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25 Best Online Business Tools for Small Business Owners

What a hectic job it is to set up an online business? But doing so without any coding is a bit of relief to everyone. There are online business tools that do the coding work at the back end and provide a code-free environment for small business owners like you. Once you start digging into the field, you can see that there are many features you can utilize, such as templates, assuring webpage security, trustworthy transactions, timely delivery of information and service, and traffic created on your online business.

Let us have a look at some of the best online small business tools that will bring your dream into the reality of running an online business.

Website Builder Tools

Webflow Tool

The builders use a content management system (CMS), and drag and drop tools to build a responsive website without any code for small business owners. The process here is to design, build, and launch your site. You can create responsive images, choose from a variety of fonts and templates, symbols, and try CSS animations in the design stage.

You can write and edit content in their editors and preview it while writing itself. And while doing so, these tools will generate SEO title, create a template page, and filter and sort the content activities for you. Other than this, you can have absolute control to set up and manage an online store in the e-commerce domain. Lastly, in hosting, it will see that your site is SSL certified and HTTP/2 compliant, and also provides a reliable service.

Website Builder Tool: Webflow | Strikingly

One Page Website Builders

Carrd Tool

Sometimes, small business owners need a one-page portfolio. These builders are very simple to use, and features vary from tool to tool and are many. With these, you can create your own web designs and many landing pages. There is a library of templates, predefined blocks, keyboard shortcuts, AMP landing page, drag, and drop access, and many to help you build the best. With just a few clicks, you can even browse it on mobile without any developers’ help.

You can very well start an e-commerce store or a blog within minutes by secure hosting with SSL support. And most importantly, you can use Google Analytics to know traffic on your webpage, an ideal business tool for single owner business.

One Page website Builder Tools: Carrd | Instapage

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E-Commerce Designing Tools

Shopify Tool

These business tools are very common and popular when you want to run an e-commerce site. Although these tools are a bit costly but affordable. With these, you will see a growth in sales and get a good brand name too. They will prove worthy for artists, photographers, musicians, and some more on the list.

When you are ready to set up a business, start by selecting a brand name, and design a logo. And then, think of domain name and introduce some unique stock images. Finally, fill the store with items to sell. Once done, market your product through social media sites and SEO and blogs. This will attract the right customers. And then, you can manage orders info, payments, order history, and streamline the inventory.

E-Commerce Designing Tools: Shopify | Squarespace

Marketplace Designing Tool

Sharetribe Tool

When you are trying to set up an online marketplace, the design platform will be there for you. Let it be any product or service or event, and the process is straightforward. The first step is to create a logo, domain name, and theme. And then link your blog to the marketplace, to spread the word and market the product.

When the product is into the market, total process control is under you. So make sure that trading is safe and secure to gain customer satisfaction. In the hour of need, the sales team should be handy. Moreover, you can connect to subscribed customers with emails. An ideal business tool for those who are starting the business from scratch.

Marketplace Designing Tool: Sharetribe | Marketplacer

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App Builder

Bubble app builder

Building an app usually includes writing code, but it is different from these app builders. These are very straightforward and work by user rules, drawings, or by connecting blocks that consist of code encapsulated in them. But you should be able to tell the process to the builders. Some of the builders support cross-platform access that makes the app run on both Android and iOS devices.

The app builder platform is handy in the field of education, business, and startups. So you can focus more on designing the app rather than learn to code for months together. Whether it is a small business or medium, this is one of the best company online tools to create the apps for you without much coding knowledge.

App Builder: Bubble | Thunkable

Task Automation Tool

Zapier Automation Tool

Task Automation is nothing but completing the task using more tech methods and less human involvement. This way, it consumes less time and involves less cost. These task tools automate both the desktop and cloud tasks. But you should check on which caters to your needs.

These tools perform workflow automation, integrate web apps, and connect apps to devices. This online business tools here are useful to automate the workplace, business, and your home. While expanding the features of the tool, some are also making use of IoT.

Apps Task Automation Tool: Zapier | IFTTT

Data Collaboration Service

Airtable Tool

While you are handling multiple projects at a time or looking to organize the data, the following services will come handy. Within no time, you can divide your work among the spreadsheets and database information. It is easy to access the stored data either from your desktop or from mobile. And you are free to choose a variety of templates that are designed specifically for each domain.

Once you transfer the project data, editing will be possible from anywhere by anyone. When you are worried about data handling, this can be one of the best online business tools to meet your requirements.

Data Collaboration Service: Airtable | Google Sheets

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Facebook Messenger ChatBot Platform Tools

Octane AI Tool

The chatbot tools are mainly meant for marketing, sales, revenue, and support purpose. Other than these, bots are used for many. You can create a chatbot for Facebook without coding a single line. The tools will help you build, design, and edit a bot with ease.

