimited whiteboards. You can also swap presenters during meetings in JoinMe.


  • Personal, branded background images
  • Locked meetings


  • Cannot mute individuals
  • Only 10 participants allowed in free version

Key Features: Crystal clear VoIP audio | Join meeting instantly | Personal link | Personal branded background images | Unlimited whiteboard | Lock meetings

Download: (Free, In-App Purchases)

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You can see that there are tons of apps like Zoom available out there. Some of them are even better than Zoom as any participant can record the whole meetings, there are no restrictions to the number of participants who can join, and many more. You can go for these Zoom alternative apps and have a great experience.

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