How to Get Waze and Google Map Offline to Save Mobile Data

Last Updated: August 26, 2017
google waze offline map

Technology is gradually replacing traditional GPS device from the market with Smartphone GPS and online map. You don’t need to carry a separate GPS device when you use your Smartphone as GPS device, and you can enjoy almost real-time traffic updates on your phone.

Mobile GPS App also provides some other useful information in addition to traffic updates. This Smartphone Map app includes road hazard warning, accident reports, red light camera notifications, etc. Real-time gas price, store reviews are few of the other features you can get with your Smartphone map apps.

Those who are looking for dedicated offline map Apps for iPhone or Android that can direct download to the phone for permanent use, please see;

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As long as you have a smartphone with any of the map apps like Google Map, Waze or Apple Map app, you can easily share the accurate location just by few tap on your phone. Please see the instruction to Share your Exact Location from Google Map/Waze/Apple Maps

Compare to the GPS device, Mobile based GPS can immediately start to use with any MAP (offline or online) apps. If you have a built-in GPS tablet, you can replace your GPS with this tablet and Offline map. Even if you want to get a dedicated tablet for GPS, there are several low priced tablets available with built-in GPS.

By default, these apps are online apps, and may not perform well if you don’t have a live internet connection. There are some workarounds to resolve this issue, and you can use these maps in offline. This offline map is required if you have a limited data plan or when you use the map in a place where you can’t access the internet through your mobile data or WiFi.

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Compare to Waze Map; Google is providing features to save offline MAP for the cities or a particular area you like. Google lets you save up to 20 offline maps for 30 days period. However, for Waze users, we will show you a workaround to use Waze Offline for your next trip.

Save Google Map Offline

This workaround is common for both Android and iOS devices. To save your data, you have to do this within your WiFi network if you are worried about your data plan. First, open Google Map app from your Android or iOS device. Please make sure you are signed into your Google Account within your Google Map Applications. Search the zip code or city you want to save the offline map.

google map save offline

Now tap on the bottom bar of the Google map app where it shows the name of the place you searched. The Google map app will open a new window in this Google Map App itself. In this new window, top right corner, you see a touch menu as mentioned in the picture.

Google Map Save Map

This touch menu will bring you a window to save the map offline, and you can pan and zoom the map before you save. The biggest size for an offline map is around 30miles x 30miles.

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You can name your offline map and save to your device for future use. Please keep in mind, after 30 days, this offline map will be automatically deleted from your Google account.

View Saved Google Offline Map

Open your Google Map application within your Android or iOS device and make sure you log in to the app with the same account that you save the offline map before.

google map your places

Now tap on the Google App menu and tap on Your places. Scroll down all the way down until you see Offline maps tap View all and manage. Now you can see all the saved offline maps over there.

Google Map Open Saved Map

You can tap any one of these maps to get an additional menu where you can Rename, Update or Delete the saved maps.

Save Waze Map Offline

Waze is a community-based, feature rich, powerful app that featured with real-time traffic, road alert, accidents, etc. Unfortunately, Waze is not offering any built-in feature to save the map offline. Theoretically, Waze needs an internet connection to work fully functional. But there is some workaround to get an offline copy of the Map.

Waze Map

If you want to get a Waze map offline, you have to open Waze application ahead with your WiFi or data connection and enter the address you want to go. Once the routing is completed, Waze will keep this map details in cache until you close the app. If you don’t care about the data use, there is a workaround to Use Android & Waze as Standalone GPS Device

You can use this cached map details for your trip without an internet connection. Please be aware that while you offline, you won’t get any map updates or traffic updates until you connect your mobile device to an internet connection.

Download Waze Traffic Info

Make sure your device connected to the Internet, open Waze App and type the location you want to go. Now Waze will calculate the routes to your destination and display on the app. Now tap on the Waze icon to get menu and tap on a ‘tiny setting’ icon in the new pop-up window. Waze Settings > Advanced Settings > Data transfer > Download traffic info > turn on to save the current traffic information. Be aware, without the internet; you may not get the updated traffic alert in Waze.

waze save traffic info

In addition to this traffic info, this window will show you how much data already cached by Waze app, and you can update your map information from this window.

Google MAP and WAZE Map (community-based) apps are the best online maps available for mobile devices with amazing features for free of cost. Recently Microsoft also implements the offline map feature in the latest Windows10 OS.

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Don’t have time to convert your required maps to offline? You can buy the dedicated offline maps that can purchase for your Android phone or tablet. These Free Offline Android Maps can convert your phone or tablet into a dedicated GPS device without spending money for the data plan.

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When you deal with the mobile online app, and if you don’t want to invest on any paid offline map, go with Google Offline Map feature. If you have a data connection all the time with your mobile device, Waze will be the best bet with its real time data update like traffic, road hazard, speed cams, accidents and all other necessary updates and social sharing feature.


  1. I wasn’t able to Download Waze Traffic Info, on my iPhone.
    I use iOS 10.3.2 and Waze
    Can you help?

  2. I recently ran into a problem where my data usage shot up quite a bit. It seemed to be correspond to Waze usage. Data usage for Waze did not seem to be particularly great, but the usage was attributed to Time and Location of System Services (I’m using an iPhone).

    Calculating the route beforehand in Waze makes sense. However, I am unable to find the setting for Data Transfer in the Waze settings. There are a number of Advanced settings, but nothing relating to Data. I am using Waze version on IOS version 10.3.2.

    • @Gary,
      Please go to iPhone Settings > Cellular > Scroll Down until you see Waze. Here you can turn off Waze Data usage if you need.

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