Some of the tools used for building the bot also Integrate with third-party apps, which will enhance its usage. The bot software will now converse with the user from the initial stage of queries until finalizing the deal. You can even keep an eye on the bot’s performance by checking the tool’s analytics.

Facebook Messenger ChatBot Platform Tools: Octane AI | Chatfuel

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Payment Integration Tools

PayPal Tool

The payment tools are used for online money transfer, purchases, sales, and businesses. There are many Payment Integration tools in the market for online business and suitable for your business. The online sellers should look for some main features before the integration.

Whether it is a secured gateway, provides quick access, fraud protection, live support, and more details that will be useful to the website. At the same time, the tool should also be easy-to-use and be user-friendly to the shoppers. The payment tools will also generate analytics, conversion rates, and revenue reports to know the end result of integration.

Payment Integration Tools: PayPal | Stripe

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Tools to Sell Digital Products Online

Gumroad Tool

Selling digital products is now a common business and needs a little push to start and streamline the business or e-commerce store. First, you should be specific on what digital products to sell, such as ebooks, software, courses, games, or podcasts. Just upload your genres onto the server and price them.

But for this, you need a very reliable and secure account that these tools will offer. And then you have to design your website to attract the right customers and look to it that any problem with your site should be resolved in minutes. There are many features you should be aware of once you start selling as a business owner and adopt one of these online business tools for your business.

Tools to sell products online: Gumroad | SendOwl

Event Creation Marketplace Tools

Eventgrid Tool

The tools used here are for creation and organizing events without visiting the vendors. Let it be marriage, birthday party, corporate party, or hospitality events; you should be able to organize it. Once you take an order, as a planner, you have to plan from selecting a vendor to the estimation of the budget.

You have to create and design the pages such that it should win the hearts of customers. And then, you have to manage events gathering complete information as an event manager. To promote the event, you can make use of social media sites. The tools are even compatible with mobile devices so that where ever you are, you can have complete control of the event.

Event Creation Marketplace Tools: Eventgrid | Cedcommerce

AR/VR/3D Creation Tools

Scapic Tool

These tools are very limited in the market, but the tools present here to make it easy for you. You can start creating any AR or VR or 3D animations without any prior experience. Although the working manner varies, you can design your scenarios. Features like interactive AR, access to 3D models, 3D characters, customized templates with scenes that can enrich your work.

In Scapic, you can drag and drop the objects to add them to the scene. But If you wish to edit any scene or introduce anything new, Sumerian lets you change the logic in JavaScript editor. This is an added benefit in the tool, especially for a media business.

AR/VR/3D Creation Tools: Scapic | Amazon Sumerian

Paid Newsletter Creation Tools

Substack Tool

Newsletters are a great way to connect and bond readers with your work easily. But for this, you have to choose interesting topics. Creating the content, designing the theme, and publishing matters a lot here. You are free to fix a price for the paid subscriptions of your newsletter.

In this case, any news should be known to you before time and should be able to schedule it for the next release. Even the tools will give you a heads up on the upcoming news. When it is hard for you to find the readers for your work, you can get tips and tricks to gather a lot with these online business tools to improve your audience reach.

Paid Newsletter Creation Tools: Substack | Revue

Web Development Platform

Readymag Tool

With these online web tools, you can readily develop from landing page to magazines, without coding. As a small business owner, you have to create your page by choosing from a bundle of templates and adaptive layouts. And then create content that should be simple and attractive.

You can make your business page look more attractive with animations and selecting from a variety of web fonts. If you are publishing your work, then you can set a domain name and prepare a profile name that is secured with SSL too. And remember to set a password to the page while sharing the page with others.

Web Development Platform: Readymag | Webflow

Voice Builder Tool

Voiceflow Tool

Are you looking for a voice builder for your online business to interact with our clients? Then you can try this voice tool. This voice builder comes with blocks where you need to connect them and go with the flow. You need to arrange and design the blocks such that it should communicate with you. So this is a code-free tool that requires you to build the conversation. But you need to apply proper logic for the outcome to be effective. The rest is taken care of by the tool.

Voice Builder Tool: Voiceflow

Socializing Platforms

About me platform

Whether you are looking for a personal portfolio or a public figure page, these platforms help you build up your personality. You can write about yourself and showcase your skills. Moreover, you can create images and videos of your work for your profile, so that you can market the services you offer. And let others know what you are capable. When it comes to traffic on your page, you can use Google analytics. With these platforms, you can even extend your network.

Socializing Platforms: about me | LinkedIn

Form Builder Tools

Typeform Tool

As the name indicates, Form Builders are used when you need to do any surveys or know any information from others. The online forms are ideal for small business owners to keep communicate with customers and keep the data. Here you can collect the data from many people by making use of one form. So the questions posed should be direct and straightforward, to gather the correct information.

