Here You Can Download FIFA World Cup Schedule to Your Smartphone or Computer Calendar

Last Updated: October 27, 2014
Fifa Cup Calendar

The 2014 Fifa World Cup match schedules can be added to your calendar. Once it is added it will be always there with each days match schedule. There is no need to check for the timing schedule for each matches of Fifa World Cup 2014 Football online.

Update: Knock out stage matches are updated with team names and the completed matches are removed now.

All the matches will be added in your calendar and you can set up alerts for the important matches you wish to watch. Just Follow the given procedure to add the Fifa World cup football calendar to your calendar.

Fifa Cup

To make it easy, we attached a calendar in ICS format, which supports all platforms for your smartphone or computer. Hence you can add this calendar to iOS, Android and Windows calendars with one click.

The timings are set with the IST which may be changed to according to your time zone. To start with, we need to download the calendar file from the below given link.

After downloading the file, save the file to the disk. Now we need to open our Google/iOS/Windows Calendars which we need to add this calendar. Here we will see how to add to a google calendar. You can also import this calendar by opening the below file using suitable calendar app in your smart phone or tab.

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For that, open your Google Calendar in the browser or suitable format. Click on My Calendars and then Settings. The Calendar settings window will open.

world cup football calendar

In that window, click on “Create New Calendar” which will open another window to create new calendar. Here we may give calendar name as World Cup or so and choose your time zone and Click on “Create Calendar”.


world cup football calendar

Now go back to the previous menu and Click on “import Calendar” option. In the opened window, browse the downloaded world cup calendar. Now choose the destination calendar as “world cup” calendar just before we have created. Then Click on Import button. The world cup calendar will be imported and updated.

world cup football calendar

The timings may be in IST format. To change the timing of any interested event, you can click on that specific event. In the opened window, you can see the Time zone link which need to be clicked and the new time zone to be selected from the drop-down list. After that, click on Done to finish the changes.

world cup football calendar

With this calendar, you will be able to track all the matches of Fifa World Cup Foot ball without any worries. You can set up alarms and reminders to the matches you were interested to see. Don’t miss out the matches any more using this calendar.


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