You can build any form that poses questions related to varied fields. According to your need, you can come up with a contact form, job application form, feedback form, a registration form, or any other forms. Further, you can design the form with GIFs or any other custom design to make it look attractive.

Form Builder Tools: Typeform | Google Forms

Internal Tool Builder

Retool Tool

When you are ready to build an app or customize the present software, you can go ahead with this tool, a must-have online business tool for small scale business owners. The tool uses SQL for a query and JavaScript for the script. And the whole process takes a little while to understand. So if you are adept with SQL, it will be easy for you to create the interface as you need.

You have just to drag and drop the components and link them to build the internal tools. Tutorials are also given to support you at various stages of building an app.

Internal Tool Builder: Retool

Podcast Hosting Platforms

Anchor Tool

Podcasting is another medium used by online business owners as a tool to reach into their audience. Here you can record high-quality audio and host it free of cost. Once your podcast is ready, you can easily edit and compress the audio for betterment, even on your mobile device. In addition to it, you can add sound effects.

And when you create an account, the tools will readily store your podcast into the cloud. So that there will not be any data loss. After publishing the podcast, you can host and see the traffic for your podcast. While using these tools, you will know that the recording process is easy, and your complete focus should be on the podcast.

Podcast Hosting Platforms: Anchor | Cast

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Logo Designing Tools

LogoJoy Tool

Logos are to brand your online business. These tools are great for designing logos for your company or brand. You can also choose from a wide range of logo collections and templates that are designed by senior designers. Once you start your work, logo design can be done within minutes.

The tools will have features that will help you customize the logo font, color, logo versions, styles, and file format. The tools also guide you on how to’s, rules, graphics, and direct you into correct logo making.

Logo Designing Tools: LogoJoy | Logogenie

Email Marketing Tools

MailChimp Tool

If you have started any business or a startup, then Email Marketing is going to play a major role. That is what you need to send messages by email to the customers for any updates or upcoming events. Once you integrate your business with these tools, the services offered will be delivered to customers inbox on time.

Besides this, the tools will also help us create campaigns, landing pages, ads, and automate the emails. By doing this, you can reach out to more people and make more sales. You can also get support from the Email Marketing services team to achieve your goals. Whether you have a location-based store or an online store, email marketing tools are the essential business tool.

Email Marketing Tools: MailChimp | Get Response

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CRM Tools

HubSpot CRM Tool

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a software that aims to maintain good relation with customers. By using the tools, you can handle all the business requirements. The tools are designed to bring out satisfying end results. Starting from the business fundamentals until the product or service delivery, it will keep track of every detail and log the data. Instead of scratching heads with huge data mingled up in different applications, you can use all in one tool.

CRM Tools: HubSpot CRM | Bitrix24

Work Management Tools

Notion Tool

These tools are very useful to those who perform tasks on a daily basis. Instead of tabbing through multiple tools for a single task, you can use work management tools. It integrates the whole work and keeps it well organized. Once you start a project, you can create a plan, track the progress, take notes, file the docs, get the status updates, estimate risk, and achieve milestones. In a simple way, the project details will be precise, and there will be an improvement in productivity.

Work Management Tools: Notion | Asana

Illustration Designing Tool

Undraw Tool

This design tools focus completely on illustrations. Illustrations require creativity, as the one who does the drawing should have imagining skills. Here, based on the requirement, you get to select the drawings. The format used here is SVG, which makes it interactive and animated if needed. And you can see the colors of the artwork to match your company theme. Here, you can access some illustrations for free, while others require payment.

Illustration Designing Tool: Undraw | DrawKit

HD Images and Stock Photography sites

Unsplash Tool

As the name implies, these sites comprise of images. Yet again, the sites are very simple to use. You need to login to the site and do a quick search for the HD images you need. Photographers post-exotic pictures on the site that cover a wide range of topics. Unlike illustrations, these can be directly available in the PC file. So, after selecting one, you can splash the images on to your site.

HD Images and Stock Photography sites: Unsplash | Librestock

Are you a business owner or planning for a small scale business? You may find out at least a couple of business tools we mentioned here useful for your small business. There is no much coding or heavy backend lifting need from your side. What else does one need other than this? All this together sums up to e-commerce, which will end up providing a healthy relationship between the customers and service providers.

You will get more time to concentrate on your business rather than building up online tools. The benefit of small business online tools, you can access the business tool dashboard anywhere form the world to access the information anytime. Although the above write up will consume time, it is worth giving it a try. Try to know more about them, when you think you are ready for business and want to know which tools will be easy-to-use.

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